Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 22

The Blue Angels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 04, 1977 on ABC



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    • Jill: (As Sabrina and Kelly are laughing at her giving Bosley a massage.) Okay, look, the most important thing to remember is the location of the first chakra. That's what controls the spine.
      Sabrina: What's a chakra?
      Jill: According to East Indian philosophy, there are six chakras-- the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the pituitary, the third eye, the base of the spine.
      Kelly: Which has to do with one's sexuality.
      Jill: Right.
      Sabrina: How do you know that?
      Kelly: I dated an East Indian tennis player. That's all he ever talked about.

    • Balding man: Actually you have wonderful fingers. (Speaking in reference to the real massage he got.)
      Jill: Ah, these old things? I've had them with me for years.

    • Bosley: Also, Charlie pulled some strings at City Hall. So, we here at the Paradise have a license to practice that honorable and ancient art of body massage. (Jill bows her head.)
      Sabrina: Terrific. Okay, you've got your fish, you've got your bait.
      Kelly: Let's just hope they nibble.
      Sabrina: And you, you lucky girl, (Speaking to Jill.) you'll get to play masseuse to the street crowd until they do.
      Jill: I knew there was rub.

  • Notes

    • Shortly before this episode aired, Farrah Fawcett-Majors announced her decision to leave Charlie's Angels. As a result, this is her final appearance as a series regular.

      Executive Producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg cited that Fawcett had two more years on the show according to her contract. This dispute, which attracted major media attention and lead to a cast change for the second season, was finally resolved in 1978, requiring Fawcett to return for six special appearances throughout the third and fourth seasons.

    • Michael Bell, seen earlier this season in "Target: Angels", reprises his role as Sabrina's ex-husband, Bill Duncan. This episode marks his final appearance, as his character is not seen or mentioned during the rest of the series.

    • The final episode of the first season has the Angels coming full-circle and returning to the police academy where Charlie rescued them from their hazardous duties.

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