Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 10

Mother Angel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 1978 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Notice that this episode was shot at the same time that Angel Come Home was shot since the carpet, bar chairs and mirror behind the bar are the same color before the remodeling.

    • Notice that when the laundry guy comes out of the tunnel with Jill in the cart, it is the same one Jill ran into when she was trying to get away from Paul Ferrino in Angel Come Home.

  • Quotes

    • Jill: Let's decide on a hairstyle for you. how shall we do it?
      Samantha: Like yours.
      Jill: Well, I think everyone should have a style that's best for them. Don't you?

    • Kelly: I beg your pardon! Will you please tell Mr. Buckley that I'm here? I'm not used to (Sabrina crosses her eyes) being questioned by the (Kelly crosses her eyes back) servants.

    • Sabrina: (With an Irish accent, opening door to see Kelly) You've interupted me vacuuming.

    • Sabrina: (With an Irish accent) Could I sweeten your drink for you, sir?
      Vic: If it won't offend your morals.
      Sabrina: Oh no, sir. Not if you knew me father. (Bree takes glass and drinks left over scotch and water)

    • Richie: Why don't you go to Beverly Drive and spend some of your daddy's money?

    • Samantha: She only stuffs me with cookies to keep me from the sherry.

    • Jill: (As she, Kris and Samantha start to leave) Oh, yes. It's times like these, (Pointing to Kelly and Sabrina) you find out who you're real friends are.

    • Charlie: Sam's Aunt Charlotte is very old and close friend of mine.
      Sabrina: I bet she is.

    • Sabrina: (As Kris and Jill walk in) How'd you get here so fast?
      Kris: Have you ever taken Sunset Boulevard with somebody that came in 3rd at Le Mans?

    • Sabrina: (Referring to Samantha) She has credit cards.
      Kelly: Well, they're more fun than dolls.

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