Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 18

Diamond in the Rough

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 1978 on ABC

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  • Angels and the Stolen Diamond

    A stolen diamond is kept under high security and the Angels and Bosely must reclaim the diamond in order to return it to the museum.

    They divised a plan with their client ex jewel thief Freddie the Fox. The Angels and Bosely had their designated jobs during the pursuit to get the diamond.

    Kelly distracted Saleem's guard while Bosely, Kris, and Kelly ran across the grounds. Sabrina used a torch to remove the rod iron bars, and Kris used her acrobatic skills to enter the secure room with a rope that suspended above the floor and at the same time used a snake stick to hold the Green Mamba down while Kris grabbed the diamond.

    They manage all to get off of Saleem's property and drive off with the diamond.

    Saleem's son helped the Angels, Bosely, and Freddie escape without be detected. Freddie's enemies were held at gunpoint by Saleem's son.

    Definetly showing that Saleem's son was not cut from the same cloth as his father.

    A lot of action and undercover work paid off in this episode.