Charlie's Angels

Season 5 Episode 5

Waikiki Angels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 1981 on ABC

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  • A case is never done until the Kidnappers are caught

    I think this episode was full of action and suspense. The dune buggies constantly harassing Kelly and both Kelly and Kris being held hostage until Bosely and Julie could come to the rescue. I like how the Angels did not end the case after finding the Congressman's daughter. A case is never done until the kidnappers are caught. I like how Kelly used herself as "Bait" to help the team find out where the kidnappers were hiding out. At the end I like how Bosely and Julie crashed into the kidnappers' yard. This tactic caught them off guard and more vulnerable. Kelly drove the dune buggy in order to catch the leader of the gang.
  • A congressman's daughter is kidnapped on a remote, Waikiki beach, sending Kelly, Kris, and Julie undercover as beach lifeguards to retrieve the girl and apprehend the beach baddies.

    By the fifth season of "Charlie's Angels," ratings had considerably dipped, so the producers made two big adjustments to regain their sagging audience numbers. The first was to dump Shelly Hack in favor of Tanya Roberts, possibly the worst actress of the entire run. While Roberts frequently mangled her line reads (accompanied by an occasional shrilly, high pitched vocal delivery), she had two huge assets going for her: she had wonderful enthusiasm in her role (and great chemistry with her co-stars) and she was fearless in wearing the most revealing outfits. In fact in season five, Roberts probably wore more swimsuits than any other angel. The second adjustment was to move the series to Hawaii for several episodes - an obvious ploy to give the angels a lot more opportunites to wear those swimsuits! "Waikiki Angels" is typical nonsense complete with bone headed bad-guys (Dan Haggerty menacing the angels with a rifle), dune buggy chases, and a stock appearance by Richard "Six Million Dollar Man" Anderson as a bored congressman. Its chief asset is that it scores a 10 on the Cheesecake Meter by having the angels go undercover as life guards. Most of the episode keeps Kris and Kelly clad in skintight, red, "Baywatch" style swimsuits. The best scene by far has the girls surviving a lifeguard competition in the ocean. One by one, each angel emerges in a wet, string bikini. It may be the only time in the entire series that all three angels play a scene in string bikinis and they all LOOK FABULOUS!! (Jaclyn Smith, who shyed away from two pieces in so many episodes, proves she has nothing to hide here.) In fact, Tanya Roberts goes through about three different bikinis in this episode alone!