Charlie's Angels

ABC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

    • Teen Angel
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      The Angels assume false identities in order to investigate a murder at a posh all-girl's school. During their probe, they discover that some of the girls are involved in the sale and abuse of drugs and alcohol.
    • Angels Ahoy
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      An innocent woman is murdered after she identifies an escaped convict aboard a luxury liner. The Angels are assigned to infiltrate the ship and discover the ring that assists criminals in escaping the country.
    • Love Boat Angels
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Five million dollars worth of gold and bronze artwork is stolen in spectacular fashion from the Los Angeles Harbor. The insurance company that covered the artwork sends an agent to brief the Angels, and Charlie sends them on a Carribean cruise to intercept the dashing thief, Paul Hollister, and his accomplice, Wes Anderson. With Sabrina now married and retired from detective work, Kelly and Kris are joined by a new recruit, Tiffany Welles. Bosley stays in LA to trail Eleanor Case, the fence for the merchandise.moreless
    • Angels on Campus
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      When two girls from Tiffany's sorority disappear, the Angels find themselves back in college trying to unravel a suspected white slavery ring.
    • Circus of Terror
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      A series of accidents has the Barzak family circus on the verge of bankruptcy. Though Yanos Barzak's traditional gypsy values compel him to handle the matter himself, his modern-thinking son David secretly hires the Angels to investigate. Sabrina plays a clown, Kris is knife thrower's assistant, while Kelly poses as a motorcycle daredevil, Go-Go Garrett!moreless
    • Angels in Chains
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      The half-sister of a missing girl prompts a Charlie's Angels investigation of a country prison farm and a nearby small town sheriff. Sabrina and Kelly deliberately get arrested for speeding. They are sentenced to unusually long terms at the nearby prison-farm. Once there, they discover that the sheriff, prison authorities and the local County Manager are partners in a extortion-murder scheme. The women are virtually enslaved until they sign over all their assets in exchange for and "early release" and then killed. Those inquiring further are told that the missing girls have been paroled.moreless
    • Angels at Sea
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      In a series of "accidents" aboard a cruise ship, a young honeymooning couple is murdered. Charlie's Angels join the trip to Hawaii to investigate for the ship's owner. Notes promise death; dummies are burned in effigy. Finally, Bosley and the girls set a trap. It works and they catch the ship's show lounge comedian - an impersonator who announces from the brig, in Donald Duck's voice, that there are three bombs aboard and each is set to explode within minutes.moreless
    • Angels in Vegas
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      After showgirl Mary Phillips becomes the second employee of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino to perish in a deadly auto accident, Tropicana owner Frank Howell hires the Angels to establish a motive for the killings.
    • Cruising Angels
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Bosley and the Angels are sent to transfer Charlie's 100-foot yacht to Miami, only to find it stolen and mysteriously returned. They find blood on the deck and gold hidden on board.
    • Angels on Skates
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      The Angels don roller skates to investigate the disappearance of roller dance favorite Rita Morgan.
    • Terror on Skis
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      A U.S. government agent is killed on the slopes of Vail, Colorado while investigating a rumor that someone will kidnap Carl Hansworth, a special aide to the President. Fearing that the identity of all federal agents has been compromised, the government turns to outside help, the Angels, to provide protection.
    • Angels on Horseback
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      A tour group headed for the Sunwest Dude Ranch becomes a busload of suspects when one of them is murdered before they reach their destination. The Angels disguise themselves as ordinary visitors to investigate.
    • Angels on Wheels
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      L.A. Tornadoes roller derby skating champ, Karen Jason, is killed after being forced over the guardrail and into the audience during a rough and tumble race. Charlie's client, Karen's sister Barbara, believes Karen was murdered, despite the police report stating that the death was accidental.
      In search of clues, Sabrina poses as a state insurance investigator, Kelly as a pushy writer for a ''Playgirl''-like magazine and Jill, impersonating Barbara, as a member of the roller derby team.
    • Angels in Paradise
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      As soon as the Angels welcome Jill's younger sister Kris to the team, the welcome party is cut short when Charlie is kidnapped. The trio must travel to Hawaii to save Charlie from the wicked Leilani Sako who threatens to kill Charlie unless the Angels smuggle her husband out of jail.moreless
    • Angels Go Truckin'
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      The Angels are called in to help the all-female Venus trucking company where $1 million in pharmaceuticals has been hijacked. Kris and Tiffany drive a big rig following the route of the hijacked truck.
    • Fallen Angel
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      The Angels are retained by an opera star to protect a diamond from a jewel thief. However, Jill has become romantically involved with the thief who invites her to participate in the heist.
    • Game, Set, Death
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Kris enters a tennis tournament when a series of unexplained accidents leaves one of the stars dead and the others too frightened to play.
    • Caged Angel
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      When a young woman who is supposed to be in prison is found dead at the scene of a robbery, the Angels are called in to investigate. Kris enters prison undercover to find the thieves.
    • Dancin' Angels
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      A dance marathon with $5,000 in prize money attracts Joe and Sally Fairgate to compete but when Sally disappears, Joe enlists the Angels' help in finding her.
    • Angel on My Mind
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Bosley and the Angels are at a restaurant when Kris excuses herself and ends up seeing a man rob and murder the establishment's owner. After witnessing the crime, Kris is struck by the killer's car and suffers from amnesia and wanders away from the crime scene. Now it's up to the Angels to find Kris before the murderer does.moreless
    • Pretty Angels All in a Row
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      When it appears that the Miss Chrysanthemum Pageant is being sabotaged, the organizer turns to the Angels for help.
    • The Blue Angels
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      When two men are found dead under suspicious circumstances in a massage parlor, the Angels are called in to investigate the policeman who reported the crime.
    • Avenging Angel
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Kelly sent a heroin addict, Frank Desmond, to jail 4 years earlier when she was still of the police force. Soon, friends of Desmonds drug Kelly in order to get the last of the heroin that was never recovered.
    • Dancing in the Dark
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      The lonely widow of a Baseball Hall of Fame is blackmailed after a short affair with a gigolo she met at her dance classes and Charlie's Angels are called in to investigate. Jill masquerades as a disco-dance instructor, Sabrina as a rich but socially inept heiress and Kelly as a replacement photographer, supposedly sent by the blackmailer's shutterbug. When Sabrina pretends to succumb to the gigolo's charm, Kelly photographs the compromising position and Bosley then shows up as the irate but blackmailed father. All goes well until the real photographer returns unexpectedly and exposes them all.moreless
    • Angel Hunt
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      The Angels act upon a mysterious telephone call from Charlie to come to an island in Mexico. When they arrive, the boatman leaves taking their baggage and weapons and the threesome are stranded on the beach left to defend for themselves.
    • Angels in the Wings
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      The Angels join the cast and crew of a musical production to help find a phantom who haunts the set where his lost love performed many years ago.
    • Angels at the Altar
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Kelly is set to be maid of honor at the wedding of her best friend, Sharon. They discover that there have been several near misses on the groom's life and the Angels are called in to investigate.
    • Catch a Falling Angel
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      The Angels investigate the disappearance of a young man who came to Los Angeles in search for his girlfriend, whose big screen debut was in a low-budget adult film.
    • Angels on Ice
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      When the stars of an ice show disappear days before opening night, the Angels are brought in to locate their whereabouts and nab the kidnappers.
    • Angel on the Line
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      The Angels hit the singles scene to solve a murder at a club where the gimmick is a phone at each table. Someone is calling girls at the club and telling them they are too attractive to live.
    • The Sandcastle Murders
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      When Kris' friend becomes the next victim in a series of surf side murders, the Angels investigate. Unless they stop a strangler obsessed with blonde, blue-eyed women, Kris will be his next victim.
    • Rosemary, for Remembrance
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Ex-mobster, Jake Garfield, has just been released from prison for the murder of his wife. He claims that he was framed by a racketeer named Renaldi, so his nephew hires the Angels to investigate when he is targeted for murder. When he meets Kris, he reconstructs the last night he spent with his wife with the intent of capturing her real killer.moreless
    • Angels in Springtime
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      When a famous stage actress is electrocuted at an exclusive women's spa, the Angels are hired to capture the murderer and find a missing manuscript.
    • Stuntwomen Angels
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      The Angels enroll in stunt school to stop a crazy Robin Hood who has been terrorizing the movie studios and trying to put real arrows into people.
    • Lady Killer
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Jill becomes a candidate for the centerfold of Feline Magazine, hoping to tempt the hand of the murderer of two previous models. There are many suspects on the magazine's staff and the infighting is so intense that attempts on the lives of the undercover employees, Kelly and Sabrina, further cloud the investigation. A waterbed is wired to electrocute Sabrina and Kelly gets into trouble posing as a standup comedienne at the Feline "Kitty" club.moreless
    • Angels in Paradise, Pt. 2
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Charlie's been kidnapped and the Angels go to Hawaii to save him. They break Billy Shan out of jail to use him as trade bait, but once the Angels free Billy, they learn that Charlie has a new captor.
    • Angels in Vegas, Part 2
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Dean Martin stars as Frank Howell, a struggling casino boss whose closest friends are suffering violent deaths. The Angels travel to Las Vegas and go undercover at the Tropicana to help.
    • Angels On Ice, Part 2
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Performers for an ice show mysteriously disappear before the big opening. Kelly learns it's part of an assassination plot on the show's opening night, but she's captured before she can alert anyone.
    • Terror On Skis, Part 2
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      French radicals threaten a presidential envoy named Carl Hansowrth and Sabrina is captured at a ski competition in Vail. Hansworth plans to give himself up in exchange for Sabrina.
    • Magic Fire
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Aging illusionist Wendell Muse is hassled by authorities when a series of suspicious fires plagues his performances. Muse hires the Angels to prove that he is not moonlighting as an arsonist when he becomes the prime suspect.
    • Angel Baby
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      A philanthropist whose home for wayward girls is really a front for a baby brokerage operation. Rookie Kris faces her first "line of fire" situation: a dramatic shootout with a cold-blooded killer. Though Kris wins the showdown, the shock of realizing she had to shoot someone to do her job overwhelms her to the point where she has to be comforted by Sabrina.moreless
    • Terror on Ward One
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Jill and Kelly pose as student nurses at the hospital and Sabrina enters the case as a local writer preparing a magazine story. Bosley is admitted to the hospital as a surgical patient with a bone spur. Inside, the team discovers old records of a malpractice suit in which a man died. All clues begin to point to the chief surgeon cited in the malpractice suit. His behaviour is erratic due to this excessive use of amphetamines to keep up with the pace of his rigorous surgery schedule. The Angels' suspicions are redirected, however, when one of the nightwatch staff is discovered to be the embittered son of the man who died in the malpractice suit. Meanwhile, Bosley provides the not-so-comic relief when he is mistaken for another patient and has his healthy appendix removed against his will.moreless
    • Counterfeit Angels
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      A devious scam is devised by three women who pose as the Angels in order to rob a sports arena box office. Sabrina, Kelly and Kris go undercover to capture the imposters when warrants are issued for their arrest.
    • One of Our Angels is Missing
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      The Angels are hired to locate accused jewel thief Vic Devlin, who has fled, jumping bail. Using a cover as a wealthy divorcee, Kris is to lure Devlin from an Arizona resort back to L.A.
    • The Killing Kind
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Charlie calls Jill, Kelly and Sabrina together and tells them of the murder of the daughter of an old friend - a young investigative reporter. In their quest to solve the killing, the three Angels; Kelly posing as a magazine photographer, Jill as a tennis instructor and Sabrina as a guest, penetrate an exclusive hotel-resort. They soon learn that the owner, an underworld figure who, after turning state's evidence and getting a new identity as part of the governments "witness relocation" program, has built a new criminal empire for himself. Their second discovery is that he intends to kill them.moreless
    • Of Ghosts and Angels
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      While visiting Tiffany's old college friend Erica Burke, the Angels are alerted to mysterious occurrences at Erica's mansion.
    • Consenting Adults
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      An antique dealer is burglarized of priceless art objects. One of the stolen items is a ceramic frog, stuffed with smuggled diamonds. Sabrina and Jill disguise themselves as veterinarians and steal the racehorse. The Angels meet in the park and turn over the diamonds in exchange for his horse. In the exciting climax, Jill must make a getaway with the evidence on her skateboard - chased by a syndicate hit man driving an ice-cream truck.moreless
    • Angels on the Street
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      When the owner of a dance school is beaten up, the Angels hit the streets as prostitutes to find the man responsible.
    • Angel Come Home
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Jill Munroe receives an urgent cablegram summoning her home, only to discover it was a ruse to flush out Formula One car designer Paul Ferrino. To protect his new turbo-charged racer from saboteurs, Ferrino asks Jill to drive it in the Grand Prix, hoping that a victory will bring needed research funds. The Angels begin some high-gear sleuthing when a mysterious car explosion kills Jill's fiance and she becomes the next target.moreless
    • The Seance
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      A rich widow, pressured by insurance investigators about the repeated disappearances of her jewelery, hires Charlie's Angels to solve the mystery. The girls get their first clue when the daffy old lady tells them that her dead husband manages her business affairs from the grave through a medium named Madame Dorian.
      Kelly assumes the identity of a rich Texas widowed oil heiress; Jill becomes her friend from the Lone star state and Bosley, their French chauffeur. Unbeknownst to the others, Madame Dorian's male assistant hypnotizes Kelly as he had done with the previous widows - to get financial information from her. During the trance, Kelly reveals her true identify as a private investigator and the abusive matron who ran the orphanage where Kelly was raised.
      Realizing that the con game has been uncovered, he programs Kelly to perceive Jill as a childhood "bogeyperson" so he can attempt a getaway. The hypnotized Kelly helps in his escape by keeping Charlie's team busy trying to stop her from killing Jill.
    • Little Angels of the Night
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      The Angels move into an apartment house mostly inhabited by working girls. Charlie's friend Dolly Smith hires the detectives to probe the death of two female tenants, both of who were blondes. When a third blonde is attacked - and a former client of hers calls and asks for a blonde - the detectives believe they've found their suspect and use Kris to bait a trap.moreless
    • The Jade Trap
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      When a jilted gigolo murders a wealthy woman and pins the crime on a jewel thief, the manager of the residential hotel turns to Charlie for help. The Angels and Bosley take up residence in the hotel to set a trap to find the killer.
    • Nips and Tucks
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      When a congressional witness is found dead, the Angels investigate a plastic surgeon's association with a racketeer whom they learn wants surgery to change his identity.
    • Winning is For Losers
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Somebody doesn't want LPGA pro Linda Frye, a young woman determined to win the Cypress Springs Invitational, a major golf tournament. The Angels are called in to find out who is trying to kill her and why.
    • Homes, $weet Homes
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      When a wealthy Beverly Hills couple is robbed of valuable Egyptian artifacts, the Angels suspect the real estate baron, Barry Kingsbrook.
    • Pom Pom Angels
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      One by one, three sexy cheerleaders are kidnapped by a small band of religious fanatics. In order to crack the case, the Angels must grab their pom-poms to catch the culprits behind this insidious plot.
    • Angel Flight
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Kelly & Kris pose as stewardesses to land a jetliner with no pilot. With a killer loose on board and no cockpit crew, Kelly has to land the plane.
    • Marathon Angels
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      The Angels investigate the mysterious disappearance of Sylvia and Sally, two participants in a promotional marathon race. Kris and Kelly enter the race and must literally chase their suspects.
    • Three for the Money
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      When three unsuspecting investors are taken by racketeer Harley Dexter, the Angels scheme to con Dexter into returning the money.
    • The Prince and the Angel
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      During a visit to the States, Jill becomes involved with a wealthy European who invites her to his yacht, but their interlude is interrupted by sniper fire. Later, Jill and the Angels uncover Eric's identity as the crown prince of a small European country.
    • Harrigan's Angel
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      When Starrett Electronics is the victim of a second large heist, Paul Starrett's insurance company insists he have additional help for Joe Harrigan, a bumbling, disheveled private investigator covering the case. The Angels step in.
    • Disco Angels
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      When the Angels are summoned to investigate a strangulation, it leads to the popular Freddie's Disco where they go undercover to prevent another killing.
    • Let Our Angel Live
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      While tracking an embezzler, Kelly is badly wounded and taken to the hospital. Bosley and the other Angels keep a vigil for Kelly, and reminisce about her adventures with the group.
    • Hours of Desperation
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      When a jewel thief double-crosses his partners, the crooks enlist the Angels to help them recover their missing partner and sack of priceless rubies. In order to persuade the Angels to help them, the crooks suit Sabrina with a belt full of explosives.
    • Angel in Hiding, Pt. 2
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      The Angels pose as models and uncover prostitution and murder at the Woodman Agency. Kris, Kelly and Bosley confront John Woodman at a party, and police woman Julie joins the team.
    • Target: Angels
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      In separate incidents, an unknown assassin tries to kill Jill, Kelly and Sabrina. The pressure intensifies forcing the girls to take to the only sure safety they know: the compound where Charlie lives. Their anticipation at the prospect of seeing Charlie for the first time dims when they suddenly realize they have led the killer to their real target -- Charlie.moreless
    • One Love...Two Angels (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 25
      What Kelly does not know is that Oliver was poisoned by his nephew, Glenn Staley. Deep in debt, Staley promised to deluver Barrows' San Diego hotel to a developer with syndicate ties. Hoping the murder of Oliver would solve the problem, Glenn is now faced with the necessity of killing the new heiress. Kelly, meanwhile, is still uncertain about her real heritage, and hires Kris, Tiffany and Bosley to find proof. Tiffany joins Kelly in San Diego to study the Barrows family history, while Kris follows up on Bill Cord's investigation. In the course of their collaboration, Bill and Kris fall in love!moreless
    • One Love...Two Angels (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 24
      Kelly, who was orphaned as an infant, receives a visit from attorney Bill Cord, who is convinced that she's Margaret Barrows, the daughter of multi-millionaire hotelier Oliver Barrows. Kelly flies to San Diego to meet the man who may be her father, and begins a romance with the handsome attorney. After a joyful reunion, Barrows dies of an apparent heart attack two days later.moreless
    • Moonshinin' Angels
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      The Angels are sent to the deep south to investigate problems between two long-feuding families of bootleggers.
    • Mother Angel
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Looking for a thrill, Samantha Courtney breaks into a greenhouse and stumbles upon a murder. Since Charlie is an old friend of the girl's aunt, the Angels are put on the case. Jill remains suspicious especially when evidence suggests that Buckley was a fugitive.
    • Angels on Vacation
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Kris invites Bosley and the Angels to vacation in a small Arizona town where her aunt is Mayor and her uncle is Sheriff. Upon arrival, they discover their headlights have been smashed, there are no rooms available and they learn that all the women have been taken hostage. The Angels devise a plan to attack the gangsters and free the captured women.moreless
    • Angel in Love
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      While the Angels are tracking down clues to the murder of a health resort employee as they infiltrate Utopia West, where they are encouraged to "deposit their inhibitions and let it all hang out." They uncover a $2 million skyjacking mystery.
    • To Kill an Angel
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Kelly takes Skip, a little boy in the children's ward at a local sanitarium, on an outing to an amusement park. There, in a moment of confusion, she loses sight of the child. When Skip is alone, two hired killers bump into him making a get away where they have just murdered a man. In his rush, one of the killer drops his gun near Skip who accidentally shoots Kelly and runs away. Kelly is hospitalized with a minor head wound while Sabrina and Jill take up the search for Skip trying to find his whereabouts using his favorite nursery rhyme. One of the killers, claiming to be Skip's father, visits Kelly in the hospital and learns the clues to help him find Skip and silence him before Charlie's Angels or the police can get to him.moreless
    • Love Boat Angels, Pt. 2
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      The Angels are retained by an insurance company to find $5 million in stolen bronze and gold statuary. So, they follow suspects Paul Hollister and Wes Anderson on a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean, while Bosley stays in Los Angeles to keep an eye on a fence known to be associated with the two thieves. Once on board the cruise ship, Paul and Kris are attracted to each other and she uses the occasion to infiltrate their activities. Lead ashore in St. Thomas by Rourke and Paul, the thugs lead Kris to a Henri Dumajeran who demands delivery of the stolen art. Paul refuses and gives the man his assurance that the art will arrive soon. Meanwhile Jon becomes suspicious of Kris and her curious responses in conversation. Rourke discovers that the Angel threesome (including new Angel, Tiffany Welles) are ex-cops. He and Dumajeran abduct Kelly at gunpoint and demand that she take them to Paul and the stolen art. She does so, leaving a "Hansel and Gretel" trail of clues. Paul reveals that he smuggles people out from behind The Iron Curtain with the money he raises from stolen art. But before Kris can act on his confession, Wes confronts her. Paul is angered but cannot harm Kris. Tiffany and Bosley discover that Kelly has been abducted and follow her clues -- winding up in a remote area offshore where Kelly is diving with Paul in the shallow water. Rourke and Dumajeran arrive in a speedboat and confronting Paul and Jon, offer Kelly's life for the stolen artwork. But she escapes by diving overboard and after a struggle, they are caught. The insurance company offers to exchange a million dollars for the stolen art and Paul agrees. But when the representative tries to pull a switch -- giving Paul an empty briefcase for the cash, Kris re-switches -- providing Paul the money he needs to make his getaway.moreless
    • Toni's Boys
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      After a number of attempts on the Angels' lives, Charlie hires Antonia Blake to protect them. Toni's boys are expert detectives but the Angels resist their orders to stay undercover and not venture out of Toni's mansion.
    • Night of the Strangler
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      The Angels are hired to solve a series of rag doll stranglings in the modeling scene.
    • Angel on a Roll
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      While tracking a stash of stolen one hundred dollars bills, Kris meets an electronics genius named Ted Markham, who becomes a suspect in the case.
    • An Angel's Trail
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      Jill is taken hostage when she accidentally stumbles into a gas station robbery. Convict Sam Mason and his sons, Clint and Harley, escape into the desolate desert hills, keeping Jill captive.
    • Hellride
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Sabrina becomes a race driver while Kelly, Jill and Bosley assume unusual disguises to learn why a pretty woman driver lost control of her car and died in a flaming wreck. They discover a conspiracy that extends far beyond the track.
    • Angel Blues
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      After freaking out during a concert, country-western singer Amy Waters calls her father to say she's coming home but ends up dead. The Angels investigate the mysterious death and uncover a shocking secret about her life.
    • Angel in a Box
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      An embittered millionaire used Kris as a pawn in order to wreak vengeance on her sister, Jill. Kris is kidnapped before Bosley's very eyes but her abductors deliberately leave a trail of clues for the Angels to follow. Jill returns from Europe to town to help locate her sister but soon discovers that she was the real target for a business mogul, Anton Karazna, blaming her for the his son's untimely death.
    • Dirty Business
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      After two masked men set fire to a film processing company, it's up to the Angels to locate the arsonists. However, they must convince the client's son to help them solve the case.
    • The Vegas Connection
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Cass Harper assures young girls a lucrative job in a Las Vegas nightclub chorus line, in exchange for sideline prostitution. Since many chorus girls end up marrying wealthy gamblers, his con scheme works extremely well at both ends. When any of his showgirl-prostitutes marry into wealth, Harper blackmails them with photographs of their past exploits. That is, until one of his blackmail victims hires Charlie's Angels to put a stop to his setup. Jill and Kelly become aspiring showgirls for the investigation and Bosley poses as a high-rolling spender looking for a good time. To complete their ruse, Sabrina arrives in the guise of an auditor and convinces a powerful casino owner that his employee, Harper, has been embezzling.moreless
    • The Big Tap Out
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      A frustrated police detective hires out heroines to help him nab Roy David, a notorious gambler-thief suspected of burglarizing a security company of $40,000 to replenish his gambling money. Charlie's Angels are called into the case to obtain the necessary evidence to convict him of the crime. Sabrina and Bosley dupe the gambler into betting nearly half of the loot on a losing horse at the race track, Jill then takes over the scheme at the gambling tables to cheat him out of his remaining money. With David penniless and in desperate need of renewed gambling stakes, the Angels make it easy for him to follow his usual burglary pattern. In front of the startled eyes, they carefully stage a hit-and-run accident in which Jill is apparently killed with detailed floor plans and safe combinations to the casino in her possession. David, of course, steals the plans and immediately sets up a burglary. When David tries to make his getaway from the casino with the stolen money, Kelly stops his escape by ramming her car into the back of his, thereby causing a great commotion into which the police are summoned.moreless
    • Angels on a String
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Charlie rewards the Angels with three days paid R&R but our heroines soon find themselves embroiled as an international political diplomat is abducted.
    • Diamond in the Rough
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Ex-jewel thief Freddie the Fox enlists the Angels to help him steal the famous Light of Arabia diamond so that he can return it to a museum and retire from crime forever.
    • Antique Angels
      Season 2 - Episode 26
      When the only clue to the theft of two canisters of the space age fuel are the tire tracks of a car designed in the 1920s, the investigation leads to a nearby antique car rally where the Angels and Bosley masquerade as Keystone Kops in order to recover the highly radioactive gas.moreless
    • Angels of the Deep
      Season 5 - Episode 3

      When Julie and companion Bianca Blake find a sunken ship with a load of marijuana on board the Angels get caught in a dispute between the ship's owners and thieves who want to steal the cargo.

    • Attack Angels
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      The Angels take jobs in the corporate world when they are hired by the president of a big company to find out who is killing off his executives.
    • Angel's Child
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Kelly decides to press charges of child abuse against a police sergeant who's guilty of battering his son. After Kelly gains temporary custody of him, they're both kidnapped by criminals who want to barter with the police sergeant.
    • Angels on the Air
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      When someone tries to kill a radio newswoman, the station turns to Charlie for help. Kelly takes over the newswoman's on-air duties, while Kris and Sabrina check up on some of the threats she's been receiving.
    • Pilot
      When wealthy winegrower Vincent Le Maire disappears, the Angels go undercover in their first case together at the vineyard to solve the mystery. Le Maire's second wife, Rachel, will inherit the estate if the body doesn't turn up within a certain amount of time. Jill, Sabrina and Kelly assume character roles from a dowdy secretary and wealthy heiress to a blackmailer.moreless
    • Bullseye
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Following the shooting death of a young recruit in the Women's Army Corps on the firing range, Charlie's Angels' are assigned to infiltrate an Army training base and investigate a peculiar drug operation which is masterminded by a military physician and a cruel drill instructor. Bosley works undercover as a civilian researcher, Sabrina as an Army nurse and Jill and Kelly as new enlistees and discover that the doctor and drill sergent are purchasing large quantities of cheap, inactive drugs and reselling them to the Army at top quality retail prices. Unfortunately, before the Angels can complete their investigation, they become the targets of a "search-and-destroy" mission.moreless
    • To See an Angel Die
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      The Angels check into their Hawaii office. When Kris goes to get champagne to celebrate Julie's joining the team, she is driven off the road and kidnapped by a Tom Granger & his children.
    • Angel Trap
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      When the death of four former U.S. military intelligence agents occurs, the Angels locate and attempt to capture the suspect before he assassinates all of the members of his old French Underground team from World War II.
    • I Will Be Remembered
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Aging actress Gloria Gibson seems to be losing her mind, reliving the death scenes from her old movies. Because her hallucinations contain corpses, Charlie's Angels enter the case. Angel Kelly gets a job as an extra in Miss Gibson's "comeback" film. Sabrina poses as the leading lady's secretary and Jill pretends to be a magazine writer, covering the remake of her immortal picture, "The Heart of New York." Several attempts are made to kill the actress and the girls during the filming. Finally, the Angels discover that whoever wants Miss Gibson out of the way is after something in her mansion.
    • Haunted Angels
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      In hopes of contacting her beloved nephew, Martin who died four years earlier in a motorcycle accident, Claire Ross sponsors Dr. Douglas Holden and his psychic research. Bosley, Claire's friend, brings in the Angels as fake psychics to check on & uncover a possible fraud.
    • Waikiki Angels
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Hoping for a vacation, the Angels go to Honolulu. But instead, they are called to the aid of a Congressman's son, who is attacked while honeymooning with his new wife.
    • Chorus Line Angels
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      The Angels join a dance company to investigate the disappearance of several of the dancers.
    • Angels in the Backfield
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      The Angels investigate trouble on the gridiron. Sabrina, Kelly and Kris don shoulder pads after members of a women's professional football team are terrorized by a pair of motorcyclists. Through Coach Amy Jarvis believes the harassment is designed to scare her players out of playing a big game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Angels soon discover the attack is really tied to a plot to rob the stadium of over a million dollars.moreless
    • The Mexican Connection
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Charlie assigns the Angels to find the saboteurs of a charter plane carrying a cache of heroin. They travel south of the border to Mexico, their mission known only to the lone-surviving pilot of the ill-fated flight. Before they can make their false identities credible, the Angels find themselves caught between two warring heroin dealers.
    • Angels Belong in Heaven
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      A small-time crook who owes Charlie a favor leaves an urgent warning that someone is after one of the Angels. Kelly's houseguest, Sally, decides to stay in a hotel until the scandal has blown over but ends up in the center of it.
    • Angels in Waiting
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      After being called predictable, Bosley becomes annoyed and challenges the Angels to a game of hide and seek and to see if they can figure out the clues to his whereabouts. He meets an attractive woman but unknown to Bosley, he is actually a target for a dangerous ex-con.
    • Angels on the Run
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      Larry Kantrelle, a dump truck driver, is kidnapped at gunpoint after two men throw a mysterious package into his vehicle. Kantrelle's wife becomes worried and she enlists the Angels to get her husband back.
    • Island Angels
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      In Hawaii, the Angels get word that an assassin has been hired to kill an envoy from a peace-keeping organization who is scheduled to speak at the convention center in 48 hours.
    • Angel in Hiding
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      When Jody Mills, a would-be model reduced to working in a seedy amateur photography studio, is found murdered in an alley behind the studio, her father hires the Angels to begin an investigation of Jody's death and her roommate, Julie Rogers.
    • Taxi Angels
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      When the owner of a cab company is badly burned in an explosion, the Angels go undercover to catch the culprit.
    • The Sammy Davis Jr. Kidnap Caper
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      The Angels become bodyguards for Sammy Davis, Jr. after an attempt is made to abduct the superstar. Things become further complicated when Sammy's look-alike enters the equation and is kidnapped by mistake.
    • 2/15/78
      Leland Swinnerton, better known as Mother Goose, is president of The Mother Goose Toy Company that someone is trying to sabotage. Sabrina and Kelly go undercover to sabotage the saboteurs while Kris and Bosley follow close behind. An imperiled toy manufacturer hires Sabrina, Kelly and Kris for protection. When Leland Swinnerton refuses to sell his Mother Goose Toy company to a rival toy maker, he is besieged by a series of accidents, including an exploding toy train. The Angels soon discover that the man behind the threats is an ex-mobster working in collusion with one of Swinnerton's own employees.moreless
    • Unidentified Flying Angels
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      When a wealthy woman disappears from the Celestial Research Foundation, which promises contributors life in outer space in exchange for large donations, the Angels work into the scene to investigate.
    • He Married an Angel
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      The Angels are hired by two sisters to track down a con artist who swindled them out of $100,000.
    • Angels in the Stretch
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      The Angels are called in to find the murderer of a gambler killed while investigating the suspicious antics of a dull racehorse. They discover the horse has being switched with his winning twin.
    • Angel on High
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      The Angels are hired by their wheelchair-bound client to find his potential heir. The Angels travel to a Reno air show to track down stunt pilot, Bill Freeman, who may be the long lost son of Jonathan Stambler and heir to his substantial fortune. Kelly not only finds romance but kidnappers, too.moreless
    • Hula Angels
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      When Steve Moss, owner of the Tropicana nightclub, is kidnapped and held for $1 million ransom, the Angels are called in to find him.
    • Mr. Galaxy
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      After several strange accidents occur while Ron Gates is training for the Mr. Galaxy contest, the Angels are called in to find out who is trying to injure him.
    • Angels Remembered
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      Charlie calls the Angels to a meeting which is actually a birthday party celebrating the Angels' third successful year together. The group recollects disguises, characters and their most unforgettable and dangerous assignments.