Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 0


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 1976 on ABC
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When wealthy winegrower Vincent Le Maire disappears, the Angels go undercover in their first case together at the vineyard to solve the mystery. Le Maire's second wife, Rachel, will inherit the estate if the body doesn't turn up within a certain amount of time. Jill, Sabrina and Kelly assume character roles from a dowdy secretary and wealthy heiress to a blackmailer.moreless

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  • The pilot of "Charlie's Angels" is a mediocre presentation of the series. Thanks somethings have changed and the series became a classic show in the history of worldwide television.

    I was really looking forward to watching this episode and once I did I felt very dissapointed. This episode is a mediocre presentation of the series, it would have been much better if "Hellride" had been the first episode of the show instead of this one.

    The plot is silly and the episode is very slow. Its lenght is longer than a normal episode, of course it's a pilot, but in the first half an hour we don't really see many ineresting things. Someone hure the angels when the owner of a vineyard disappears and like his second wife and her boyfriend are going to inherit everything, first Kelly and then Sabrina have to pretend that they're the daughter of that man. Thanks may things were changed. First Townsend Investigation's office, that white building looked like a church or a rich person's house, and the office seemed to be the living room of a house. The character of Woodville was removed, the girls have enough help with Bosley they didn't need another man to help them and to tell them what to do as in the woods' scene. And third, someone thought they were detectives and they have to carry a gun. Who goes to atch the bad guys one night to he woods without a light, and more important, without a gun? Thanks Tommy Lee Jones was there to help Sabrina with the armed and dangerous bad guy when usually, in the theree seasons Kate Jackson portrayed the character, she was the first one in taking her gun out. Furthermore, if you go undercover at night you have to wear black clothes, but Jill wore a maroon sweater and a purple cap, then went inside the river and hadn't a drop of water on her face afterwards. In conclusion, a boring and dissapointing episode.moreless
Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Aram Kolegian

Guest Star

Diana Muldaur

Diana Muldaur

Rachel LeMaire

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Russ Grieve

Russ Grieve

Sheriff Hopkins

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    • Sabrina: Jill, you'll never guess who ordered the sheriff.
      Jill: Charlie, who else.

    • Beau: It was all a con. One great big con.
      Jill: (Smiling) I guess you know that, uh, there was never really any oil.
      Beau: Yeah. (Nodding his head) I guess I know that.
      Wilder: What do we do with them?
      Beau: Well we came to dig a grave. May have to make a whole cemetery.

    • (Coming out of the shack down in the Swamp area posing as Jenny Lou)
      Jill: Just leave him to me. You know grandpa's getting old and he really ain't dealing with a full deck up there. So, uh, I think I can get him to sell.
      Beau: How much?
      Jill: Quarter of a million.

    • Aram: You know, I'm getting pretty tired of meeting Janet Le Maire's everyday. What the devil are you two up to?
      Sabrina: Who?
      Aram: You and the one yesterday. The one who filled you in.
      Sabrina: Fill me in about what?
      Aram: You can turn it off, honey? There never was a barn down by the river!

    • Kelly: (Sitting with Beau and Henry) All that money and she's back for more.

    • Hotel Front Desk Man: May I help you?
      Sabrina: (Posing as Janet Le Maire) Yes, I'm Janet Le Maire.
      Desk Man: Oh. Yes, Miss Le Maire. Ah, we have your reservation. And may I say welcome home.
      Sabrina: Thank you.
      Jill: (Posing as Janet Le Maire's secretary) It is the 4th floor?
      Desk Man: Absolutely. Ah, Suite 400.
      Sabrina: Oh, I'm afraid there's been some mistake. Now my secretary...
      Jill: (Jill interrupts Sabrina) Mr. Woodville. When I phoned you from Mexico City, didn't I tell you that Miss Le Maire wanted the 4th floor.
      Mr. Woodville: Isn't that what I requested?
      Desk Man: Yes, sir. I can assure you Miss Le Maire, Suite 400, is on the 4th floor.
      Sabrina: Yes, well, you don't seem to understand. I meant the 4th floor.
      Desk Man: The entire floor.
      Sabrina: Yes, there are two of us.
      Desk Man: But there are people on the 4th floor.
      Sabrina: Very well, if you can't arrange it. (She turns and starts to walk way)
      Desk Man: Oh, no. No. No. It'll take just a minute to move them.
      Sabrina: You are very kind.

    • (To Sabrina posing as Janet Le Maire)
      Woodville: Make it look good. You have an audience. (Helping Jill off the plane) Jill, you look terrible.
      Jill: Thank you.
      Woodville: See Bosley, never give up hope. Plans do change.

    • Rachel: What about the real Janet Le Marie?
      Beau: We'll take care of her when the time comes.

    • (Pulling the covers back from Kelly and speaking to Rachel)
      Beau: Little bitty nightgown like that. She'll catch her death in the swamp. Just like her daddy did.

    • (Speaking to his dog, Mike)
      Aram: You like her, huh? Well, don't let that pretty face fool ya! She's a phoney. There never was a barn down by the river.

    • (Posing as Janet Le Marie and speaking to Henry Bancroft)
      Kelly: Forgive me, Henry but it was my 7th birthday. The pony was a grey and her name was Cindy. Don't you remember?

    • Jill: Are you trying to get me fat?
      Sabrina: (Handing Jill a glass of OJ) No, I'm trying to get you healthy.

    • Kelly: Sabrina, why can't I ever come out ahead of the bank.
      (Sabrina laughs as she pours three glasses of orange juice)
      Sabrina: I think you have to put in more than you take out.
      Kelly: Ah, is that the trick.
      Sabrina: Well it helps.

    • Charlie: Once upon a time there where three little girls who went to the police academy and they were assigned very hazardous duties but I took them all away from that and now they work for me. My name is Charlie.

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