Charm School

Season 1 Episode 8

Tore Up From The Floor Up

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 10, 2007 on VH1
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Tore Up From The Floor Up
The five remaining girls learn about 4 different types of men in relationships.

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  • Brooke knew what she was going to do when she told Leyline she wasn't wearing any panties.She knew she was going to get drunk.Then she ask guys did they want to f..k.Brooke was just there for the money.I think Brooke better go get tested.I think that is vmoreless

    Brooke still didn't get the message Mo'Nique and the other two judges was throwing at her.You don't have to sleep with a man to get him to like you.She could have carry herself much better in she shame charm school.Was Mo'Nique wrong for calling her that bad name?No she was not.She was only telling her the truth.Becky was the only one who was going around talking to every guy.Its sad because know one pick the right man.Brooke call him boring.So she moved on to somebody fun.Then she ask him did he want to y know what.that bad for her lmoreless
  • Brooke is now deemed the Whore of Charm school!!!

    Should there been any surprise who was going home this week? I knew from watching the previews last week it would be Brooke. She has no reason to be upset with anyone but herself!! She acted like a straight up Garden Tool, and if anyone else had behaved in such a manner, she would have said something about them as well. The ladies are recovering from the last elimination, and Becky knows her being there is bitter sweet, and luck. Had Larisa not messed up the way she did, Becky knew full well she would have been the one sent home instead. The ladies are now up to Commandment #10. Unless thou can play thou will be played. Author King Flex talks to the ladies about being able to spot the Urban Renaissance Man, and being able to pick him out of the 4 P’s. The Playas, the Professionals, The Pushover, and the Parolee. The ladies have charm school prom, and get to meet and mix with some guys and see if they can pick out the Urban Renaissance man. Mo got the ladies some nice dresses. Brooke reveals “I’m not wearing panties”, so right there, you knew she was going to act like a straight up hooch. Honestly the guys were simply okay. I thought one was really cute, but he was a Playa!!! Drat!!! Leiline gets fixed on a professional man, and thinks he is the best thing to happen to her since sliced bread. None of the girls made the right choice. Not a one. In fact the ladies ignored the Urban Renaissance Man. Saaphyri ended up arguing with the Parolee after hearing him say something she felt was not appropriate. I get the feeling if Brooke had not been such a trollop, Saaphyri would have gone home. No one is safe and all the ladies end up being at risk for elimination. Then the laides have to decide who was the best out of the 5 ladies and who was the worst. It should not have even been a discussion, Brooke was the worst!!! Leline finally got some back bone, and she was the vote breaker in making Brooke the worst of all the girls, and when Brooke realizes what leline did, she decides to pick a fight with her. They argue, but Leiline held her own. Though I think she should have gone off on her a little harder, she did a good job I thought. Saaphyrie, Leiline, and Brooke were called to the carpet. Brooke was the one sent home, but her expulsion had to the most intense after Larissa. When Mo says she was the Whore of Charm School, Brooke gets upset, and starts talking back. Mo was like “the truth hurts don’t it?” Final four are Shay, Saaphyri, Leline, and Becky. I can’t say who will win, but it will be interesting to see who walks away with the $50,000moreless
  • The show will suck now that Brooke is gone...She Always made it funny. And her line "No AMERICA! I'm not spitting" was awesome

    The show will suck now that Brooke is gone...She Always made it funny. And her line "No AMERICA! I'm not spitting" just really got me good. And seriously, i don't want to listen to black girls whine all day(not that i have a problem with blacks but the ones on the show are stupid)...At least Brooke's arguments make sense. anyway, i probably won't watch the show so much anymore. Every episode until now brooke made interesting and now shes gone. Also, there are no more hot chicks on the show so it will be hella boring now. GL to the show.moreless
  • Brooke goes to the prom and forgets she's being judged in a competition.

    In this episode, the show brings author and former hustler Keith Nasheed in order to teach the girls how to pick the best man for them. Later on, the girls participate in a challenge where there is a "prom" held for the girls in which there will be men attending. Out of group of men labeled players, pushovers, professionals, paroles, and urban renaissance man, the girls need to pick the urban renaissance man. Leilene ends up picking the professional. A couple of the girls end up picking pushovers, Brooke picks everybody if you saw the prom, and nobody picks the urban renaissance man, so @ this point nobody is safe from elimination. Now the significant thing that happen during this prom is Brooke cuts lose and I mean really lose. Make lewd comments. She's not looking the urban renaissance man, she's kissing on people, sandwich dancing between two men, and its just awful. I'm thinking how do you think you're going to stay in the house if the judges see you acting like this @ the challenge. After nobody wins @ the prom, the girls have to vote for the person who handle themselves the best and the worst. The best has no chance of being eliminated. During the voting process, of course some scheming starts especially where Brooke is concern because she really doesn't have any redeeming qualities, and the one who can really flip the vote is Leilene. After trying to basically subtly force Leilene into voting her way, Leilene makes her own decision and votes for Brooke, which absolutely upsets Brooke and she basically goes off on Leilene. So Brooke goes to the carpet and no surprise to anyone is expelled. During the expulsion, she becomes upset at basically being labeled as a whore. Mo'Nique actually calls her the whore of charm school. She lets the judges know during the judging that she's upset over that and says it during confessional afterwards and dislikes Mo'Nique for her behavior, but really people.....what did you think was going to happen after she acted like she did? There was no surprise as to who went home, and I'm glad Saaphyri told that wannabe playa off during the prom because he was really getting on my nerves.moreless

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