Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 17

Terror on Skis

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 1979 on ABC

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  • Angels on the Ski Slopes

    This episode, Part I showed a lot of skiing down the slopes and driving snow mobiles which got a little monotonous. However, the plot is still interesting with the foreign spies are attempting to kidnap Hansworth. The Angels are called to help protect Hansworth. Already, George Wales has been shot and found at the bottom of a cliff.

    Sabrina has a picture of one of the foreign suspects. Part II should uncover more information about the suspects.
  • Neither bad nor great but the plot is interesting.

    Neither bad nor great but the plot is interesting. The Angels go undercover to a ski resort and Colorado to protect a man related to the President who is in danger because some men want to kidnap him.

    This first part of the two-hours episode is a bit slow but there are good scenes like the ski chases which are exciting. It's good to see the Angels driving snow motorbikes and Bosley making a new friend. I also like the scenes of the figure skiing, I didn't know that discipline existed and I was impressed when I saw it on this episode.
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