Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 5

Pretty Angels All in a Row

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 1977 on ABC



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    • Charlie: The judges were not allowed to vote for you.
      Kris: Oh, no, after I learned that speech and smiled till my face hurt?
      Kelly: And I paid $37 for a brand-new pair of white, tacky shoes.
      Sabrina: (Laughing) I don't think you better walk down and dark alley's, Charlie. You bought yourself some trouble here.
      Charlie: Not half as much as I'd have bought myself if one of you Angels had won. What would I have said to the loser?
      Bosley: Well, which one would have won?
      Kris and Kelly: She would have. (Thumbing to each other)
      Sabrina: I'm glad I was only kidnapped.

    • C.J.: (Speaking to Earl and Hubie on the phone) You two got less sense than a hound dog trying to catch him a skunk.

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