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  • Hot Girls

    Maggie (Sarah Jeffreys) is the real turn on in the show. She is the fun girl who knows how to kiss, yet acts shy at times. Mel (Melanie Diaz) is hot too, but doesn't have quite the sparky personality. Macy (Madeline Mantock) Is the serious sister. It is a fun show to watch, with all the mystical characters that show up and the magic the sisters do to keep safe. There is always a little bit of mystery involved, to keep it interesting. Although it really isn't necessary. Just keep the camera on Maggie and let her talk. Oh yes, she mesmerizes me and any real hot girl loving man. The original series was good, (had one hot girl too) and the camera stayed on one person longer, so you could memorize their beauty. Too much quick camera flipping on all TV shows now. A result of the video game era.
  • Admittedly, this isn't a bad show, but it certainly isn't good either

    At first, I had very little interest in watching this show because, you know, I'm particularly fed-up with shows and movies being remade and all, but I have to say: after watching the series premiere and the other episodes, this is kind of an average show. And I'll admit, I only watched this show because of Sarah Jeffry (the girl playing as Maggie Vera), who by the way, seems more attractive than the other girls. I also had no idea that Natalie Hall (the girl who played as Taylor from 'Star-Crossed') was in this show. My complaints I've had with this show was, not that I have anything against feminism (I'm all for female empowerment), but I don't think this show, or Jennie Snyder Urman (the creator of 'Jane the Virgin' who's co-developing this series), doesn't really understand what "feminism" or "strong woman" mean. I mean, just because a girl or woman have witch powers or whatever, doesn't mean or make them a strong woman. And to no surprise, this is just another show that tries to shove politics or SJW down our throats. But on top of that criticism, the show was almost universally panned (mostly by audiences) as simply bad television! With people calling this show predictable, insulting and full of cliches. To be honest, I barely watched the original 'Charmed', but I gotta say the remake seems kinda interesting.

    Overall, I'm just gonna give this show a 6.
  • Interesting

    As a fan of the original Charmed, I wasn't entirely sure if I would like the new Charmed or not. Still, I was willing to give it a chance and I'm glad that I did. The show is pretty good in different ways. It has a good plot that moves it forward. I like the different takes that I've seen thus far on demons and stuff like that. Making them cold based isn't a twist that I would have thought of.

    I'm going to avoid comparisons as often as possible to the original show as I can always just review it elsewhere. I do hope that this show avoids being overtly sexual like the other one was. One difference that I like so far is that the villains are more of a mystery this time around because the original just made them too open and didn't have enough surprises in it since we weren't in the dark as much as viewers like us should be.

    There aren't too many issues with it. I hope that the characters aren't just on a quest to find their next love interest like you see on too many shows. I'm interested to see where they are going with this and what all will happen. I don't know if I want to see ghosts of the dead like we have in the original. But I do like that there is an adviser helping them and they aren't just figuring things out on their own. I like that it is different from the original and not just trying to copy it in every detail that it can. They keep some things in here that make sense compared to the original show and hopefully will stay. I think that this show is good and recommend it if you have the time.