Charlie's Angels

Season 4 Episode 1

Love Boat Angels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 1979 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The slides of Paul Hollister, Wes Anderson and Eleanor Case that the Angels are shown when they're being briefed on the assignment, are all shots of the characters taken from later in the story! (In addition, Eleanor Case's shot is actually reversed back-to-front from the scene it's taken from).

  • Quotes

    • Tiffany: Don't stay out too late.
      Kris: (Getting up from the table) Thanks, mom.

    • Tiffany: In other words, 'utilitas ante justicia.'
      Kris: (clearing throat) I beg your pardon?
      Tiffany: (smiling humbly) My mother teaches Latin.

  • Notes

    • "Love Boat Angels" originally aired as a two-hour episode. In syndication, it is usually split into a 2-part episode with some footage removed. The edited syndication version of this episode appears on the 2009 DVD release of Charlie's Angels: The Complete Fourth Season.

    • This is Dick Sergeant's 3rd and final appearance on the series. His first appearance was in the season 1 episode "Angels on Wheels" and the second was in the season 3 episode "Angels in Vegas".

    • This 2-hour Season Premiere movie on ABC-TV was the #1-rated show in the United States for the week of September 12, 1979, according to Neilsen Ratings; it was also the last episode of the series to finish at number one.

    • Kate Jackson is written out of the series in the same manner as Farrah Fawcett. Tiffany Welles makes her very first appearance as an Angel in this two-hour episode. Unlike Ladd's introduction, Shelley Hack is made part of the background in the first few episodes. The cameos of all of the stars from The Love Boat makes this episode a crossover to that series.

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