Charm School

Season 1 Episode 1

No Mo'Nicknames

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on VH1
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No Mo'Nicknames
Thirteen ex-Flavorettes from both seasons of Flavor of Love report to Mo'Nique to improve on their lady-like skills. The 13 girls will take part in their first challenge, an obstacle course where they must work together with their team. After that, one girl from the losing team will be "expelled".moreless

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  • Thirteen of the nastiest Flavorettes get put into Charm School to change their ways. Mo'nique is headmistress and some of these girls still have beef to settle! This is just the beginning of the semester!moreless

    I loved the entire episode. I was completely glued to the television. I don't get why most people are so against reality TV. It's amazing. I mean yeah scripted shows are better i love scripted shows as well, but theres nothing wrong with reality tv. Especially with the return of these contestants. I love them all in their own way. Thela/Mo'nique in her office was funny. Mo'nique thought she was getting high but i doubt that. Schatar is just hilarious everything she does, her facial expressions, everything. Larissa will definitely be the New York of Charm School most definitely. I love the way Larissa and Shay are so close and i guess they kind of look alike. The commandment thing is great too. It's great how they are making it just like a school. The camping trip that they went on was great. Watching them all work together. Great episode!moreless
  • OMG

    THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it i love these girls and im so glad thy have them on tv again. I love how they were all Saphari is a name that represents evil what is your real name? And then shes all Saphari. OMG im so glad this is a show and then they start hiking up that mountain and oh its so good i dont wanna give it away but even when they got there and she was all we have 7 bathrooms so dont crap on the floor omg amazing for real wow wowie kaboodle wowie mcwowsalot.moreless
  • Silly but you can't help but watch.

    Can a bunch of women who made fools of themselves for Flavs love (yuck) actually be made to become respectable, classy women with integrity? Seriously doubt it, but Mo'Nique is gonna try her hardest to make it happen. Seriously if their mothers could not do it, what can Mo do? Okay I digress.

    13 former Flav of Love girls are on the short bus (see the irony?) to a mansion. She makes them aware the world was laughing at them, not with them as they made total fools of themselves. The Whitest Black Girl Buckwild, the Fighters Krazy and Bootz (or was it Buckee?), Like Dat the Slob, Pumkin the Spiitter are some of the women who have returned. When the ladies find out they will be competing not only for title of most Charmed but for $50G's you could see the scheming begin in those weaved heads of theirs.

    Rain is back because her mother was embarassed by her display on Flavor of Love. Yeah, and going on another show is going to make things better? Not!!!

    Okay I have to say this. Please give these girls makeovers and remove the tired, horrible, pathetic weaves!!! Especially Saaphyri's. I laughed when Mo'Nique said there are 7 bathrooms in this house, no one better sh on my floor. Yeah how come Something is not on this show? You know her butt needs to be on this show!! When Bootz and Buckee find out they are sharing a room with Pumpkin they pretty much let her know if she does anything to them, it won't be a good time for her. She starts crying. We find out the girls real names as Mo'Nique wants them to rid themselves of their fake nicknames. Only one who did not have a nickname was Saaphyri. Girls have to hike and then next morning do a boot camp type of competition. Purple team loses, Yellow wins, and the first to go home is Thela after tripping out in Mo'Niques office during their 1 on 1 meetings. What was Thela on? Needless to say this is going to be very, very interesting to see how catty the women will be. Very interesting.moreless
  • Seems promising for those of us who love reality TV!

    I almost hate to admit it, but I'm one of those people who didn't miss an episode of Flavor of Love 2 or I Love New York -- so, I'm thrilled about this new show, "The Flavor of Love Girls -- Charm School." They've taken some of the most memorable characters from Flavor of Love 1 and 2, put them into 'Charm School,' and the winner gets Fifty Thousand dollars. I'm sure I'll watch it for the cat fights (heaven knows that you can't get that many girls together without at least one per episode), but I also am somewhat curios as to whether or not it's possible to truly refine someone through this type of compition. It was pretty good first episode -- Mo'Nique burned all of the horrendous nicknames Flav gave them, and the girls had to go on a camping excursion, then through a basic-training type of race. Though attempting to get into the good graces of Mo'Nique, Thela (Rain) dug herself into a hole during a private meeting with Mo'Nique, and was elimated at the end. Though it was an hour and a half, I would have made it a little longer so that one could get better acquainted with the girls, especially if this is the first time one has seen them.moreless
  • What a great way to start the show off! The pilot of Charm School is interesting, to say in the least.

    It all started on Flavor of Love. A number of girls competed to win the heart of Rapper Flavor Flav, and now they are back! I was a little surprised to see Krazy and Goldie (although I understand why Goldie is there), and not Sumthin' and Nibblez. Saaphyri seems to be a frontrunner, although she has the least amount of etiquette. The first challenge was hilarious! Although I almost vomited when Like Dat went over the wall, it proved to be a great way to begin the series.

    My only problem is that Mo'Nique got rid of the nicknames. I understand the represent a bad past, however, I think it'll be hard to remember their actual names (I personally can only remember Leliene (smiley), Darra (Like Dat), and Saaphyri (Saaphyri). It was pretty emotional for some of the girls, however. All in all, this show proves to be promising. I think it will be interesting to see who of the house (full of "naughty" women) will make it the furthest and win the 50 grand. As of now my favorites are Saaphyri, Goldie and Serious.moreless

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    • Leilene: (As team captain) I'll pick... like Dat. I'm sorry, what's your name?
      Darra: Darra.

    • Mo'Nique: Another rule, and I hate to have to say this. There are seven bathrooms in this house. Seven. Don't nobody shit on my floor.

    • Goldie: Hottie gave Mo'Nique an apple. I'm thinkin, Lord, please don't let Mo'Nique eat that damn apple. Ain't no tellin what kind of shit is goin on in the nooks and crannies of her [bleep].
      Mo'Nique: That apple was hot as hell. What am I gon' do with a [bleep] apple?

    • Cristal: When I got up the hill, with rope burn and water strapped to my back, and I saw Hottie's fat ass laid across the table like a f***in corpse, I wanted to choke her ass out. The ho brought one log and a bag of f***in candy. That is f***in retarded. I'm not even going to f***in go there right now.

    • Saaphyri: (about the choice of Leilene as a team captain) It's like, you pick the weakest person in the world to be a captain. It's retarded. You pick the person who cries all day. How bright are you?

    • Brooke: Schatar carried one bag of candy and one log and was like (in a high pitched voice) 'Oh, I thought it was a spa at the top.'

    • Larissa: (to Pumkin) All I know is that if I get spit on or anything, it's goin' down. (in confession room) All I know is that if she were to touch me, this show would be shut down.

    • Shay: Well at least I get a -- (sees Pumkin's picture) oh, hell no.

    • Becky: I don't know what happened, but as soon as I got in that water, my combat boots filled up with water. My clothes were heavier and suddenly, I weighed more than Hottie's weave.

    • Saaphyri: (about Hottie) Schatar has lost her damn mind. Why has she got this fur coat? Nothing else. No sleeping bag. Just a damn fur coat and some makeup. Does she think Mr. Right is hanging out by the bushes or something?

    • Cristal: Someone else, please indulge yourself in the craziness, that is Schatar. Do you not see this bitch?

    • Courtney: Bitch just lost her mind. She was goin' off on Mo. I was like ooh, Mo'Nique is a big bitch. She will crush you. Watch it. Duck. 'Cause I think Mo is about to hit you in the face.

    • Courtney: I'm thinking 'yes someone is here to rescue us' then I realize someone is here to kill us even further.

    • Cristal: Teamwork? With these bitches? Right!

  • NOTES (7)


    • When the nicknames are thrown in the fire it alluded to the fact that the woman could move on with their lives from how they were on Flavor Of Love.