Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 3

Night of the Strangler

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 1976 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Angels are hired to solve a series of rag doll stranglings in the modeling scene.

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  • Rag Doll Strangler

    This episode had you thinking that the strangler was done by an individual. The Angels kept thinking about the motives and who it could be.

    Kelly and Jill go undercover as models at the St Clair Agency. Sabrina as A photo stylist. There possible suspects are St. Clair, Woodman and Witt. I like how the writers wanted to divert the audiences attention towards the tailor who had done it. This made the audience guess right up until the end.

    The Angels found the motive to be life insurance reimbursements and the strangler was actually 3 individuals St Clair, Woodman, and Witt.moreless
  • Sexist crap w/ jokes about rape.

    Wow this show was supremely bad. All T&A with the "stupid blonde" stereotype always giggling. The final straw was joking about an attempted rape followed by a worse joke about rape would be ok if it was a hot actor.

    The men are all stupid too, suddenly a young attractive woman seems interested in you & you don't get that she's using you? Especially when she suddenly changes her mind after you've driven her home or invited her to your place?

    why do the reviews have to be 100 words? I don't have anything else to say. Rewarding babbling is lame.moreless

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    • Bosley: Okay, you kept me waiting this long without telling me who the strangler is. Now, which one who did it?
      Sabrina: He did. (As police men take Alec by Bosley and Sabrina.)
      Bosley: Oh. (Police walk by with Jesse as Jill comes up.)
      Jill: And he did.
      Bosley: Huh? (The police take Kevin by.)
      Kelly: And he did. (Walking behind the police and out the door.)
      Bosley: Oh, I see.

    • Sabrina: (On the phone) Alec? Sabrina Duncan. I have some information I think you'll be interested in about Candy's attempted murder. (Sabrina looks at Jill.)
      Jill: Jesse? Hi. It's Jill Munroe. There were some photos taken at the St. Clair estate the day that Michelle was murdered and I think you'll want to see them? (Jill looks at Kelly.)
      Kelly: Kevin? Kelly Garrett. I think we should have a talk about Dana Cameron's murder.

    • Kelly: Well, isn't this romantic? (Kelly walks in and slams the door.) So, that's the way you treat a lady. Listen, friend, I drove all the way over here thinking you wanted some action. What I didn't realize is that the action you wanted was with someone else.
      (Glancing at Sabrina who just got off he couch.)
      Alec: I didn't invite you here.
      Kelly: Maybe not in so many words. But you've been coming on pretty heavy for a week.
      Sabrina: We are supposed to have a quiet dinner together and suddenly a replacement shows up? Oh, that's not good form at all, love.
      Alec: What the hell is going on here?
      Sabrina: In a word, nothing lover. Not tonight.
      Kelly: Well, I guess you struck out again. (Kelly slaps Alec in the face.)

    • Kelly: Gosh. You over the hill at 24?
      Jill: Very funny? (Turning and pointing at Sabrina.) You shut up.

    • Kelly: (Whispering loudly in the changing room.) Do you think you can corral Woodman?
      Jill: Ooh! Faster than Roy Rogers.
      Kelly: Roy Rogers.
      Jill: Yeah, in my tomboy youth, I was a real Roy Rogers freak. Oh, do you knw when Trigger died, they stuffed him? I mean there's nothing sacred anymore.

    • Jill: Oh, I forgot my bag.
      Sabrina: (As Jill starts to walk away.) I thought you were going to take a memory course so you'd stop forgetting.
      Oh, well, it didn't work out too well. I kept forgetting which night the class was. (Giving Sabrina a playful punch on the shoulder.)

    • Kelly: I'm really sorry, Mr. St. Clair.
      St. Clair: Don't be. I forsee a long and happy relationship.with just the two of us.
      Kelly: Why? Because I look like Dana Cameron?
      St. Clair: I have affairs with all my models. Didn't anyone tell you that?
      Kelly: I guess they didn't.
      St. Clair: So, it really doesn't matter who you look like.
      Kelly: Oh, I like subtle me, Mr. St. Clair.

    • Jill: Are you set for a job here?
      Sabrina: I conned my way through the gate.

    • Charlie: Notice anything, Angels? (All the girls look at the screen of Dana Cameron)
      Jill: How could we miss noticing, Charlie?
      Sabrina: It's Kelly, almost to a tee.
      Kelly: Really? I don't think she looks that much like me.
      Jill: In that pose, she's a dead ringer. (Sabrina and Kelly look at Jill) Sorry. I wasn't trying to be funny.
      Kelly: You weren't.

    • Sabrina: Well, folks, I have a dinner date with Alec tonight. If he's the strangler maybe I can make myself his next victim

  • NOTES (2)


    • (Whispering loudly in the changing room)
      Kelly: Do you think you can corral Woodman?
      Jill: Ooh! Faster than Roy Rogers.
      Kelly: Roy Rogers.
      Jill: Yeah. In my tomboy youth, I was a real Roy Rogers freak. Oh, do you know when Trigger died, they stuffed him? I mean there's nothing sacred anymore.

      This quote is referring to Roy Rogers, who was a famous singer/cowboy actor, and his horse, Trigger.

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