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  • Unique and awesome show.

    I just started watching 'Charlie's Angels', and it's honestly a cool show. I love the idea of police officers becoming private detectives. I think that concept is great! It may be corny, but at the same time it's kinda beautiful. The jokes in this were pretty clever, characters were enjoyable and I like the story. Also, the 3 main protagonists (Sabrina, Jill and Kelly) on this show are just so mind-blowlingly hot and beautiful! Sorry, I just have to say it. What I really appreciate about this show is: I love how it's so fast-paced, smart, fresh, classic and just plain badass. My favorite character is Sabrina. She is such a breath of fresh air.

    The show was amazing until Jill left sadly. After Jill's departure, the show kept going and added Kris. Which I honestly didn't mind. I really like Kris as a character. I love the idea of Kris taking over her sister's place while she is out. Even though I like Kris, I wish Jill had stayed; because if she did, the show would've been both a phenomenal and hit. But hey, can't always get what you want. Then, Sabrina left. And then came Tiffany Welles. Who is an okay character. She was kinda mediocre. The screentime with Tiffany was awkward. And never really fit. It was just completely uncomfortable. Then, they added Julie Rogers, and oh my god. Dear lord Jesus. They've added a model and change the intro and everything. Like why must you add a model and change the opening of all things? A New York cop would've been great. Though, I honestly don't mind anybody working as a sleuth or whatever, but why did the show add in the model to the last season?! Why would they do that? I understand they were trying to get their viewers back back then, but ultimately they failed. Needless to say, 'Charlie's Angels' has not been itself during for quite a while (I believe). All in all, I still think this show is epic.

    Throughout half my life, I've been seeing a lot of parodies and references of the show. When I was a kid, I never heard of this show until I was all grown up. And after seeing the commercial, and learning they are going to do reruns, I became enthusiastic of this show. Anyways, I aabsolutely LOVE this show; I think it seems really fun and I recommend people watch it.

    Overall, I'm going to give this show an A++ and a 10 out of 10.
  • Three female private investigators work cases financed by a wealthy man they never meet in 1970's .

    Sabrina, Jill, Kelly are LAPD officers who are given menial tasks because they are women. Rich business man Charles Townsend hires them as PI's which allows them to utilize their training and skills in a more productive way. With the assistance of John Bosley as office manager and go-between, the Angels (as Charlie calls them) are very successful. When Jill leaves to become a racecar driver, she is replaced by her younger sister Kris, who was with the SFPD. When Sabrina leaves to get married and start a family, Boston cop Tiffany joins the team. But when Tiffany returns to the east coast, street smart model Julie is hired after helping on a case.

    The show was a critical hit for the first couple of seasons and developed a huge fanbase due to it's attractive female leads. The biggest criticisms against the show were usually about playing up the beauty of the ladies by getting them into tight and revealing clothes. Over the course of the series, most of those instances (model, roller derby, etc) were plot based and were no more revealing than anything else of the era or even now and often tried to downplay the sexiness when possible (like wearing jackets over lifeguard swimsuits).

    The episodes were pretty standard procedural dramas, and ratings started declining in season three. Kate Jackson (who played Sabrina and was a major influence over the creation of the series) didn't like that the more detective angle of the characters was reduced for a more generic cop stories. But this also was when the characters started to get more distincitve personalities and skill sets. The character's own lives were explored and made them more human and less interchangeable. But even when the show is about confident and smart women, they were rarely allowed to be physically capable especially against male villains. And no matter what the situation, the women ALWAYS wore heels even during chase scenes.

    The popularity was so great it spawned two films that serve as continuations of the show in 2000 and 2003, with two failed attempts at rebooting the show in 1988 and 2011. The show itself stills holds up pretty well storywise and the characters have obvious chemistry. It's a fun show that is both progressive for it's time and still relevant towards women in men dominated professions.
  • This Show was awesome! It was about three beautiful women who were private detectives. Most episodes were action-packed! With a little mystery added by their boss only being shown from behind. Neither the viewers nor the characters got to see him!

    This show was great in that in it's time, in the 1970's women were still being viewed as sub-par to men. But shows like Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, and Bionic Woman showed woman as smart, capable, strong and independent! Yes the shows were criticized as "jiggle" shows but looking beyond the sexiness, the women were strong role models. Guys and Girls alike, liked the show. The show had a little mystery to it. The 3 women worked with Bosley, he worked with the women but more in the background. Their top boss would speak to them on a speaker phone type thing to give them their assignments. They'd often say: "Good morning Charlie!" speaking to a box. Charlie was never shown. The characters didn't even know what he looked like, and neither did the viewers. A little silly, but it worked. It was as cool show!
  • charlie's angels was great in season 1 and 2 but by 3 it was tied and lost Kate by season 4 with Shelley in helm as new angel they didn't know what to do with her character and instead of improving the script's they blamed Shelley and canned her too bad


    first season breakout hit with Farrah who left at end of season by 2 Cheryl was brought in and was great but she and Kate didn't always get along by season 3 Farrah was back for 3 episodes and kate was canned or left at end of season by 4 the producers decided to gradually introduce Tiffany and she Shelley wasn't given much to do or say till 10Th episode angels on campus which she was great but they changed format from team to solo and but end of season ratting dropped to 18 and the public didn't take to shelley like Cheryl and the producers blamed her for ratting drop and replaced her by season 5 with Tanya Roberts and the show was getting tired and was cancelled at end of season

  • If somebody asks me to chose a classic TV series from the 70's I'd chose "Charlie's Angels". It was pure entertainment and althoug the scripts were sometimes silly, some storylines were good and the angels were very ironic.

    I didn't exist neither when "Charlie's Angels" started nor when it ended. I discovered the series in november of 2000 on a regional channel in my country, Spain, and I realy started to watch it with interest. I had heard about it, of course, and I even had seen Kate Jackson in "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" when I was a little child. Behind all the glamour and sexuality, more in the first season than in the second one (sadly, they aired just the first two seasons), sometimes the plot was really good. Particularly, I like more the second season than the first one, because the stories were much better and I prefferer Cheryl Ladd to Farrah Fawcett. She did a god work portraying Jill Munroe, specally with her irony, but Kris' character was more interesting in my opinion.

    I still watching the series on the cable TV but in English which is much better because with the dubbing many things are lost. And, although "Charlie's Angels" can't compete with nowadays police type series, for the time it was made it was good and both the girls and David Doyle did a good work with their characters. Specialy Kate Jackson.
  • Cheryl Ladd as Kris Munroe, Jill Munroe's little sister. She was always caring and understanding. She brought humor to her role.

    Cheryl Ladd as Kris Munroe, Jill Munroe's little sister. She made you believe that you could have a job that only men were getting. She made you want to root for the under dog. Even if she made a mistake. She always came out on top, with humor, and a big smile. Cheryl never wanted to just step into Farrah's shoe. That's why she made Kris Munroe with humor and with a loveable personality because in all honesty that was how she did things. Cheryl Ladd saved the show for the entire cast, crew, and for me. We need more shows that the women can kick butt and still act like ladies.
  • Pretty cheesy by todays standards

    I can remember when this was one of the hottest programs on TV. People tuned in all over the country to watch every week. The premise of the show is pretty cheesy by todays standards, and even the standards of the 70's to be honest. But it was a huge success regardless.

    I was a little too young to remember much about the show. Other than the fact that Farah Fawcett was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the country at the time. And I think that was a lot of the appeal of the show.

    When you think about all the crime drama shows that popped up during the 70s; Chips, Starsky and Hutch, the Streets of San Francisco, and others, this show was by far a stretch of the imagination. But that did not matter to much of the general public back then. No matter how far out there the idea of 3 lovely women fighting crime might have been people tuned in, in droves.
  • koo i lub diz show. it koo and kinda funny. but i kike da movie better

    diz show iz koo but i like da movie better. no offence but i hv 2 keep it open minded homie.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . itz not all dat gr8t any mur . . . . . . umm sooo ya. . . and ad movie waz soo koo but da show is kinda wakk how many of u ppl lik da show? (iif u do tell me y{only if u want}cuz i need 2 kno)

    WOW this is so exciting!!detectives ahahahah i think its a great movie! definitely kool and sometime sreal funny too lol pretty long time ago but still a great movie =]the 3 ladies are so well brave lol its really kool watching it especially the exploring ones lol my mum thought it was a quite good one and my friends luved it and so do i! lol io havnt seen it all but half way through i was at friends house watching so yeh..i like adventure movies =] well you know you should watch this its the bomb!! its real great!!
  • Who didn't watch this?

    I have loved "Charlie's Angels" since I was a little boy. I started watching it during the third season, then Kate Jackson left. Her departure was such a loss to the show because Sabrina had so much personality and she actually had a great sense of humor and the only one who was believable as a detective. Still, this show was not about credibility - most of its fun qualities had to do with the chemistry between the three Angels. The first season was by far the best. The season's episodes had serviceable, sometimes even interesting and complex plot lines with only a modicum of filler. Some good scriptwriting, too -especially "Consenting Adults". Attention was paid to editing, the music and the action sequences. A few of the musical motifs could remain in one's head. In addition to everything else, it was certainly not sloppy. None of the episodes were less than entertaining. ("The Seance" and "Angel Trap" being the least interesting. Maybe because these were the only episodes that were focused on a single Angel, Kelly and Jill, respectively, rather than the others which were group efforts...) Kate was excellent and extremely compelling as Sabrina Duncan, Farrah was quite good (sometmes mesmerizing) as the fun-loving, athletic, charming flirt Jill Munroe (I have always thought her comedienne skills could have been tapped into more) and Jaclyn was beyond lovely and sweet as Kelly Garrett, the perfect third banana. (I actually think Kelly had better hair than Farrah.) When Farrah left the show, Cheryl Ladd stepped in and was great. She was cute, funny and did not take herself too seriously. She was not possessed with Farrah's hypnotic charisma, but she was also a bit more generous with the other actors than Farrah had been. I wonder why Kate Jackson was so unpleasant towards Cheryl??? Too bad. I always liked to think they were all buddies offscreen, too. And, if anybody cared to notice, Cheryl Ladd was probably the best all-around actor on the show, versatility-wise. So, it did not matter so much that the 2nd season's episodes were not as tightly constructed as the previous one's and were not always as interesting. These three girls were great together and the show was still a lot of fun. By the third season, the producers and everyone else involved (sans the actresses) figured that because the ratings had not slipped, then the success of the show had nothing to do with quality, because the third season's episodes were mostly not very good, sometimes pretty bad. Also, Kelly and Kris started looking a little bit dumpy and Sabrina started wearing too much makeup. And when Jill returned, she was no longer charming and bubbly, she became snotty and aloof. And her hair looked like she didn't comb it. What was up with that? Maybe it was the actress' resentment about having to come back for guest appearances? Or maybe it was 1979 chic to become disco Bo Derek with rude tan boots? Anyway, at least Kate Jackson's character actor skills were still around to carry the show. It was still watchable. When she got fired (big mistake on the producer's part!), the show went into steep decline, which nevertheless held attention because of the girls. Cheryl Ladd pretty much took over. Shelly Hack was laughably bad, perhaps because she took the show too seriously. Especially the episode where she was supposed to be a streetwalker!? She dressed and acted like a modern day Katherine Hepburn, or at least the producers' notion of it. She actually seemed to think she could make her lines sound intelligent. It could be painful to watch sometimes... Maybe if somebody had encouraged her to being more laid-back she would have been better. And Sabrina was no longer around. Sigh, weep... By the fifth season, it didn't matter. The show's plotlines and scripts were sub-juvenile. Yechhh! Tanya Roberts did a good job as Julie, though, and had a really nice sense of humor. Plus, she was a lot sexier and tougher than the imbecilic and grossly misplaced Tiffany ("peacocks aren't indigenous to this latitude") ---okay, whatever. I am enormously devoted to this show, which was inarguably a lot of fun for its first two seasons. Too bad Aaron Spelling was devoured by his own unabashed cynicism. The show could have stayed at a higher level of quality. Anyhoo... Favorite episodes: "Consenting Adults", "Dancing in the Dark", "Angels at Sea", "The Big Tap-Out", "The Blue Angels", "Angels in Paradise", "The Jade Trap", "Angel Flight" (with the most unsympathetic, annoying client the girls ever had to deal with. Sabrina, how could you? Still a whole lot of fun.), "Angels in Springtime" (with the gorgeous gorgon Nancy Parsons!) and "Angels on the Line" (with the best-worst psycho drag-queen I have ever seen.)
  • I grew up watching Charlie's Angeles.I love the drama.The romance.I love how beautiful the women was.I love when they start fighting some body how they fight.I used to play like I was them.They still come on and I still watch them.I loved when dress up.

    Charlie's Angels has always been a positive show.It about these private detective solving crimes.I used love when one girl is absent from the show they brought other girl in.Jill sister was Chris Monroe.I used to get mad when I had to go to school because I would miss it.I was happy when it was time for vacation time.I would sit down in front of the T.V and watch Charlie's Angels.My sister hate watching Charlie's Angel.Me and her would be fighting over the T.V.This show always sent a positive message to kids.This is a show I would let my kids watch.
  • 3 gorgeous but very intelligent girls are hired by a man they never see but only hear as they go out to solve any investigation that gets thrown in front of them

    There are so many reasons for which i liked this show, i loved the way the ladies planned how to solve these missions, to be fair though it didnt come as a shock when Farah left as i thought the show could've done beter in the firstplace however i was gutted when after 3 seasons as Sabrina Duncan Kate Jackson bowed out, however Jaclyn Smith stayed with the show as Kelly Garrett aka The angel that never grew up which i loved because she was my fa angel and because she was the one who could only get herself into danger.
  • I love Charlie's Angels, I am especially happy that ionline is showing the reruns again. Of course they were comign on at 9pm and now they are comign on at 10pm. That's ok, I have a DVR so I can watch them whenever.

    I am wondering, I do not remember the title of this particular episode, but in it Boseley and Kris were on stage and Kris went in the audience and got certain objects from them and he had to guess what they were. At the end of the show, Charlie says that he gave Kris a pen for Bos to identify, I really wonder if that was John Forsythe in the audience or not? The other angels were asking Kris if she remembered what he looked like, but she could not remember. I'm assuming the only person who knows what he looks like on the show is Bosley(rest his soul. Unless if you count Tiffany Wells knowing him as a child, although she has not seen him in years.
  • Kelly, Jill, and Sabrina; the female version of James Bond. Interesting story lines with great mystery.

    Girls kicking butt it what I like and these girls were the first to start it. Aaron Spelling did a hell of job in picking the three girls out and making the story of three young girl cops becoming extraordinary detectives. My mom watched the show when she was young and I see it as a classic show with great action. The movies were okay, but of course the show will live on forever. The real girl power era truly started with these girls. Kelly, Jill, and Sabrina; three little girls who went to the police academy. I applaud them.
  • More then jiggles.

    This show is considered by scholars to be the first female cop/detective show where the women actually solved the cases. Police Woman was at the time considered more feminist but Pepper played the bait more often then not and she was backed up by all men. The Angels on the other had were all female with Bosley as their sidekick/comic relief. The women solved the crime and saved the day.
    I also want to mention here that seasons two and three are my favorites because I really liked the addition of Kris and sorely missed Sabrina when she left. Jill was good too but I prefer Kris in part because as the first season progressed you can see the Farrah machine getting started and I never was one for the phenom fads.
  • Another Aaron Spelling Classic

    Once upon a time, Jill, Sabrina & Kelly were police officers whose skills were being wasted in menial duties such as filing and answering phones. A mysterious millionaire named Charles Townsend took them away from all that by opening his own private investigation agency, and hiring these gorgeous ladies as his operatives with John Bosley acting as their assistant and liaison. The "Angels" frequently went undercover as models, strippers or cocktail waitresses in their investigations. When Jill left the agency to pursue a career in auto racing(!), she was replaced by her sister Kris. Sabrina also departed to start a family, and she was replaced by debutante Tiffany, who was then replaced by street-smart New Yorker Julie.
  • What wasn't to love about 3 beauties fighting crime!

    I fell in love with the Angels well after the show had ended, but it's easy to see why is was so great and infuential to so many fans worldwide. First of all, you had Aaron Spelling at the helm and, let's face it, he WAS television. Add in 3 gorgeous ladies, a few villians, guns, car chases, and some romance here and there and you've clearly got a hit! I really feel that the high points were the first two seasons, and for me, my reason for watching was Kate Jackson. I loved her as Sabrina! Don't get me wrong, Ms. Smith and Ms. Fawcett were amazing, too, but Kate was great! If you have a chance I advise you to buy (or rent) the series. It's one of the great shows that were more than 8 episodes in a seasons (like so many hits are nowadays!) and offered you a start, a middle, and an end all in an hours time - with those few cliffhanger episodes as exceptions! While you're watching keep your eyes open for some famous guest stars, too. (Kim Basinger and Tommy Lee Jones, just to name a couple!) All in all, I say an incredible show that never got what it deserved back then!
  • This show had alot of charisma!

    What an amazing show! Girl power! Way better than the knock off film!

    Lady under over agents/detectives fab storylines (not one bad one)

    It is good to see women as leading roles (the ones who save the day)

    This show was one of the best, I always fealt intruged and I always tried to figure out who was behind what. This is a show my mum recomended me to watch and I am so glad that she did.

    Expect: Humour, mystery, suspense and power!
  • Charlie's Angels is classic!

    I have truly never watched Charlie's Angels from this time period but I have watched the movie version. I know that this is not the same as actually watching the real thing but the movie was much better I think because of the digital ways of television back then to now. The movies I watched were very interesting and showed very cool woman. These three woman were very strong and independent. They alos showed that they are very athletic and can kick some butt. Charlie's Angels is a very great movie because of how they interpret the three woman in there.
  • 3 girls fight bad guys

    me and my brother used to watch this show when i was younger and i loved it expecally becaues i like things that have kick ass girls. i mean i like guys and all but i never liked the whole girls are the weaker sex thing. but any way it was really good tho i havent seen it in a while because i dont know when it comes on. i also think the movies were horible and that if you havent seen the movies yet then you should just stick to the show.
  • Good morning, Angels!

    I never even watched this show before, but I liked the movies with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore!!!
    I'm not quite sure, but there are rumors about the third film....
    Three girls, working as agents/spies for a man named Charlie, having a lot of fun, action, romance, drama along the way!
  • Former policewomen leave the force in order to do more meaningful work. Working as undercover investigators for an unseen man named Charlie, the women take down criminals and bad guys all over the world.

    Charlie's Angels has often been a pockmark on the road to femminism. After all, how is that we can empower women with guns and a tough job, yet, make them ultra glamourous? Well this series pulls it off. Charlie's Angels gives the brains, brawn, and beauty of the female leads and lets the audience know that they're not just some pretty faces. Although the plots are not as gripping as modern action shows the series holds up well as a testament to womens' determination and strength. Oh yeah, don't forget the feathery hairstyles!
  • This show was worth watching just for the women.

    This was a decent show. but people did not really watch it for the acting or writing which was average at best. It was for the gorgeous women. I can still remember Cheryl ladd coming out of the water in her bikini onto the boat for her very first appearance. Wow, what an entrance. I also love it because Ford sponsered the show so all of the cars in the show were Ford's What can I say, I love Sports, TV, Ford's and .... Women. And yes I am a woman so get over it. I wish there was a show like this on today. what a bunch od BS. I guess I'll just keep typing a bunch of nothing because they say it's been too soon since my last post. The only thing I've done in the last few minuets was adding shows to my favorites. I guess I'll have to express my opinions on more than just the show from now on. Now, I have been typing for two minuets about nothing. Let's see if they let me pot or not.
  • One Of The Best Shows...

    This is one of those shows that was very good but had several problems, like in "To Tell The Truth." It should have lasted longer. And there were too many cast changes.

    It is very easy to describe. All I had to do to get someone to recognize Kate Jackson/Sabrina Duncan was that her hair was different. And then they knew who I was talking about immediately.

    TV land did air it once, but as usual, they only air boring shows. Theu should bring it back. And not at 4 AM! This show was Much better than many of the other TV Land shows that they have.
  • The classic female crimefighting show. Often imitated, but never equalled, this show is the best of its genre of "girl power" vs crime. Now outdated quality-wise, but still worth its weight due to its originality and recognizability.

    The classic female crimefighting show. Often imitated, but never equalled, this show is the best of its genre of "girl power" vs crime. Now outdated qualitywise, but still worth its weight due to its originality and recognizability. All the different quality categories are outdated as expected, but then again, all shows are. The acting was decent for its time, not so great now. The sound quality can't compare to that of modern technology, nor can the special effects. Yet, that's the beauty of this show. Despite these lackings (although they were great during its own time) this show has survived in the general mainstream of TV knowledge. Nearly everyone knows of Charlie's Angels and not because of the recent movies. This is what tells you the true valie of a show and this show has that quality. While not the best show ever, this show does receive high marks simply for this one value alone.

    My final review: Now outdated quality-wise, but entertaining none-the-less. The fact that it is so widely known is what makes it a classic and worth watching just so you can have the ability to say you remember it.
  • Aaron Spelling does it again

    God bless Aaron Spelling! He was and still is the master of creating hit shows. My family used to watch these show together, which probably sounds strange to some. My dad and brother thought Farrah was IT, but I always went for the brains and really related to Kate Jackson's Sabrina. I know her replacement, Shelley Hack, wasn't a popular choice, but she was my favorite angel. She brought a sophistication to the show that had been missing. But when ratings went down I guess someone had to take the blame and unfortunately it was Shelley. I like Tanya Roberts, especially now on That 70's Show, but once she came aboard Charlie's Angels, it felt like a different show. With all the reunion shows now being produced, I wish someone could get all 6 ladies together at least for a retrospective clip show. But I'm sure there are probably bitter feelings there, so I doubt that will ever happen.
  • Oh, what I wouldn't have given to see Kate, Jaclyn and Cheryl around for more than two years!

    Why does everyone think Farrah Fawcett made this show when it was clear she did not? Let's remember that Jaclyn Smith was the only angel to stay around all five years, and Kate Jackson was the true leader of the angels and without her tough girl act as Sabrina Duncan, there would have been no way the angels would have gotten out of the pickles they were in.

    That said, my favorite angel was Shelly Hack's Tiffany Wells. She was sophisticated, smart, sexy and refined, and that's something that can't be said of Jill Monroe. Sorry, folks, but I'm not a Farrah fan.

    This was a great show, and Bosley was the comic relief that kept me coming back. May God bless the soul of David Doyle, wherever he is.
  • Charlies Angels was a classic in its time

    I remember sitting down to watch Charlie's Angels when I was younger and then rewatching the reruns with my daughter when they were on. Rewatching the reuns the show seems a bit hokie now but at its time it was a great show. The idea of 3 beautiful women working for a man they have never seen was brilliant. The show was very interesting with its story lines for its time. Not to many women were doing that kind of work at that time in life. The girls made it look so real all that they did. It would be fun to see a movie made in modern day times with its original cast.
  • The first show I remember watching with my dad!

    Growing up in Tasmania with one commercial channel, you can imagine that not everything from the US would reach us. In a time in the 70s listening to ABBA, this is the show me & my dad watched.

    Even being really young, I can still remember his excitement (even though I didn't really understand yet) when Cheryl Ladd was first shown at the beginning of Season 2. My adoration for this show is not limited to just the bevvy of beautiful woman but growing up & sharing this with my dad.

    Thanks to Drew Barrymore for bringing it back in some way!