Charlie's Angels

Season 5 Episode 6

Hula Angels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 1981 on ABC

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  • Dancing Angels Hawaiian Style

    I was entertained up until they showed who the Kidnapper really was. I missed the mystery and leaving the audience to guess who wanted the ransom.

    I liked at the end when the Angels bought Bosley a hula skirt so he can practice his hula. It brought humor into the plot after being so serious while on the case.
  • When the owner of a popular island club is kidnapped, the angels are pressed into service to make a rescue. Kris and Julie go undercover as hula dancers.

    My candidate for the worst of the Hawaii episodes and not far from the worst of the entire series. Kris and Kelly go undercover, supposedly, as hula dancers in this episode, but they actually audition as go-go dancers, creating a confusing plot element. There are some purely ridiculous moments of Julie doing some really bad go-go dancing moves and a female villian who talks through a weird microphone to distort her voice. Later, Julie gets kidnapped and is jailed in a giant, suspended, bamboo cage along with the night club owner! It gets worse! When the villians take off in a convertible with Julie's ransom money, Kris, Kelly, and Boz take chase in a huge truck they casually swipe. Even though the clumsy, gas guzzling truck probably would top out at 50mph, the gang have no trouble catching up with the much faster sports car. For a completely ridiculous finish, Kris drives the truck through a warehouse wall and the bamboo cage conveniently lands atop the truck freeing Julie and the club owner. There's very little cheesecake to recommend in this dud. In fact, in nearly all of the season five, Hawaii episodes, all the "Charlie" scenes usually automatically stuck the girls into lounge wear (i.e. "swimsuits.") In many of these scenes, Kris and Kelly wore cover ups implying that they would grudgingly don the swimwear but not reveal much skin. What a cheat! Tanya Roberts, however, clearly trying to impress audiences as the newest angel, flaunts her bikini body in these scenes every chance she gets. And you gotta love that ambition!