Charlie's Angels - Season 2

ABC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • Antique Angels
    Episode 26
    When the only clue to the theft of two canisters of the space age fuel are the tire tracks of a car designed in the 1920s, the investigation leads to a nearby antique car rally where the Angels and Bosley masquerade as Keystone Kops in order to recover the highly radioactive gas.moreless
  • Angels on the Run
    Episode 25
    Larry Kantrelle, a dump truck driver, is kidnapped at gunpoint after two men throw a mysterious package into his vehicle. Kantrelle's wife becomes worried and she enlists the Angels to get her husband back.
  • The Jade Trap
    Episode 24
    When a jilted gigolo murders a wealthy woman and pins the crime on a jewel thief, the manager of the residential hotel turns to Charlie for help. The Angels and Bosley take up residence in the hotel to set a trap to find the killer.
  • 2/22/78
    The Angels move into an apartment house mostly inhabited by working girls. Charlie's friend Dolly Smith hires the detectives to probe the death of two female tenants, both of who were blondes. When a third blonde is attacked - and a former client of hers calls and asks for a blonde - the detectives believe they've found their suspect and use Kris to bait a trap.moreless
  • 2/15/78
    Leland Swinnerton, better known as Mother Goose, is president of The Mother Goose Toy Company that someone is trying to sabotage. Sabrina and Kelly go undercover to sabotage the saboteurs while Kris and Bosley follow close behind. An imperiled toy manufacturer hires Sabrina, Kelly and Kris for protection. When Leland Swinnerton refuses to sell his Mother Goose Toy company to a rival toy maker, he is besieged by a series of accidents, including an exploding toy train. The Angels soon discover that the man behind the threats is an ex-mobster working in collusion with one of Swinnerton's own employees.moreless
  • Angel Blues
    Episode 21
    After freaking out during a concert, country-western singer Amy Waters calls her father to say she's coming home but ends up dead. The Angels investigate the mysterious death and uncover a shocking secret about her life.
  • 2/1/78
    When Kris' friend becomes the next victim in a series of surf side murders, the Angels investigate. Unless they stop a strangler obsessed with blonde, blue-eyed women, Kris will be his next victim.
  • 1/25/78
    The Angels investigate trouble on the gridiron. Sabrina, Kelly and Kris don shoulder pads after members of a women's professional football team are terrorized by a pair of motorcyclists. Through Coach Amy Jarvis believes the harassment is designed to scare her players out of playing a big game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Angels soon discover the attack is really tied to a plot to rob the stadium of over a million dollars.moreless
  • 1/18/78
    Ex-jewel thief Freddie the Fox enlists the Angels to help him steal the famous Light of Arabia diamond so that he can return it to a museum and retire from crime forever.
  • 1/11/78
    When a jewel thief double-crosses his partners, the crooks enlist the Angels to help them recover their missing partner and sack of priceless rubies. In order to persuade the Angels to help them, the crooks suit Sabrina with a belt full of explosives.
  • Game, Set, Death
    Episode 16
    Kris enters a tennis tournament when a series of unexplained accidents leaves one of the stars dead and the others too frightened to play.
  • Angels on Horseback
    Episode 15
    A tour group headed for the Sunwest Dude Ranch becomes a busload of suspects when one of them is murdered before they reach their destination. The Angels disguise themselves as ordinary visitors to investigate.
  • 12/7/77
    The Angels become bodyguards for Sammy Davis, Jr. after an attempt is made to abduct the superstar. Things become further complicated when Sammy's look-alike enters the equation and is kidnapped by mistake.
  • Magic Fire
    Episode 13
    Aging illusionist Wendell Muse is hassled by authorities when a series of suspicious fires plagues his performances. Muse hires the Angels to prove that he is not moonlighting as an arsonist when he becomes the prime suspect.
  • Angels in the Wings
    Episode 12
    The Angels join the cast and crew of a musical production to help find a phantom who haunts the set where his lost love performed many years ago.
  • Angel Baby
    Episode 11
    A philanthropist whose home for wayward girls is really a front for a baby brokerage operation. Rookie Kris faces her first "line of fire" situation: a dramatic shootout with a cold-blooded killer. Though Kris wins the showdown, the shock of realizing she had to shoot someone to do her job overwhelms her to the point where she has to be comforted by Sabrina.moreless
  • Angels on the Air
    Episode 10
    When someone tries to kill a radio newswoman, the station turns to Charlie for help. Kelly takes over the newswoman's on-air duties, while Kris and Sabrina check up on some of the threats she's been receiving.
  • 11/2/77
    When a wealthy woman disappears from the Celestial Research Foundation, which promises contributors life in outer space in exchange for large donations, the Angels work into the scene to investigate.
  • Angel in Love
    Episode 8
    While the Angels are tracking down clues to the murder of a health resort employee as they infiltrate Utopia West, where they are encouraged to "deposit their inhibitions and let it all hang out." They uncover a $2 million skyjacking mystery.
  • Circus of Terror
    Episode 7
    A series of accidents has the Barzak family circus on the verge of bankruptcy. Though Yanos Barzak's traditional gypsy values compel him to handle the matter himself, his modern-thinking son David secretly hires the Angels to investigate. Sabrina plays a clown, Kris is knife thrower's assistant, while Kelly poses as a motorcycle daredevil, Go-Go Garrett!moreless
  • Angel Flight
    Episode 6
    Kelly & Kris pose as stewardesses to land a jetliner with no pilot. With a killer loose on board and no cockpit crew, Kelly has to land the plane.
  • 9/28/77
    When it appears that the Miss Chrysanthemum Pageant is being sabotaged, the organizer turns to the Angels for help.
  • 12/15/84
    Performers for an ice show mysteriously disappear before the big opening. Kelly learns it's part of an assassination plot on the show's opening night, but she's captured before she can alert anyone.
  • Angels on Ice
    Episode 3
    When the stars of an ice show disappear days before opening night, the Angels are brought in to locate their whereabouts and nab the kidnappers.
  • 9/14/77
    Charlie's been kidnapped and the Angels go to Hawaii to save him. They break Billy Shan out of jail to use him as trade bait, but once the Angels free Billy, they learn that Charlie has a new captor.
  • Angels in Paradise
    Episode 1
    As soon as the Angels welcome Jill's younger sister Kris to the team, the welcome party is cut short when Charlie is kidnapped. The trio must travel to Hawaii to save Charlie from the wicked Leilani Sako who threatens to kill Charlie unless the Angels smuggle her husband out of jail.moreless