Charlie's Angels - Season 3

ABC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • Angels Remembered
    Episode 24
    Charlie calls the Angels to a meeting which is actually a birthday party celebrating the Angels' third successful year together. The group recollects disguises, characters and their most unforgettable and dangerous assignments.
  • 5/2/79
    Ex-mobster, Jake Garfield, has just been released from prison for the murder of his wife. He claims that he was framed by a racketeer named Renaldi, so his nephew hires the Angels to investigate when he is targeted for murder. When he meets Kris, he reconstructs the last night he spent with his wife with the intent of capturing her real killer.moreless
  • Angels in Waiting
    Episode 22
    After being called predictable, Bosley becomes annoyed and challenges the Angels to a game of hide and seek and to see if they can figure out the clues to his whereabouts. He meets an attractive woman but unknown to Bosley, he is actually a target for a dangerous ex-con.
  • Marathon Angels
    Episode 21
    The Angels investigate the mysterious disappearance of Sylvia and Sally, two participants in a promotional marathon race. Kris and Kelly enter the race and must literally chase their suspects.
  • Teen Angel
    Episode 20
    The Angels assume false identities in order to investigate a murder at a posh all-girl's school. During their probe, they discover that some of the girls are involved in the sale and abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • Angel in a Box
    Episode 19
    An embittered millionaire used Kris as a pawn in order to wreak vengeance on her sister, Jill. Kris is kidnapped before Bosley's very eyes but her abductors deliberately leave a trail of clues for the Angels to follow. Jill returns from Europe to town to help locate her sister but soon discovers that she was the real target for a business mogul, Anton Karazna, blaming her for the his son's untimely death.
  • 2/7/79
    French radicals threaten a presidential envoy named Carl Hansowrth and Sabrina is captured at a ski competition in Vail. Hansworth plans to give himself up in exchange for Sabrina.
  • Terror on Skis
    Episode 17
    A U.S. government agent is killed on the slopes of Vail, Colorado while investigating a rumor that someone will kidnap Carl Hansworth, a special aide to the President. Fearing that the identity of all federal agents has been compromised, the government turns to outside help, the Angels, to provide protection.
  • Disco Angels
    Episode 16
    When the Angels are summoned to investigate a strangulation, it leads to the popular Freddie's Disco where they go undercover to prevent another killing.
  • Counterfeit Angels
    Episode 15
    A devious scam is devised by three women who pose as the Angels in order to rob a sports arena box office. Sabrina, Kelly and Kris go undercover to capture the imposters when warrants are issued for their arrest.
  • Angels on Vacation
    Episode 14
    Kris invites Bosley and the Angels to vacation in a small Arizona town where her aunt is Mayor and her uncle is Sheriff. Upon arrival, they discover their headlights have been smashed, there are no rooms available and they learn that all the women have been taken hostage. The Angels devise a plan to attack the gangsters and free the captured women.moreless
  • 12/20/78
    The Angels are called in to find the murderer of a gambler killed while investigating the suspicious antics of a dull racehorse. They discover the horse has being switched with his winning twin.
  • 12/6/78
    A small-time crook who owes Charlie a favor leaves an urgent warning that someone is after one of the Angels. Kelly's houseguest, Sally, decides to stay in a hotel until the scandal has blown over but ends up in the center of it.
  • Angel on My Mind
    Episode 11
    Bosley and the Angels are at a restaurant when Kris excuses herself and ends up seeing a man rob and murder the establishment's owner. After witnessing the crime, Kris is struck by the killer's car and suffers from amnesia and wanders away from the crime scene. Now it's up to the Angels to find Kris before the murderer does.moreless
  • Mother Angel
    Episode 10
    Looking for a thrill, Samantha Courtney breaks into a greenhouse and stumbles upon a murder. Since Charlie is an old friend of the girl's aunt, the Angels are put on the case. Jill remains suspicious especially when evidence suggests that Buckley was a fugitive.
  • Angels Ahoy
    Episode 9
    An innocent woman is murdered after she identifies an escaped convict aboard a luxury liner. The Angels are assigned to infiltrate the ship and discover the ring that assists criminals in escaping the country.
  • Pom Pom Angels
    Episode 8
    One by one, three sexy cheerleaders are kidnapped by a small band of religious fanatics. In order to crack the case, the Angels must grab their pom-poms to catch the culprits behind this insidious plot.
  • Haunted Angels
    Episode 7
    In hopes of contacting her beloved nephew, Martin who died four years earlier in a motorcycle accident, Claire Ross sponsors Dr. Douglas Holden and his psychic research. Bosley, Claire's friend, brings in the Angels as fake psychics to check on & uncover a possible fraud.
  • 10/18/78
    Somebody doesn't want LPGA pro Linda Frye, a young woman determined to win the Cypress Springs Invitational, a major golf tournament. The Angels are called in to find out who is trying to kill her and why.
  • 10/11/78
    When a famous stage actress is electrocuted at an exclusive women's spa, the Angels are hired to capture the murderer and find a missing manuscript.
  • Angel on High
    Episode 4
    The Angels are hired by their wheelchair-bound client to find his potential heir. The Angels travel to a Reno air show to track down stunt pilot, Bill Freeman, who may be the long lost son of Jonathan Stambler and heir to his substantial fortune. Kelly not only finds romance but kidnappers, too.moreless
  • Angel Come Home
    Episode 3
    Jill Munroe receives an urgent cablegram summoning her home, only to discover it was a ruse to flush out Formula One car designer Paul Ferrino. To protect his new turbo-charged racer from saboteurs, Ferrino asks Jill to drive it in the Grand Prix, hoping that a victory will bring needed research funds. The Angels begin some high-gear sleuthing when a mysterious car explosion kills Jill's fiance and she becomes the next target.moreless
  • 11/10/87
    Dean Martin stars as Frank Howell, a struggling casino boss whose closest friends are suffering violent deaths. The Angels travel to Las Vegas and go undercover at the Tropicana to help.
  • Angels in Vegas
    Episode 1
    After showgirl Mary Phillips becomes the second employee of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino to perish in a deadly auto accident, Tropicana owner Frank Howell hires the Angels to establish a motive for the killings.