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Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 20

The Sandcastle Murders

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 1978 on ABC
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Episode Summary

When Kris' friend becomes the next victim in a series of surf side murders, the Angels investigate. Unless they stop a strangler obsessed with blonde, blue-eyed women, Kris will be his next victim.

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  • Kris is concerned when her friend goes missing.

    This episode is a reasonably good example of Charlie's Angels. In a twist, its Kris who is the client when her friend disappears after mentioning she saw something bad. They find her murdered on the beach and it seems the Sandcastle Killer is at it again. With an aggressive police detective, a overly-friendly security guard, a beach voyeur and marry-for-your-money cosmetics manager all in the picture - there seems to be many suspects. It is Sabrina who figures out who could be the killer but first they have to stop the attack on Kris at her beachhouse. The chase scenes where Bosley (off all people!) shoots the mastermind killer and Sabrina jumps into the water to rescue the killer from drowning is well done. The last scenes with the Angels' gang on the carousel are corny but its fun to watch the actors having a good time.moreless
Alan Feinstein

Alan Feinstein

Dave Christopher

Guest Star

Melissa Converse

Melissa Converse

Melissa Rossiter

Guest Star

John Crawford

John Crawford

Lt. Francona

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: As Kelly and Sabrina are standing by the door to leave Kris' house, Kelly is holding a small, mostly deflated orange balloon. After Kris says, 'Let me look around the beach for just a few minutes. She really needs the money,' the camera shows all three Angels and Kelly's orange balloon is significantly larger.

    • Goof: As Kris is talking to Dave Christopher, the camera crew can be seen in the reflection of his sunglasses.

    • Goof: When Melissa enters the game room at the Pier, Ovie is propped up on the carousel horse. As the carousel starts to spin, he eventually falls off the horse. When he was on the horse, his eyes were open but once he fell off and lying on the ground, his eyes were closed.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (After Lt. Francona tells the Angels that Gerson bailed himself out)
      Sabrina: Did you give him a map to Kris' house, so he'd be sure not to get lost?

    • Sabrina: (to Fallon) You're the man to get to know if you want to get anywhere in this company.
      Fallon: You've just applied for a job and you're asking for a promotion?
      Sabrina: Well, I've never been accused of modesty.

    • Lady: All right, let me smell your breath.
      Bosley: Why?
      Lady: Well, you're a cook, aren't you? They're all drunks. It's the fuel.
      Bosley: I assure you that I am not a drunk.
      Lady: Well, then, you're a till-tapper.
      Bosley: Madame, I do not steal money from cash registers.
      Lady: If you're not a drunk and not a till-tapper, why do you want to work here?
      Bosley: Sea air. The doctor recommended it.

    • Kelly: How do you hide a gun in a bikini?
      Bosley: Very carefully.

    • Lt. Francona: (To Kris) Then you had to be the last one to see her alive.
      Kelly: Betsy's killer was the last person to see her alive.
      Lt. Francona: If I wanted cutes, honey, I'll turn on t.v. okay?

  • NOTES (4)