Charlie's Angels

Season 4 Episode 23

Toni's Boys

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Kelly pulls up to Tiffany's house and carries some groceries in leaving Tiffany's present in the car. She's distracted by a phone call as a man breaks into her car and switches Tiffany's birthday present with a bomb.
Charlie hires his friend, Antonia Blake, who took over her late husband's detective agency. Charlie tells the Angels to stay undercover and not to venture out of Toni's mansion. Instead, they work with Toni's operatives; Bob Sorenson, Cotton Harper and Matt Parrish.
They believe that the man who attempted to kill the Angels is convicted mobster, Michael Durano, who vowed revenge against the Angels when they testified against him. Durano was released from prison after serving just six months of a 15-year sentence.
Kris and Bob visit a male strip club that Durano owned and learn that he claims to be going straight. Kelly and Cotton learn of Durano's address after talking to a woman who gave riding lessons to his daughters. Tiffany succeeds in getting a modeling job at Durano's modeling agency. An employee recognizes Tiffany and contacts Durano, who then kidnaps her.
Kelly and Kris serve as bait to lead Toni and her operatives to Tiffany. Toni and Cotton attend a soiree at Durano's winery. The modeling agency head lets Matt work the event. Kris and Kelly pose as models in order to get Durano's attention. Bob fails to get backstage to protect them and they lose Kris and Kelly.
The Angels are traced to Durano's ranch where someone seals them up in a vault. Matt poses as wine connoisseur but is unable to capture Durano at gunpoint. Another henchman comes up from behind him. Bob arrives to help by pole vaulting over a electric fence. Cotton lassos Durano's plane and apprehends Durano when he tries to escape.