Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 5

Target: Angels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 1976 on ABC
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Episode Summary

In separate incidents, an unknown assassin tries to kill Jill, Kelly and Sabrina. The pressure intensifies forcing the girls to take to the only sure safety they know: the compound where Charlie lives. Their anticipation at the prospect of seeing Charlie for the first time dims when they suddenly realize they have led the killer to their real target -- Charlie.moreless

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John Horn

John Horn

Harry Wardlow

Guest Star

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

Dr. Alan Samuelson

Guest Star

Michael Bell

Michael Bell

Bill Duncan

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  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Looking at Charlie's mansion in awe)
      Kelly: Wow! Remind me to ask for a raise.

    • Bosley: You didn't really think I was foolish enough to let you know Charlie's address? (Jill grabs a seltzer water canister off the bar and she and Sabrina go over to Bosley's desk) I mean when I pointed out to him that...
      Kelly: You.
      Bosley: Of course?
      Jill: Bosley!
      Bosley: Oh, no. No, no. (Jill squirts him with the seltzer water and the Angels giggle)
      Bosley: (after Jill releases the nozzle) Unfunny. (Jill sprays Bosley again with the water)
      Now that was funny. (Jill sprays Bosley a third time with the water and they all laugh)

    • (running up to Jill, who just sat down on the bench.)
      Cab Driver: Hi.
      Jill: Hi.
      Cab Driver: You've got a long wait, you know. You just missed one.
      Jill: Oh.
      Cab Driver: Can you use a cab?
      Jill: Oh, I sure could, but I don't have enough money.
      Cab Driver: Well, I think we might be able to work something out. We don't have to put it on the meter.
      Jill: Oh. I tell you what. (reaching into her pocket as Kelly comes running up and gets into the cab's front seat.) Why don't you call the number on this card tomorrow and just ask for Bosley.
      Cab Driver: Why?
      Jill: He'll reimburse you for your cab.
      Cab Driver: What? (cab horn honks and Kelly drivers up and Jill jumps into it)

    • Sabrina: Well, I know what I'd do. After sitting in prison for all those years, I'd want to see my victim die.
      Jill: That's terrific. Remind me never to get you mad at me.

    • Kelly: (sitting at the bar in Charlie's basement) Do you ever get serious?
      Jill: When I'm getting shot at? Never.

    • Jill: Could you take it a little easier? (referring to Bosley's driving)
      Bosley: Just a little precaution. You don't want him to kill you, do you?
      Jill: (looking at Kelly who is laying down beside her in the back seat) With you driving he won't have to.

    • (after Kelly hangs up the phone.)
      Jill: Our limping friend?
      Kelly: Mm-hm. He wanted to express his appreciation for our staying in one place and to let us know there's a lot more explosives left.
      Jill: Oh, that's terrific. My life's ambition has always been to be a sitting duck.

    • Bill: I still think you're all nuts.
      Sabrina: I know you do, sweetheart. That's the reason we don't play house anymore. (She leans over and kisses Bill)

    • (Bosley sobbing dramatically at Sabrina's funeral)
      Jill: Bos, will you cut it out? You're overacting.

    • (An explosion comes out of a top floor apartment building)
      Jill: (appearing in the window after the dust has cleared, yelling) Kelly! Oh, God, she's dead! Sabrina's dead!

    • Bosley: It is just that we have spent a great deal of time and money in recruiting and training you all and you would be very difficult to replace.
      Jill: (Looking at Kelly.) What he means is he can't find anyone to work as cheap as we do.

    • Sabrina: Okay, in the meanwhile, do you have a place to stay to keep a low profile?
      Kelly: (Sitting on the back of the coach) A motel in Burbank.
      Jill: Oh, that's as low as a profile can get.
      Sabrina: Okay, look, let's call it a night, all right? We'll pick this up in the morning? (Getting up from the table and walking over to Kelly) And you, be careful, huh?
      Kelly: Okay
      Sabrina: Damn, I'm beginning to sound like my ex-husband.

    • Bill Duncan: (walking with Sabrina down the hall at the Police station) Just what were you talking about with Strick in there!
      Sabrina: Uh-uh. Charlie guarantees confidential investigations.
      Bill Duncan: Well, I can always go in there and ask him myself.
      Sabrina: (Sabrina turning around facing Bill) Hey, that's dirty pool.
      Bill Duncan: I just want to know if the police should get involved with this.
      Sabrina: No, not yet anyway.

    • Jill: (After coming out of the gymnasium.) Hey, I'm going to take the girls for some pizza, kind of an almost-victory party. Y'all want to come along?
      Kelly: Sorry, but we've got other plans.
      Jill: Ah, well, that's a healthy activity too. See you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Michael Bell makes his first appearance as Sabrina's ex-husband/boyfriend Bill Duncan.

    • This episode is the one of the few in the series to offer a brief glimpse at the angels' personal lives: Jill coaches a girl's basketball team; Kelly was raised at an orphanage and has a boyfriend; Sabrina dates her ex-husband.