Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 23

Rosemary, for Remembrance

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 02, 1979 on ABC

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  • An Angel called Rosemary

    Kris is unaware that Jake's nephew chose her to stay in the house with Jake because she was the double for the late Rosemary. The nephew was hoping to help Jake remember the night his wife was killed.

    Kris was right when explaining to Sabrina, Kelly, and Bosely like as if this reenactment was like a time machine.

    Kris was able to remain calm and was on her own in finding out who was the real killer was the detective who was hired out by Renaldi. He said it was hard to see and he accidentally shot Rosemary.

    This episode made me think Jake was the killer, but at the end the truth came out that the detective was the killer.
  • This episode remindes me to "Cold Case".

    This episode remindes me to "Cold Case" and in my opinion this can be a precursor of what we could watch on other TV series in the following years, even today, when there were flshbacks. With this I mean that the Angels had to look into a cold case, something they don't do, because someone was trying to kill a man named Jake who was convicted for having murdered his wife 44 years ago.

    Kris is the Angel who has more weight in this episode because she goes undercover to Jake's house. Sabrina, Kelly and Bosley don't do many things in this case and although I don't usually like when that happens, this episode's plot is very interesting and the story is well written.

    The flahsbacks with Jake should have been better because after 44 years the man didn't change very much. They could have put another actor to play the young Jake just like it is done on "Cold Case". A cold case that must be solved many years later with no more than a few supositions and witnesses. Yeah, this sounds to "Cold Case". A good one to watch.