Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 22

Mother Goose is Running For his Life

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 1978 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Leland Swinnerton, better known as Mother Goose, is president of The Mother Goose Toy Company that someone is trying to sabotage. Sabrina and Kelly go undercover to sabotage the saboteurs while Kris and Bosley follow close behind. An imperiled toy manufacturer hires Sabrina, Kelly and Kris for protection. When Leland Swinnerton refuses to sell his Mother Goose Toy company to a rival toy maker, he is besieged by a series of accidents, including an exploding toy train. The Angels soon discover that the man behind the threats is an ex-mobster working in collusion with one of Swinnerton's own employees.moreless

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    Murray Matheson

    Murray Matheson

    Leland Swinnerton

    Guest Star

    Gilbert Green

    Gilbert Green

    Tony Phelan

    Guest Star

    Clifford David

    Clifford David

    Gordon Roclair

    Guest Star

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      • Sabrina: (Coming into the designing room) Is he dead? (Walking towards Roclair)
        Kris: (dressed as a rag doll) No. I think he fainted.
        Sabrina: Fainted. (Kneeling beside Roclair, checking his pulse and moves his gun out of the way)
        Kris: Yeah. (Hopping on the table) See, he rigged the cannon to shoot people and then he ran in here and got it himself. Only he didn't really get it because I put my chewing gum in the barrel
        Sabrina: You did what? (Turning to look at Kris confused)
        Kris: (Smiling) He he he he.

      • Orwell: What kind of equipment would you use in a noisy location?
        Kelly: A high impedance mike.
        Orwell: What kind of VOX did you use on your last job?
        Kelly: You mean, what kind of Voice Activated Switch? AMG Security.

      • Kris: (Speaking about Larry Wilkes) Do us a favor.
        Donna: Yeah? What?
        Kris: The man's dead. So cry or something.
        Donna: (Sarcastically) Boo hoo.

      • Kris: Bree, what about this Roclair guy?
        Sabrina: Gordan Roclair... Well, he maybe very bright but he is also el wacko. He wants to make a little guillotine that cuts little heads off and he wants to make little automobiles that hit little pedestrians. He also said "Mother Goose is going down the tubes" and that is a direct quote.

      • Gordan Roclair: (Showing Sabrina some blue prints) This is driving game.
        Sabrina: Yeah.
        Gordan Roclair: The cars are all souped-up on simulators and you get pedestrians who are the targets and you get points for every pedestrian that you hit.
        Sabrina: Points.
        Gordan Roclair: Uh huh.
        Sabrina: Do you think this is good for the children?
        Gordan Roclair: Children have always lived in a world of fantasy and besides, they actually get rid of their aggressions this way.

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