Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 20

Teen Angel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 1979 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Angels assume false identities in order to investigate a murder at a posh all-girl's school. During their probe, they discover that some of the girls are involved in the sale and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

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    • Charlie: I'm glad your back, Angels. I hope your brush with high education was beneficial.
      Kelly: Well if Blackmoore is typical, I understand why they call it a finishing school.
      Sabrina: Yep. It seemed like some of those girls were majoring in mayhem and blackmail.
      Kelly: And minoring in lying, thievery and intimidation.

    • (After tackling Victor)
      Kris: Guess what, Victor? You just flunked out of Blackmoore.

    • Donna: (After Sabrina, Kris, Bo & Cissy leave) Who needs you any way? I should have made Victor kill you. I should have made Victor kill both of you.

    • Kris: (To Cissy & Bo) Donna set the tack room on fire with three people in it. Would you like to share murder with her.
      Sabrina: Before you go any further. Let me say something else. Kris, Miss Garrett and I are private detectives. We're not talking about an infraction of the rules. (Raising her voice) We're talking about a deliberate attempt to burn three people to death!

    • Victor: (To Kelly) I ain't in the mood to play mouse while you play cat.

    • Sabrina: By selling the stuff to the other girls, Donna gets a hold over them too, huh?
      Kris: No wonder she runs the pecking order around here.
      Bosley: Yeah, ruled by intimidations.

    • Donna: I suggest you listen very carefully.
      Kris: I believe this is the part where I'm suppose to tremble.

    • (After Donna pulls Kris' hair)
      Kris Ouch.
      Donna: Oh. How did I do that?
      Kris: Yes. How did you get your finger twisted around my hair.

    • Sabrina: (To Kris) Okay. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna ask you to model for the class today. That'll give you all a chance to get acquainted. After they've looked at you for an hour, you can't feel like such a stranger.

    • Kelly: Why did you come to Blackmoore, Bo?
      Bo: To get an education.
      Kelly: Then why are you denying it to yourself?

    • (After Kris watches the girls put a crate in the van)
      Donna: Come on. Let's get back to school. There's too many eyes around here.

    • Patty: (To Victor) Why don't you turn off that country bumpkin mouth of yours. I don't care about you or your tannic acid.

    • Cissy: Come on, Patty. Buy. You'll enjoy.
      Bo: Yeah. Quit being such a prude.

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