Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 21

Marathon Angels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 1979 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Notice as the runners come by the news crew, the guy with the cape is walking across the street in one shot but in the next he's in the phone booth.

    • Notice as Twilliger is showing Kelly who has replaced Sally & Sylvia, Joanne and Mary Croft are wrote in but Twilliger says the Craft sisters.

    • Notice as runners come into the stuido lot, the snake girl is 2nd to enter but a couple seconds later she is coming in behind Ernie's girls.

  • Quotes

    • Bosley: (Speaking about Helga) She told me that if I would improve my sartorius maximus, she would make it worth my while.
      Sabrina: What's she gonna do to make it worth your while, Bosley?
      Bosley: Hm. She wouldn't say.
      Kris: I have a feeling she's going to sculpt your body in pain.
      Bosley: Those were her exact words.

    • (As Helga slows down to talk to Kelly and Kris at the studio lot)
      Kris: I tell you something. I really hurt.
      Helga: You're sculpturing your bodies through pain. You will be proud.

    • (As Bosley opens the car door, another vehicle zooms by)
      Kelly: Was that the grim reaper or a man in a shawl?
      Kris: Or a very ugly lady in a shawl?

    • (Pinning Kris' number to her back)
      Kelly: You think the gate guard is going to buy this 20A and 20B.
      Bosley: Well, if he says anything, tell him you're part of an entry. You know like in a horse race.

    • (As Kelly and Kris come by looking around)
      Sabrina: Hey! The happy runners.
      Bosley: You two opening a boutique?
      Kelly: No. We had to grab quick while Twilliger's lady was looking for a spotted mouse.

    • Kris: I really don't think your sartorius maximus can go the distance.
      Joanne: Personally, I think you two should take a hike.

    • Kelly: (To Mary and Joanne) We'd like to run for you.
      Mary: You and about a thousand others.

    • Kelly: Where did they come from so suddenly?
      Twilliger: I don't know and I don't care. They've got legs and they can run.

    • King Hassir: Oh, daughter of mine. Allah forgive me but I do not understand this confusion.
      Princess Lashi: Most noble father. I have told you. This is part of being an American.
      King Hassir: Running in the streets half dressed?

    • Ernie: Do you all love Ernie?
      Jane: We're fond of you, Ernie.

    • Kelly: What's Twilliger's Twenty?
      Helga: Mr. Twilliger is paying twenty girls a thousand dollars each if they will compete in a 15 mile run.

    • Kelly: Did you say you ran here from Waverly Park?
      Helga: (With Swedish accent) Oh, ja. I run everywhere.
      Sabrina: Waverly Park is what? Four miles from here.

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