Charlie's Angels

Season 5 Episode 8

He Married an Angel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 1981 on ABC

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  • Con Man's Married a Mobster's Daughter

    I have to say this was not a good episode. It was more humorous than an investigation taken seriously.

    Julie getting caught at the beginning and has to break her cover and stumble into another cover.

    The Angel's plan to have the Con Man really marry the owner of Sturgis Galleries and marry into "the family" for good. In other words this will be a marriage he will not be able to leave because of the Mafia ties.

    I would have rather seen the Con Man sent to prison.

    It seemed as if the writer's in this episode did not give any thought, but rather went a different avenue a made it humorous.
  • Good episode. However I must admit I was more of a fan pre Julie.

    Kelly, Kris, and Julie are hired by two sisters to stop a con artist from swindling more young women.
    Kelly takes on a job where her co worker has fallen in love with the con man.
    Kris works the angle of making the con man think she is his partner, and Julie gets the unsuspecting womans father involved.
    With a little help from Bosley and a priest, the two are married.
    The con man tries to get away with the womans money.
    He doesn\'t get to the bank before the woman withdraws the money.
    The womans father meets up with the con man and sets him strait. Score one more for the Angels.
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