Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 21

Marathon Angels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 1979 on ABC

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  • Angels are off to the Races

    Kris and Kelly volunteered as marathon runners to help find two missing runners.

    Sabrina and Bosely worked in calling in evidence/clues to Charlie.

    As the Angels gathered more evidence the piece of the puzzle came together. The two runners were kidnapped so Crofton duo could help kidnap the Arabian's daughter for ransom.

    Kris and Kelly did not let this happen. They ran after the Crofton duo and captured them, while Bosely and Sabrina chased the van and cut them off and apprehened them. The kidnappers devulged where they were keeping the initial runners.

    What kept me entertained is who the suspects were and who was their next victim and motive behind the kidnappings. Kelly and Kris showed their detective skills helped in the gathering of evidence while they were racing and reporting back to Bosely and Sabrina.
  • A silly episode.

    I'm still wondering where are the Angels on this episode. Ok, both Kelly and Kris run in a marathon while Bri and Bos follow them in a car, everything to solve the misterious kidnappings of two girls who were going to participate in the marathon.

    I think they had a good story but they didn't know how to develop it because it could have been more interesting. I'm wondering where are the Angels because they don't do very much this time, I mean there are more scenes with the other characters that appeared on the episode than with the Angels. There was a bit of intrigue about the strange acting of four girls but they just wanted to appear on the TV. Silly but at least it had funny quotes.