Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 20

Teen Angel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 1979 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Angels assume false identities in order to investigate a murder at a posh all-girl's school. During their probe, they discover that some of the girls are involved in the sale and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

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  • Angels go Back to College

    The Angels go back to college. Sabrina was an Art Professor, Kelly an English Teacher, Kris a student, and Bosely a stable hand.

    It does not take the Angels long to find out Donna was the leader of the group. She manipulated her peers in saling and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Donna was also aware of the maintenance man who was the strangular.

    Kris, Sabrina realize Kelly is with the maintenance man and rush to save her. Sabrina and Kris ride a motorcycle and chase the maintenance man and Kelly who is being held captive.

    Bosely apprehended Donna and Sabrina and Kris out chased the maintenance man and he was apprehended as well

    This episode had a solid plot and involved two criminal acts saling and using alcohol and drug abuse and the strangulations going on on campus.

    The Angels undercover helped them understand the dynamics of each girl involved in saling alcohol and drugs and then able to find out who the strangular really was.

    There was action when the barn caught on fire with the Angels and Bosely caught in there. Another bit of action was when the chase was on to capture Donna and the strangular.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of the season.

    THis is one of the best episodes of the season. The plot is very interesting, a girl is strangled in a school for girls and the Angels have to go undercover: Kris as a student and both Sabrina and Kelly as teachers. Bosley always go there to help the girls.

    Some students are keeping a secret and they act in a very strange one. There's a nasty one called Donna who is the leader of the girls nad who tell everybody what they have to do. It's great to see how she confronts to both Kris and Bri, of course the Angels are brav enough to face her. The story is very good and besides it has a twist in the end when the real baddy is discovered. The wost is that it's clear that the stunts did the whole scene when Kris and Sabrina are in the vehicle trying to save Kelly. But, this is really a very good episode.moreless

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    • Charlie: I'm glad your back, Angels. I hope your brush with high education was beneficial.
      Kelly: Well if Blackmoore is typical, I understand why they call it a finishing school.
      Sabrina: Yep. It seemed like some of those girls were majoring in mayhem and blackmail.
      Kelly: And minoring in lying, thievery and intimidation.

    • (After tackling Victor)
      Kris: Guess what, Victor? You just flunked out of Blackmoore.

    • Donna: (After Sabrina, Kris, Bo & Cissy leave) Who needs you any way? I should have made Victor kill you. I should have made Victor kill both of you.

    • Kris: (To Cissy & Bo) Donna set the tack room on fire with three people in it. Would you like to share murder with her.
      Sabrina: Before you go any further. Let me say something else. Kris, Miss Garrett and I are private detectives. We're not talking about an infraction of the rules. (Raising her voice) We're talking about a deliberate attempt to burn three people to death!

    • Victor: (To Kelly) I ain't in the mood to play mouse while you play cat.

    • Sabrina: By selling the stuff to the other girls, Donna gets a hold over them too, huh?
      Kris: No wonder she runs the pecking order around here.
      Bosley: Yeah, ruled by intimidations.

    • Donna: I suggest you listen very carefully.
      Kris: I believe this is the part where I'm suppose to tremble.

    • (After Donna pulls Kris' hair)
      Kris Ouch.
      Donna: Oh. How did I do that?
      Kris: Yes. How did you get your finger twisted around my hair.

    • Sabrina: (To Kris) Okay. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna ask you to model for the class today. That'll give you all a chance to get acquainted. After they've looked at you for an hour, you can't feel like such a stranger.

    • Kelly: Why did you come to Blackmoore, Bo?
      Bo: To get an education.
      Kelly: Then why are you denying it to yourself?

    • (After Kris watches the girls put a crate in the van)
      Donna: Come on. Let's get back to school. There's too many eyes around here.

    • Patty: (To Victor) Why don't you turn off that country bumpkin mouth of yours. I don't care about you or your tannic acid.

    • Cissy: Come on, Patty. Buy. You'll enjoy.
      Bo: Yeah. Quit being such a prude.

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