Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 17

The Vegas Connection

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 1977 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Cass Harper assures young girls a lucrative job in a Las Vegas nightclub chorus line, in exchange for sideline prostitution. Since many chorus girls end up marrying wealthy gamblers, his con scheme works extremely well at both ends. When any of his showgirl-prostitutes marry into wealth, Harper blackmails them with photographs of their past exploits. That is, until one of his blackmail victims hires Charlie's Angels to put a stop to his setup. Jill and Kelly become aspiring showgirls for the investigation and Bosley poses as a high-rolling spender looking for a good time. To complete their ruse, Sabrina arrives in the guise of an auditor and convinces a powerful casino owner that his employee, Harper, has been embezzling.moreless

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  • Vegas and Blackmail

    The Angels are assigned a case to find out why a wealthy husband's wife is purposely cashing in his money at a local poker club.

    I like how the case unfolds in Vegas where the blackmailing is taking place.

    The Angels find Cass Harper and he is having the Chorus Dancers working as prositutes. Cass takes movies and pictures of the women and then when they marry a wealthy man, Cass has the woman pay money to prevent exposure.

    Sabrina goes undercover as an auditor for the casino. She finds that Cass has been stealing from the Casino President Sharfe

    Cass tries to run out of Vegas, but Sharfe men take him to the desert and beat him up.

    The Angels are able to recover the pictures and charge Cass with the crime.

    Love the ending when The Angels and their client's wife visit Cass in the hospital and sign his case and let him know his scheme is over.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Sabrina's Pinto is parked out front of Townsend Associates in the establishing shot, but after the camera goes inside, Sabrina calls the office from her car at another location.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Kelly walks in while Bosely is cooking)
      Kelly: Hey, Jill! Do you think if we lobbied in Washington, we could get garlic declared an endangered species? Boy, I could find my way here from downtown with my eyes closed.

    • Jill: (As Sid is leaning on the horn, a security guard comes up.) Oh, I'm so glad you're here. I've never been this upset. (Horn stops blaring.) This man was following me in the casino. And then he wrecked my car. It's not even my car. It's my roommates car. I can't believe it happened to me. I don't know what to do. Here take this thing. (Hands the gun to the guard.) I just don't know what to do. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I'm going to go up to my room. I'll go to the police station tomorrow. Is that okay. You're very sweet to understand. He wrecked my roommates' car. What am I going to tell my roommate? He's a crazy man. (Jill walks away.) Good night, Sid.

    • Bosley: Listen, while I'm gone, (Sitting his drink down.) you three can check out the electronic equipment.
      Sabrina: Right.
      Jill: Oh, sure.
      Kelly: Mm-hmm. (Bosley and Elsbeth go out the door.) Well, are we three ready to check out the electronic equipment?
      Jill: I think Bosley was laying a little macho action on Elsbeth.
      Sabrina: Think he's interested in her?
      Jill: Oh, yeah!
      Kelly: Sure wouldn't hurt.
      Sabrina: Well, let's see if we can find that electronic equipment. (All three Angels giggling.) I wouldn't even know what it looks like.

    • Cass: Then why don't you just take the broad out to the desert and ice her, Sid?
      Sid: Maybe I should, just to be sure.

    • (Sabrina and Jill tease Bosley on using too much garlic)
      Bosley: Excuse me, but I prefer do my cooking alone.
      Jill: You eat that much garlic, you'll do everything alone!

  • NOTES (2)

    • "I found out I was't cut out for dancing," Jaclyn Smith told TV Guide in 1977. "I could do a double pirouette and a grande jete, but I just wasn't Balanchine's style of dancer."

    • Although this case takes place in Las Vegas, the cast and crew never left California. Stock interior and exterior footage of Caesars Palace was used to represent the fictional Versailles Hotel.


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