Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 7

To Kill an Angel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 1976 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Kelly takes Skip, a little boy in the children's ward at a local sanitarium, on an outing to an amusement park. There, in a moment of confusion, she loses sight of the child. When Skip is alone, two hired killers bump into him making a get away where they have just murdered a man. In his rush, one of the killer drops his gun near Skip who accidentally shoots Kelly and runs away. Kelly is hospitalized with a minor head wound while Sabrina and Jill take up the search for Skip trying to find his whereabouts using his favorite nursery rhyme. One of the killers, claiming to be Skip's father, visits Kelly in the hospital and learns the clues to help him find Skip and silence him before Charlie's Angels or the police can get to him.moreless

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  • A Child's Nursery Rhyme

    I liked this episode because it showed the empathetic and compassion Kelly has for an autistic child. Kelly has been volunteering her time.

    While at the amusement park a murderer's gun falls out of his jacket. The autistic child picks it up and Kelly accidentally gets shot in the head. Kelly suffers minor injuries and is in the hospital worried about Skips well-being.

    Jill and Sabrina get closer to finding Skip. Kelly realizes the man she was talking to in the hospital is not Skip's father.

    Kelly takes a cab to the amusement park and has the cab driver call the Townsend Agency and Bosely and to notify the police for backup.

    Kelly confronts the murderers and get the guns away from the assailants.

    This episode has a happy ending Skip is reunited with his biological mother and stepfather.moreless
  • A Remade Episode From Another Series

    When I first watched this episode in the opening scenes,it looked when the boy bumps into a suspicious man,picks up the gun,and acidently shoots Kelly,it all episode is a remade version of "The Mod Squad that Series it was Julie who was accidently shot by a boy that she was looking plot in "Charlie's Angels" follows somewhat remember certain words used from the earlier example when Julie called the mother of the boy that she was looking same conversation word for word happened with do not compare remake of any Media stands own it's own.moreless

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    • Sabrina: I guess we really ought to stop that thing, huh? (referring to the Rotor ride)
      Jill: Nah, you wouldn't want to cheat him out of his full ride, would you?

    • Mr. Galloway: Hey, uh, I got a magazine a couple of friends of mine and I are just getting started. Um, it's not as classy as Penthouse or Playboy, you understand, but we're going to start small and grow. Could use a couple of fresh models.
      Sabrina: With or without?
      Mr. Galloway: The less you wear, the more you get.
      Jill: Let me get this straight-- We take our clothes off and you give us the information we want, right?
      Mr. Galloway: Is it a deal?
      Sabrina: Just a second. We. We'll talk it over. Just one minute. (Sabrina and Jill walk two steps away and turn back towards Galloway) What's the penalty for pornographic propositioning?
      Jill: Gee, I don't know? That depends on if he's a first-time offender. (Galloway comes around the counter)
      Sabrina: Let's hit him with a 602.
      Mr. Galloway: 602
      Jill: That's a little heavy.
      Mr. Galloway: Hey, you two policewomen?
      Jill: You want to see our badges?
      Mr. Galloway: No, no, no, it's all right. Hey, ah, I was just kidding about that other stuff.
      Sabrina: Oh, it was a joke?

    • Sabrina: (working on a crossword puzzle) At great personal risk, Charlie.
      Jill: Yeah, how about lightening up on us on the next case, Charlie. I mean we've had enough of the guns and knives bit for a while.
      Charlie: I think you're overreacting, ladies. Now, after all, who'd want to kill an angel.
      Sabrina: Hey, it's no joke, Charlie. I'm beginning to feel like we're an endangered species.

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