Charlie's Angels - Season 4

ABC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • 5/7/80
    What Kelly does not know is that Oliver was poisoned by his nephew, Glenn Staley. Deep in debt, Staley promised to deluver Barrows' San Diego hotel to a developer with syndicate ties. Hoping the murder of Oliver would solve the problem, Glenn is now faced with the necessity of killing the new heiress. Kelly, meanwhile, is still uncertain about her real heritage, and hires Kris, Tiffany and Bosley to find proof. Tiffany joins Kelly in San Diego to study the Barrows family history, while Kris follows up on Bill Cord's investigation. In the course of their collaboration, Bill and Kris fall in love!moreless
  • 4/30/80
    Kelly, who was orphaned as an infant, receives a visit from attorney Bill Cord, who is convinced that she's Margaret Barrows, the daughter of multi-millionaire hotelier Oliver Barrows. Kelly flies to San Diego to meet the man who may be her father, and begins a romance with the handsome attorney. After a joyful reunion, Barrows dies of an apparent heart attack two days later.moreless
  • Toni's Boys
    Episode 23
    After a number of attempts on the Angels' lives, Charlie hires Antonia Blake to protect them. Toni's boys are expert detectives but the Angels resist their orders to stay undercover and not venture out of Toni's mansion.
  • Three for the Money
    Episode 22
    When three unsuspecting investors are taken by racketeer Harley Dexter, the Angels scheme to con Dexter into returning the money.
  • Nips and Tucks
    Episode 21
    When a congressional witness is found dead, the Angels investigate a plastic surgeon's association with a racketeer whom they learn wants surgery to change his identity.
  • An Angel's Trail
    Episode 20
    Jill is taken hostage when she accidentally stumbles into a gas station robbery. Convict Sam Mason and his sons, Clint and Harley, escape into the desolate desert hills, keeping Jill captive.
  • Harrigan's Angel
    Episode 19
    When Starrett Electronics is the victim of a second large heist, Paul Starrett's insurance company insists he have additional help for Joe Harrigan, a bumbling, disheveled private investigator covering the case. The Angels step in.
  • Dancin' Angels
    Episode 18
    A dance marathon with $5,000 in prize money attracts Joe and Sally Fairgate to compete but when Sally disappears, Joe enlists the Angels' help in finding her.
  • Homes, $weet Homes
    Episode 17
    When a wealthy Beverly Hills couple is robbed of valuable Egyptian artifacts, the Angels suspect the real estate baron, Barry Kingsbrook.
  • 1/23/80
    The Angels investigate the disappearance of a young man who came to Los Angeles in search for his girlfriend, whose big screen debut was in a low-budget adult film.
  • 1/16/80
    The Angels are hired to locate accused jewel thief Vic Devlin, who has fled, jumping bail. Using a cover as a wealthy divorcee, Kris is to lure Devlin from an Arizona resort back to L.A.
  • Angel's Child
    Episode 14
    Kelly decides to press charges of child abuse against a police sergeant who's guilty of battering his son. After Kelly gains temporary custody of him, they're both kidnapped by criminals who want to barter with the police sergeant.
  • 1/2/80
    While visiting Tiffany's old college friend Erica Burke, the Angels are alerted to mysterious occurrences at Erica's mansion.
  • Cruising Angels
    Episode 12
    Bosley and the Angels are sent to transfer Charlie's 100-foot yacht to Miami, only to find it stolen and mysteriously returned. They find blood on the deck and gold hidden on board.
  • Angel Hunt
    Episode 11
    The Angels act upon a mysterious telephone call from Charlie to come to an island in Mexico. When they arrive, the boatman leaves taking their baggage and weapons and the threesome are stranded on the beach left to defend for themselves.
  • Angels on Campus
    Episode 10
    When two girls from Tiffany's sorority disappear, the Angels find themselves back in college trying to unravel a suspected white slavery ring.
  • Angels on Skates
    Episode 9
    The Angels don roller skates to investigate the disappearance of roller dance favorite Rita Morgan.
  • 11/14/79
    During a visit to the States, Jill becomes involved with a wealthy European who invites her to his yacht, but their interlude is interrupted by sniper fire. Later, Jill and the Angels uncover Eric's identity as the crown prince of a small European country.
  • 11/7/79
    When the owner of a dance school is beaten up, the Angels hit the streets as prostitutes to find the man responsible.
  • Caged Angel
    Episode 6
    When a young woman who is supposed to be in prison is found dead at the scene of a robbery, the Angels are called in to investigate. Kris enters prison undercover to find the thieves.
  • Fallen Angel
    Episode 5
    The Angels are retained by an opera star to protect a diamond from a jewel thief. However, Jill has become romantically involved with the thief who invites her to participate in the heist.
  • 10/3/79
    Kelly is set to be maid of honor at the wedding of her best friend, Sharon. They discover that there have been several near misses on the groom's life and the Angels are called in to investigate.
  • Avenging Angel
    Episode 3
    Kelly sent a heroin addict, Frank Desmond, to jail 4 years earlier when she was still of the police force. Soon, friends of Desmonds drug Kelly in order to get the last of the heroin that was never recovered.
  • Angels Go Truckin'
    Episode 2
    The Angels are called in to help the all-female Venus trucking company where $1 million in pharmaceuticals has been hijacked. Kris and Tiffany drive a big rig following the route of the hijacked truck.
  • 9/12/79
    The Angels are retained by an insurance company to find $5 million in stolen bronze and gold statuary. So, they follow suspects Paul Hollister and Wes Anderson on a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean, while Bosley stays in Los Angeles to keep an eye on a fence known to be associated with the two thieves. Once on board the cruise ship, Paul and Kris are attracted to each other and she uses the occasion to infiltrate their activities. Lead ashore in St. Thomas by Rourke and Paul, the thugs lead Kris to a Henri Dumajeran who demands delivery of the stolen art. Paul refuses and gives the man his assurance that the art will arrive soon. Meanwhile Jon becomes suspicious of Kris and her curious responses in conversation. Rourke discovers that the Angel threesome (including new Angel, Tiffany Welles) are ex-cops. He and Dumajeran abduct Kelly at gunpoint and demand that she take them to Paul and the stolen art. She does so, leaving a "Hansel and Gretel" trail of clues. Paul reveals that he smuggles people out from behind The Iron Curtain with the money he raises from stolen art. But before Kris can act on his confession, Wes confronts her. Paul is angered but cannot harm Kris. Tiffany and Bosley discover that Kelly has been abducted and follow her clues -- winding up in a remote area offshore where Kelly is diving with Paul in the shallow water. Rourke and Dumajeran arrive in a speedboat and confronting Paul and Jon, offer Kelly's life for the stolen artwork. But she escapes by diving overboard and after a struggle, they are caught. The insurance company offers to exchange a million dollars for the stolen art and Paul agrees. But when the representative tries to pull a switch -- giving Paul an empty briefcase for the cash, Kris re-switches -- providing Paul the money he needs to make his getaway.moreless
  • Love Boat Angels
    Episode 1
    Five million dollars worth of gold and bronze artwork is stolen in spectacular fashion from the Los Angeles Harbor. The insurance company that covered the artwork sends an agent to brief the Angels, and Charlie sends them on a Carribean cruise to intercept the dashing thief, Paul Hollister, and his accomplice, Wes Anderson. With Sabrina now married and retired from detective work, Kelly and Kris are joined by a new recruit, Tiffany Welles. Bosley stays in LA to trail Eleanor Case, the fence for the merchandise.moreless