Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 6

Winning is For Losers

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 1978 on ABC

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  • Angels on the Golf Course

    Linda Frye's life is in danger. Somebody wants her dead, but why. Is it her opponent, Donna, her business/lawyer manager or a crazy fan.

    The Angels do not have long to solve this case. The closer Linda gets to winning the tournament the greater her life is in danger.

    As the tournament is on its way the suspects become more clear. Linda's manager hired the men to scare Linda and have her back out of the tournament. . Linda's manager was in debt from gambling and needed Linda's inherited estate. However, Linda's manager did not want to hurt her, but the hired men had other plans. Linda's manager got shot and died.

    While Linda was playing in the tournament the hitman were aimed to shoot her before she made the winning shot. The Angels made sure this did not happen and apprehended the hitman. The episode had some exciting moments, but the intensity seemed to taper off a little to prematurely and left this episode with some especially, the unrealistic scene where Kris is wrestling with the crocodiles
  • I like this episode but in the second season they did one similar, "Game, Set, Death".

    I like this episode but in the second season they did one similar, "Game, Set, Death" that was much better.

    It's good to see Jamie Lee curtis when she was an unknown actress portraying a golf player someone wants to kill. She's a friend of Kris so the Angels help her. Although there a couple of big bloopers (one of the characteristics of this series), the story is quite good to follow. What I didn't like was the scene with the crocodiles, it was very unrealistic. I have to emphasize a phrase that Dana says to Bosley: "You're not the winner until you win to the best".