Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 18

Terror on Ward One

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 1977 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Jill and Kelly pose as student nurses at the hospital and Sabrina enters the case as a local writer preparing a magazine story. Bosley is admitted to the hospital as a surgical patient with a bone spur. Inside, the team discovers old records of a malpractice suit in which a man died. All clues begin to point to the chief surgeon cited in the malpractice suit. His behaviour is erratic due to this excessive use of amphetamines to keep up with the pace of his rigorous surgery schedule. The Angels' suspicions are redirected, however, when one of the nightwatch staff is discovered to be the embittered son of the man who died in the malpractice suit. Meanwhile, Bosley provides the not-so-comic relief when he is mistaken for another patient and has his healthy appendix removed against his will.moreless

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  • Attacks on Danworth's Ward

    The Angels and Bosley go undercover while investigating the attacks on Ward One. Sabrina as a medical journal writer, Kelly and Jill as student nurses, and Bosley as a patient.

    This episode had 3 possible suspects chief surgeon Dr Dansworth, a male intern, or a son of a patient that died under the care of Dr. Dansworth.

    The outcome was a surprise because the suspects wound up being the Wife and son of the man who died under Dr Dansworth care. They were attempting to discredit Dansworth both professionally and personally.moreless

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    • Sabrina: Bosley, why did you let them take your appendix out?
      Bosley: I don't know.
      Shorter Intern: Why do you people keep calling him Bosley?
      Taller intern: Yeah?
      Jill: Because that's his name you dummy! (Looking at his wrist band.) "Halvorsen."
      Taller intern: See? Halvorsen. Huh.
      Kelly: Bosley, what are you doing with Halvorsen's ID on?
      Bosley: I don't know?
      Shorter Intern: You mean he's not Halvorsen?
      All Three Angels: No!
      Jill: He's not Halvorsen!
      Bosley: John Bosley.
      Jill: He came in to have surgery on his toe. You took his appendix out.
      Taller intern: Well, you can't win 'em all.
      Shorter Intern: Excuse me.
      Bosley: Where we going know?

    • (All three Angels go up to Bosley as he just came out of the elevator)
      Bosley: Sablina!
      Jill: Bosley, You did it!
      Kelly: Bosley had his surgery!
      Sabrina: We're so proud of you.
      Shorter intern: Who are they talking to?
      Taller intern: Who are you talking to?
      Jill: We're talking to him. Who do you thing we're talking to?
      Kelly: (Examining Bosley's toe.) Boy, they're good. They didn't even leave a mark.
      Jill: I don't see any stitches. Where are the stitches?
      Taller intern: In his side. Where else?
      Kelly: In his side. What are the stitches doing in his side?
      Sabrina: What's wrong? What happened?
      Shorter intern: Nothing's wrong. Everything came out fine.
      Jill: What came out?
      Taller intern: His appendix.
      Bosley: Oh, my God!

    • Nurse Fager: (Coming into the room carrying a tray of meds.) Oh, Halversen, get some hate mail?
      Halversen: Good morning Fager, I see you had your ugly sleep. (Putting the manila envelope down.)
      Nurse Fager: Take this.
      Halversen: What is it?
      Nurse Fager: Poison.
      Halversen: If you want to kill me why don't you just stand there a minute and let me look at you?

    • Kelly: How'd it go with the kissing intern?
      Jill: Oh, kind of sad, actually. You know that Don Juan image he's peddling? It crumbles in the clutch.

    • Halverson: (Speaking to the nurse who just wheeled him in.) Please! It's bad enough my belly aches. Don't make me look head-on into that ugly face of yours.

      Halverson: What are you in for a, skin transplant?
      Bosley: What are you in for a, mouth transplant?

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