Charm School

Season 2 Episode 8

Poetic Justice

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2008 on VH1

Episode Recap

Lacey feels powerless for not having her friends with her, and feels she needs to start being nicer in order to stay on the show. This week, the six remaining contestants received lessons in anger management, and learned violence isn't the answer and yelling just makes it worse. Destiney and Lacey use sock puppets to reenact when Brandi C. spat in her face, and Destiney said it all felt awkward to her, since she hasn't played with puppets since she was five. Lacey and Heather reenact when Heather threw the plate at her and Lacey apologizes to Heather and wants to be friends again, and Heather slowly accepts. When asked if she had a problem with anybody in the house, Destiney said she didn't really understood why Kristy Joe was still there, and Kristy Joe got a little upset about it. The challenge is to write a song or poem about a girl in the house they had a problem with and whoever had the best would be safe from expulsion. Lacey tries to reach out to the girls and decides to work hard and win the challenge.

The next day, the girls arrive to a coffee house to perform. One of the judges is Ashwin Sood a record producer and actually drummed for Sarah McLachlan. Brandi M. goes first and her poem is about Lacey and does it good job with it. Destiney sang a song about Lacey, but was a bit aggressive with it. Kristy Joe performed her poem of Lacey with bongos, that ended up being very short. Jessica also wrote a poem about Lacey. Lacey sang a song about Heather about how badly Lacey screwed up and just wants to be her friend again, at which Lacey cried at the end, not realizing how much payback she was really putting the girls through. Heather wrote a poem about Jessica, saying she really didn't need to be there, and Jessica feels confused. In the end, Brandi M. ends up winning the challenge. On the bus, Heather continues to tell Jessica she's not a train wreck and she didn't need to be there like they did, and Jessica cries, feeling she was being attacked.

Back at the house, the girls receive a note from Sharon, saying they need to pick between Kristy Joe and Jessica who needs Charm School the least and to drop the results under her door. Jessica cries because all the other girls agree she doesn't need Charm School as bad as Kristy Joe does. At elimination, Jessica, Kristy Joe, and Lacey are brought down to the carpet. Lacey is scolded for showing no remorse, and then all of a sudden starts showing regrets and it makes the judges wonder if it's an act, Kristy Joe is there for not showing much improvement, and Jessica is there for being neutral. Sharon thinks Kristy Joe hasn't been showing much effort and expels her. Just when it seems elimination is over, Sharon tells Jessica that the girls voted for her and agrees that she no longer needs Charm School, and is expelled.
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