Season 8 Episode 14

12 Angry Zen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on The WB

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  • 12 Angry Zen

    12 Angry Zen was a perfect and extremely entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the character and plot development were both phenomenal! It was great to see an Eastern influence on an episode and this one was very well done. I liked seeing the Zodiac personified and their sacred staff. The elements of this story came together perfectly and I liked how it all worked out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The Charmed ONE...

    We have classic Charmed fare here with 4 subplots working around a central thread involving Buddhism and the Chinese zodiac, whose turn it apparently was to end up in a Charmed episode.

    Also, as we've come to expect, we have demonic danger mixed with situational comedy. I think there are enough good things going on here to merit at least an average Charmed rating, but this is one of those post-Leo episodes where you really need to avoid analysis and just go with the flow.

    Piper's thread appears to be the main focus, centering on her understandable obsession to find out who the final battle will be against so that she can recover her husband. This is mostly a set up for later episodes where Christie will use this obsession to make Piper look selfish. Frankly, I think the entire thing is overplayed. Since they've been told it is the biggest threat they've ever faced, ALL the sisters should be concerned about the upcoming battle; whether they recover Leo or not, their LIVES still depend on the outcome. LoPan basically tells Piper something along the lines of sit around and wait for the inevitable. This is pure foolishness. However, fortunately, Holly perhaps was invigorated by being at the center of things again and gives an entertaining performance throughout. She has always been the best comedic actress on the show and that is on full display here.

    Billie's subplot would be the next most important, leading us up to the discovery of Christie, which is a big boost to the dramatic value of this season. Why the all-wise LoPan is essentially helping Billie find her evil sister is a good question, but it isn't as dubious as the fact that the writers have now made Billie close to all-powerful. She overcomes all three Charmed Ones at the end, by merely thinking about it. As such, I'm not sure why she needs Christie's help at the end to destroy the Charmed Ones. Why doesn't she just wish them dead? I have to agree with most reviewers in saying that this projection power was a grand miscalculation by the writers, and I fail to see how it was even essential to the final plotline of the show. Surely, the writers could have thought of another way of enabling Billie to find her sister and another way she could have gone back in time in Forever Charmed. Essentially, after Christie is found, and until Forever Charmed, we never see this power again. When Billie's parents are killed in a couple episodes, why didn't Billie just envision them alive again?

    Paige and Phoebe have much more minor subplots, especially Phoebe, whose primary duty seems to be to look GOOD. In fact, let me point out a positive by noting that Rose and Alyssa look absolutely fantastic in this episode. The black hair, pale skin and red lipstick is the recipe for Rose, and Alyssa is gorgeous with her hair styled and down, and the low-cut outfits she wears don't hurt the cause. As usual, both actresses are stellar at playing evil, though that event lasts about 2 minutes. Obviously, Henry must love Paige since he doesn't dump her after this episode. Henry's confusion over the limitations of magic is very poorly handled by the writers, with basically no meaningful resolution, but Ivan Sergei continues to be excellent, even if chemistry with Rose appears lacking.

    This week's demon was well acted and gives us a somewhat charismatic bad guy. However, the demon-zodiac plotline is full of logic holes, like the very idea that Lovack could single-handedly capture Piper, who is capable of both freezing and blowing him up. Like I said, you need to ignore this and LoPan's bad advice to best enjoy the episode.

    The best thing about this episode is that it is the last of the 4 filler shows between Leo's exit and the discovery of Christie. What a relief. We also get a rare cliffhanger at the end of this one.
  • Phoebe enjoys her new place by throwing a housewarming party that gets out of control. A monk teaches Billie how to use her power of projection to find her sister. Paige tries to get through to Henry. Piper helps with the staff.

    Awesome episode! I love this episode because at the end is so shocking like oh my god what will happen next?! Is that really Christy? Even though I know it is. Piper has to deal with that Staff. Henry and Paige are growing more. I still don't get how that symbol Christy drew was something to do with the demons. I guess we will find out soon. This season is really great!
  • The Best Episode of this Season! It has the esence of Charmed, it's back to basics... A really Charmed episode. Love it

    Back to the spirit of Charmed, personally the best episode of the season (I mean the best "normal" episode, without conting "vaya con leos" and the final) It has the Charmed Ones in the story of the demons and Billie, as second character, keeps a secundary story.

    The story itself is original. The Demons are quite the same, but we have a original Demon in the top. The effects are great: For example when the zodiac disappears. A perfect camera job and photography (For exemple when Billie is in the Cave)

    The acting, the scenes, and the writing made this episode and great one! The two scenes are the begining are great. I loved the scene in the condo with phoebe, paige, and billie, was very new and original and I liked Phoebe's acting. The scene where Paige tries to make Henry understand all with the painting and the scene with Piper in the car with the stick are so great. And what about the great writing... specially on Piper: "She gets the tiger and I one stinky bufalo?" "Chicken" And to Paige... "whoa, buda and staf, I thought that..." (Sorri for the writing, I don't know exacly how are they)

    Billie was great in the episode, and even she had good writing "there's no spoon??" And she stay in the secondary story. That makes her not be the main character at last!

    That all makes the episode a great one! A 9 one! It could have been a 10 one with a better Demon story (not the zodiacs) I mean demons in black in magic school! that's all the same before!
  • Chinese.

    I'm a chinese and I don't understand what this episode about? There are no boffalos in the chinese calender, the writer makes a very hugh mistake. Good episode but the appearance of Billie makes the episode bad. I hate Billie, I very hate her. The sisters should not threat her like she's part of the family because she's not, she's only Paige's charge. Billie found her sister. Oh great, the show is getting worse after the sister's appearance. This got to be happening! This episode is good, exciting, but I hate Billie. The writer should have less Billie's drama and more Charmed's drama.

    Demonproof monk

    Since Leo was frozen this show has taken something of a nosedive. This is the latest in a run of dismal episodes featuring daft plots and old ideas. The producers seriously need to think about bringing back Leo, and fast.

    The main plot is utter mumbo jumbo. All that nonsense about Buddha's staff and the eternal cycle is just embarrassing. It's like watching Season Five. I seriously hope they don't show this series in China. All the old clichés are there, from the silly costumes to the (incredibly annoying) zen master with his pearls of wisdom. Mercifully, a good performance from Holly plus some clever one liners make it slightly more bearable.

    The demons are as dull as they come; just eleven men dressed in black. There are some good fight scenes and the teleporting chinamen look good, but the vanquish at the end is a real letdown - cheaply done and way too easy.

    Billie has become less annoying lately, and she's not the star of the show this week. Both of these get the thumbs up. I don't get her new power though. All she has to do is think of something and it happens? That makes her more goddess than witch. I know I'm not the first to say it but aren't the Charmed Ones supposed to be the most powerful ones here?

    Subplots: Phoebe moves into her new flat and holds a party for a bunch of people we've never seen before. Boring. Meanwhile, Paige takes Henry on a whistlestop world tour featuring the Golden Gate Bridge and, errr, the Golden Gate Bridge. Lame.

    By far the best thing this week is the development of the Christy arc. Although it's not handled particularly well, we do at least get to see her at last. And we even get a cliffhanger ending. Fingers crossed the season is going to start picking up soon.

    Score: 7.4
  • Reminded me of enter the demon but OK i guess

    In searching for information about Leo, Piper discovers a message from Lo Pan, a monk and keeper of a sacred Buddhist staff containing the power of influence. Lo Pan teaches Billie how to harness her power of projection to find her sister Christy. Phoebe celebrates her independence from the manor by throwing a housewarming party that gets out of control. Finally, Paige introduces Henry to the world of magic by taking him on an "orb-along".

    Average, but it kinda reminded me of "enter the demon"
  • Too much Billie

    Okay, so Billie is an interseting charactor with an interesting storyline, but I thought this show was about The Charmed Ones, not The Charmed Plus One Ones... How is it that she is so powerful, and Phoebe still doesn't have her levitation or empath powers back yet! The excuse for her losing those powers was budget, but HELLO! they've cut enough budget by getting rid of Dorian and Brian and added cost in the stupidest areas, like BILLIE!!! Enough, already! Get Phoebe her other powers back! This episode showed too much development in Billie's powers and they need to be doing that for Piper, Paige and especially Phoebe.
  • What to say. This season just keeps getting better and better. Despite what some say, Charmed still has it.

    12 Angry Zen is like a mix between Enter the Demon and House Call, but it actually manages to be better than both of them. The main story about the staff is much better than it sounds on paper, and the writing of this episode really made it work. The writing in general was very good and energetic. It featured some great dialogue, and all the sub plots worked well with the main one. I also noticed something in the acting, especially with Billie and the Charmed Ones. Lately they have seemed to be acting on routine, without giving much soul into it, but this week they all seemed so lively and interested in the world around them. I also liked the family-like feeling of the episode.

    The main story was cleverly plotted, and even though it didn’t feature many plot twists, it managed to keep my attention. Piper and her sub plot were as good as ever, and I liked her Leo-obsession. Paige and Henry were also great, and I love the chemistry between Rose and Ivan. They complement each other in a magnificent way, and their relationship is both sparkly and realistic. In the end when they tell each other they’re in love is heart-breaking and very beautiful. Phoebe’s apartment was great as well, but she hadn’t much to do in the episode. Just find her an impregnator already. She needs something to do.

    And now for Billie. I liked her in this episode. She show some depth and her personality has changed from annoying to level-headed, and it’s really a change for the better. The Christy story line got some new air, and it’s really starting to get interesting. I think Christy is essential to the defeat of the Big Bad, which we haven’t seen enough of. I think it’s about time to show who/what it really is. But even though her character started to grow on me, her powers didn’t. People have said it before, but it’s worth saying again: Billie is way to powerful. First off, Billie shouldn’t help the sisters with magic; the sisters are supposed to help her. And her power of projection is ridiculously over-powered. She can basically do whatever she wants. She single-handedly defeated the Charmed Ones. The Charmed Ones, most powerful of all witches in the world. And her being able to move the fabric of time, she could’ve easily brought Leo back, or found her sister. Which brings me to the last part of my review; the end of the episode. It’s very unlike Charmed to end an episode with a cliff-hanger like that, but I liked it. It makes me long for next week’s episode, and it’s really about time she found her sister. She has looked for her for like half a year, and it seems right that she’d get to find her now.

    All in all a fun, fresh and original episode, with some great writing and acting. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next week.
  • Ok I guess, but Billie's new power is really stupid.

    Phoebe is spending some quality time in her new loft, but she keeps getting interrupted, first by Billie, then by Paige and then by a neighbour who comes to RSVP for her party. Every Chinese New Year, a group of demons attempt to steal an ancient staff, that's protected by the Zodiacs. Piper is magically trying to divine for Leo and gets some assistance from Billie. Instead they see a Chinese symbol, which leads them to a Laundromat. When they get there, they meet Lo Pan, who needs their help. Piper can't understand the situation. He takes them out the back, where they go into a magical garden. Piper is handed a mystical wooden staff, which she is to protect until midnight, when the Zodiacs celebrate the new year. Piper leaves, but Billie stays, and Lo Pan teaches her how to use her power of projection. (This power is really stupid, Billie could end up doing just about anything). Billie projects into the cage where her sister has been kept, and sees the child version of Christie. Meanwhile, the staff affects the sisters, it makes Paige take Henry on an orb-along, and Phoebe tells Piper she doesn't have time to help her. The Zodiacs question Piper, who warns them off. In the end, Billie and Lo Pan have to get the sisters back to themselves, which they succeed. Billie appears in the cage where Christie is being kept and calls out her name.

  • Overall OK

    As a charmed episode its ok, but you get the sense the writers are running out of magical ideas to fill time between the characters main plot. I think billie as a whole is a weak charcter but I dont doubt she has some major part to play in the penultimate episode. Maybe a chance for a spin-off show, i guess Il have to wait to see, if she does appear in one though I doubt Il watch it.
  • Now I can say that Charmed is definately improving

    Now I can say that Charmed is definately improving, and now I'm starting to look forward to future episodes. I've even started to like Billy a little now that she's less annoying.

    Lo Pan teaches Billie how to control her new projection power, which is very cool by the way, and once again makes me realise that it's about time Pheobe has an active power. Using her new power Billie finds out where Christy is.

    The Zodiacs were cool, I loved the force field, and the staff making Pheobe & Paige a little crazy and carefree that was awesome.

    There were some really funny moments in this episode, like when Paige orbed Henry around the world, and ended up on top of the Golden Gate Bridge and he fell off while she was talking to Piper and she was cool about it like it was no big deal. That was hilarious.

    Another funny moment was right at the end when the sisters turned evil and wanted to Kill Billie & Paige throwing the bolder at her head.

    That moment really shows us how powerful Billie is, she single handedly defeated the "Charmed Ones", this means she is more powerful than they are.

    And the cliffhanger with Billie showing up at the cave were Christy has been kept captive all these years. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • 1 Angry Fan

    Though watchable, I couldn't help but be slightly annoyed by this episode. Billie has evolved in just 14 episodes from an unreliable trainee witch to some super-powerful "chosen one" who basically has the power to control the universe at her will. I don't really know what to make of it.

    12 Angry Zen sees the sisters becoming involved with the Chinese Zodiacs, who are being hunted down by a group of demons who want to gain control of a mystical staff and make 2006 the Year of the Demon. Meanwhile, Billie finally finds her sister and Paige tries to show Henry what her magical life is like.

    The demon storyline was average. I found myself becoming slightly bored by some scenes and the whole "sisters losing their inhibitions" thing has already been done on the show before. Though it was an original idea, I couldn't help but feel that writer Cameron Litvack didn't really have a handle on it and made up for a really convoluted storyline by having really long scenes of exposition to help fill the audience in.

    I'm happy that Billie has finally found her sister and, I have to admit, her storyline is becoming slightly intriguing. I still hate Billie but I'm excited to see if Christy has just gone completely wacko after her 15+ years in captivity. If she hasn't though, and she's basically a Billie clone, I'll just end up slitting my own throat.

    One thing that annoyed me about Billie's storyline was her evolving projection power. The writers have, for some reason, decided to make her this all-powerful, indestructible, mega-witch in the space of a few episodes and... it just doesn't work. I hate that the sisters have become just average witches with average powers whilst Billie waltzes around, bending reality etc. It's a stupid decision and I really hate it.

    Cameron Litvack certainly has an eye for quick one-liners as this episode was full of them. Piper's chicken comment and yelling at the staff in the back of her car were two moments in particular that really made me laugh out loud. Holly was awesome in this episode and really put a lot of effort into her performance.

    Of the subplots, I only enjoyed Paige's. The moment where Henry fell off the Golden Gate Bridge was really stupid but really funny and Paige's reaction was priceless. Phoebe's subplot was slightly pathetic and her new apartment was way too expensive-looking to be affordable for some tabloid advice columnist. It's also sorta weird that the producers can afford to deck out her apartment in tons of flashy furniture etc. but can't afford to get Brian Krause back. Really bizarre.

    I also hated the fact that LoPan told Piper to quit being so "obsessed" over Leo. Wha? She's not obsessed, just concerned. Whilst Phoebe and Paige have abandoned her and become so self-obsessed with their own vain personal lives, Piper is the only one concerned about the coming battle and her popsicle husband and yet she's told to quit it. I don't even care about any of the characters anymore, besides Piper. They've all become just caricatures of their past selves.

    This was an average episode which mostly annoyed me. There were some good subplots and some excellent dialogue but the demon storyline and Billie's OTT powers spoilt it for me.

    Rating: C
  • For a die hard Charmed fan its ok... but other wise.. eh...

    It was entertaining yes, but only slightly, and the plot was really bad, even though Im a BIG Charmed fan, I find it hard to watch anymore.

    This episode is another example of how Charmed is going down hill and that the writers are running out of ideas. a staff guarded by the zodiacs? not very interesting. and the people going wild in Phoebe's party? was that just an excuse to show half naked people?
    but the thing that really gets me is Billie's new power. I was never a Billie hater, but now I am, that power is just too much! soon she will be stronger then the Charmed Ones. and the show is really centering around her which is really annoying, this is the last season of charmed and I want closure, not a whole new Character and story.

    To sum up, yet another average, fairly entertaining episode, I do hope the final doesnt let me down.
  • I liked it, but think we see to much of billie. it should forcus on the charmed ones more and how come billie is all most as powerful as the charmed ones.

    During Chinese New Year, a demon attempts to steal a mystical wooden staff, that's protected by the Zodiacs and they enlist the aid of Piper. Meanwhile, Phoebe enjoys her new place by throwing a housewarming party that gets out of control; a monk teaches Billie how to use her power of projection to find her sister; Paige tries to get through to Henry about her magical abilities.
    It's not the best but it's ok.
    it's Average.
    i think it forcuses on billie to much sometimes and not just in this episode.
    Charmed is still my fav tv show and it will always be but a think this season has'nt been the best and i think they could have done a lot better.
    If this is going to be the last ever season of charmed they should have come up with some thing better then this.
  • Well whilst trying to find Leo Piper goes in and in a different direction unintensionally and helps the Chinese zodiacs keep a Buddha-staff safe from demons who have tried to take it every year.

    I think that was a brilliant funny interesting episode I loved it so much and I think as the season keeps going forward the episodes get funnier and better. I loved this episode soo much the best part was the Chritie which was very thrilling to watch and how the guy said "you were taken to that time because she was valnurable and open to you but now she has changed" Oh my god that seriously gave me goosebumbs I cant wait to see the next episode.
  • Nice episode, hilarious but still Charmish

    The plot was good, I'm glad Billie finally found Christy cause that storyline took a littile too long.
    But still, I think Billie's new power is too powerful, I mean Prue didn't even had that much power.

    I also think that the demons were too easily vanquished.

    All actors acted great and the episode was nicely written.
    Good episode
  • i thought this was a funny episode

    I thought this episode was funny and very interesting. Billie Finds her sister in this episode....sorta, then she finds her really ( or as real as you can get in the t.v. world. Piper learns about the chinese zodiac. Even though you'd think as much time as she spends in china town, she would know a little something about the chinese zodiac. it like resets every certain amount of years, i'm in the year of the monkey (1992). Billie finds out how to work her new power and she can just wish something and it happens. She may wish you dead!
  • Great Episode

    I've been really surprised by the last few episodes, for a while there it was getting to be a little stagnant. I like the way the writers have seemingly come back into focus. This episode was well done, and i'm looking forward to seeing the conclusion with Christy, which really wasn't all that exciting until now.

    This episode makes me crave another.
  • OMG at yall haters are crazy ! this is really great episode ! maybe top 3 BEST episode on season 8 yet ! honest review inside ! read it !

    i am getting mad at yall who rate this episode low ! i want to know yall rate it low cuz its repeative (i dont think sooo , its a bit original i think) or yall dont like it ? or yall just hate Charmed ?! or maybe cuz Billie (this one rite lol ! i hate her !)

    okey 1st of all let me write about all their look here in this episode..

    Phoebe - looking gorgeous and hot , i really love her hair style.. she should release it more often ! her clothes is great ! make up are pretty too..

    Piper - hmm her look like usual i think , nothing special.. da casual clothes also same stuff , i think Piper need to cut her hair a bit , its getting freakin long like Banshee lol

    Paige - i really love her look here , i think she look really beautiful in this episode compare to da previous 2 episode ! her hairstyle like usual, her make up are great ! her voice getting better yay !

    da storyline , plot , scene are awesome ! EXCEPT Billie fu^king scene and plot ! i hate her scene , i always forward and skip when it comes to her scene (all of it).. i think this episode will be soooo much better without her and her freakin scene and what now ? shes get a new awesome power and and much better then The Charmed Ones power now ? and she can also reflect Paige orb power ? or also can dooo anything she wish but just think of it ? and she can also vanquish all da demons ? woooow that just really great ! arghhhh hate it ! it just da writer seems she da one who save The Charmed Ones and want us to like her but noooooo ! its not working ! pleeease make her die !

    Piper got da best word line like usual ! shes really funny and hilarious in this episode ! her acting are really great ! i love her scene when shes at da stairs fight da Zodiac (that was funny lol !) and when shes said "so u guys knew anything about Chicken ? (something like that), i laughed myself sooo hard when shes said that lol ! i really really like her in this episode even though Phoebes my favourite !!!!

    i think i like Phoebes moving out and her apartment are great ! her word line also good ! i love also when da snake thing turn da guess neighbours into crazy party lol ! i have no problem with all her scene

    Paige & Henry scene are amazing and good and da bridge scene also suprising great... sooo i have no problem with her and henry scene also

    sooooo overall this is really awesome episode with some of great powers we can see here.. dont miss this episode ! i gave this episode 9.8 cuz 0.2 is Billie storyline and scene and i hate it ! thank god shes already found her sister now ! i cant wait to see da next episode , must be good ! maybe some of yall will not like this episode cuz i dont know , its ur opinion but in my opinion its really good episode ! two thumbs up ! ;)
  • Another perfect episode of season 8.

    I loved this episode. The plot was greay, and we saw a lot of good dialogue sand plots. Phoebe was stunning in this episode, and her condo was very beautiful. I loved the Zodiacs, it was funny when Piper tried to blast them and they created that force field. The actress portraying little Christy was very good at her work, and the symbol of the pendant was great. I loved the demon vanquish too. ¡Well done Charmed!
  • A staff that forces personality changes? I do not like Pheobe moving out. And actually Henry's right...

    Ok a Chinese legion or something where a staff has to be protected..not sure what the point of that was. I still feel the girls should all be together. Add onto the house or something if you all need some privacy. Leo does need to come back with full powers and help fight. And I agree with Henry, use your powers to help the world and protect the innocent. What balance is there to protect? The bad guys keep coming.
    And are we going see Christy as she grows in captivity? And who is she going to turn out to be, the big evil they must fight in the end?
    I agree the show is coming to an end I just wish it would go with dignity not fluff.
    Till next week.
  • OKAY.

    Alright this episode was not as good as all the other episodes,but it was good.My favorite part was when the zodiac staff thingy made everone at Pheobe's house warming party crazy!That was funny.And then there is Piper.The whole deal with her is driving me NUTS!!!!!!Just bring Leo back.The whole deal with Leo being gone is sucking the life out of the show.I hope Pagie and her boyfriend(I forgot his named!)get Married.They seem so cute togather!!I am so glad Billie got some idea on how to deal with her powers.I hate how they are making us wait to see her sister for a whole week!!!I can't wait tell the new episode!!This episode okay I hope next episode is better next week!!!
  • A Prime reason why this show won't be back, which is a shame.

    The Angry Zen part wasn't to shabby I guess. However the one thing that really stood out for me was the whole "Billie" thing and not in a good way.
    Over the years as the show progressed so as I was to believe was about the sisters. Alas along comes Billie and after a few months she has a new power which seem's to be able to kick butt and make her what stronger then the charmed one's.
    Piper - Freezing and blowing things up 2 powers nothing since.
    Pheobe in her prime. 3 Powers Premonition Empathy Levitation. either I have missed something or she hasn't earn't her full powers back again
    Paige. 1 Move objects / While lighter stuff. Nothing since
    how is it that the 3 sister's being the almighty charmed one's haven't progressed into the "all powerful witches" And Billie after a few months has her second power and we are still waiting on Paige to get hers Piper to get her third, Pheobe to get her's back.
    Sorry despite the fact that I am a avid charmed fan the writers somewhere along the lines forgot one thing. It's about the sisters and there growth. Not some smartazz newbie who developes faster then they do. In my opinion get rid of Billie and bring leo back at least his Character had depth.
  • Not the best! But it was great!

    Even though this episode wasnt the best of the season, I believe that it had a lot to offer, Finally we see Christy, and that she is finally coming into the picture!

    Piper getting some good advice from the Zodiacs...

    And you know I didnt know that seeing Pheobe living alone in her new loft wouldnt be strange...I actually liked the idea of her moving on alone

    Paige and Henry are such a cute couple :D And im glad to hear she is getting engaged!

    And finally the humour between the characters was just hilarious...
  • So sad to see a winning show go downhill and fast. I try, but I cannot get interested in Billie.

    So sad to see a winning show go downhill and fast. I try, but I cannot get interested in Billie. There is no logical explanation as to her powers and how superior they seem to be this season over the COs. Could care less if she finds her sister or not. Brian (Leo) needs to be brought back - I too found it ironic that they can afford to outfit a set with glitzy furnishings for Phoebe, but they can't afford Brian. This should've ended at 7 seasons, with perhaps a movie to "wrap stuff up."
  • The story is progressing fast but with that the story looses its detailed ness.

    The story is moving on, but I think things went down too easy. I mean all of the sudden those so powerful monks show up, are better guides than the charmed one and bring Billie to more powers than they ever could. Where do those people come from, although we never heard of them? I mean this is show is quite old and all of the sudden they bring up those good powers.
    And suddenly Billie has enough powers to influence to mighty stick power and the charmed one. I’m asking myself really how that can be. I mean all the times we learned about the powerful charmed ones, but Billie alone can almost the same things and when she gains power this fast, she will be more powerful than anything else! Sure they need to progress the show towards the end, especially when we get to know Billie’s sister.
    There were also things I liked: Phoebe finally is able to move and Paige can open up to Henry, like none of her sisters ever could.
    But somehow the mind changing event of Henry I missed somehow. I sure like that he can handle everything, but what really made his mind changing? I think they should have worked that out more.
    So after all the story is progressing, faster than we were used to in a very long time, but with all that hurry, some details get lost.
  • I enjoyed this episode.

    Why you may ask. Once again the sisters help other mystical/fictional beings and helped to Piper stop hunting for the "big bad" for a short time so she could try and spend time with her boys.

    Also it helped Billie to temporarily get a handle on her Projection power, long enough for us to see how it works when she's got control of it. Pretty cool I'd say. It was great the way Billie's now power helped her to find Christie - right at the age that she was taken - the way Billie remembers her. Lo-Pan dropped some hints which hopefully Billie will pick up on.

    Phoebe is having a blast in her new place and Paige might have just found "Mr. Right" in Henry.
  • Charmed returns with fresh episodes as this Chinese New Year themed eppy (the celebration over there actually ends today) marks the 9th-to-last episode of the season and most likely the series itself.

    Episode #170 - 12 Angry Zen - 2/12/06

    Charmed returns with fresh episodes as this Chinese New Year themed eppy (the celebration over there actually ends today) marks the 9th-to-last episode of the season and most likely the series itself.

    This episode started out with a scene from "one year ago," in which a clan of Oriental warrior monks are defending against a band of evil demons who are trying to obtain some sort of staff.

    Through the exposition, we are able to gather that these demons try to steal the staff every year, but every year they fail. The leader leaves with a cryptic message and a fireball thrusted towards a Chinese symbol.

    Back in present day, Phoebe steals Piper's TiVo for her new apartment (Piper lets her after she comments on how she never has time to watch anything anyway), and she continues in her search for a way to stop the looming evil in order to save Leo.

    Meanwhile, Phoebe settles into her new apartment but gets quite a few visits, including Billie, who brings a housewarming plant (and is shooed away to help Piper with magical divinations) and Paige, who seeks advice from Phoebe on how to deal with Henry now that he knows about magic. Phoebe gets rid of Paige by advising her to use terms that Henry will be able to relate to when explaining magic to him.

    Back at Magic School, the demons bring in a coffin containing what seems to be the sleeping body of their leader, Novak. Apparently, the demon is awakened every year for this one-time attempt at stealing the staff from the Chinese Monks, who we find out are none other than the Zodiacs, with each representing one of the Sacred Zodiac Animals. This time, however, they plan on focusing not on Rooster or Rabbit or any of the other Zodiacs, but rather Lo Pan, a servant.

    Billie helps Piper and together they are brought to a Chinese Laundry Service by a mysterious Chinese character. There, Lo Pan realizes they are the ones who have answered his call and take them through a mystical portal to another realm, where the demons have succeeded in killing one of the Zodiacs. Billie and Piper are able to stop them from stealing the staff, but Lo Pan watches as the Zodiac fades away.

    All right, now it's exposition time: Lo Pan explains that the sacred staff belonged to Buddha, and it is the one thing that determines the traits and character of every living thing born. Every year, a ceremony is held in which one Zodiac passes it to another (representing the changing of the year of one animal to another), and every person born in that year will share traits similar to that Zodiac. If the demons succeed in stealing the staff, the world will be ushered into the "Year of the Demon." Lo Pan is able to convince Piper and Billie to help safeguard the staff before the demons can get to it.

    Meanwhile, Paige tries to humorously explain everything to Henry ... with no luck. He doesn't get why magic can't be used to solve the world's When Piper arrives at the Manor with the staff, it infects Paige with some kind of red force, causing her to lose all her inhibitions.

    Meanwhile, Lo Pan tries to help Billie with her problem by focusing on her inner powers - he shows her a tree at the end of its life cycle ... using her powers of projection, Billie is able to bring it back to the beginning of its cycle. Sitting in a meditation position, Billie focuses on her emotions and her desire to find her sister rather than practical wishes and soon finds herself in a dark cave ... apparently where Christy was/is being kept. Then she sees her sister, a cowering, shivering sight of a witch.

    Back at the Manor, five Zodiacs confront Piper and attack her for the staff. After they realize Lo Pan gave it to her to safeguard, the lead Zodiac (Dog) explains that it is his turn to have the staff, now that Rooster is dead. When the demons arrive and attack, Dog teleports (mists) Piper out to protect the staff while he and the other Zodiacs do battle inside the Manor.

    Paige continues her "tour" and orbs Henry onto the Golden Gate Bridge, where she completely freaks him out ... then he falls off the bridge. Also, Phoebe is hosting her welcoming party at her apartment when Piper arrives and shoves the staff into her face. Phoebe holds it out and it also infects Piper with the red stuff, making her realize that she doesn't care about the world and should be with her kids at "Marineland."

    Paige finally orbs back to the Manor to see it in ruins, with Zodiacs battling demons. Phoebe also makes her way back to the manor with the staff covered up, and fills Paige in on what she knows. Meanwhile, Billie tries to talk with the scared Christy, who is oddly the same age that she was when she was taken. Billie finds out that she doesn't know about her powers, meaning the demons must have taken her for her powers.

    Soon they hear that the demons are coming back, and Billie yells for Lo Pan to bring them back, but when she returns to the mystical garden, she is alone. Lo Pan tells her that she astral projected into a time before Christy "changed" so that she could find answers. Now she has something that she can use to find her - the pendant necklace shaped in the symbol that appeared in the last entry of Christy's diary.

    Meanwhile, Piper experiences a flat tire and is ambushed by Novak and the demons. He kidnaps her and the staff and then confront Phoebe and Paige at the manor, where he uses the staff to reinfect all three of them, telling them to kill Lo Pan. The sisters, under the influence of evil, find Lo Pan and Billie at the garden and attack. Billie is able to use her projection powers to break the spell and restore the Charmed Ones.

    The sisters and Billie combine their powers and use the staff to destroy Novak and the demons once and for all. Then, Piper brings the staff back to the ceremony to find that Lo Pan has been elevated to "Rooster." Lo Pan tells Piper that through this experience she has learned the importance of patience - that Leo will return to her if and when he is meant to, not before.

    On the Golden Gate bridge Paige apologizes to Henry and he as well for assuming that magic was so simple. He also tells her that he's falling in love with her. Finally, we see the same cave from earlier, the one enclosed in Chinese symbols holding Christy ... then we Billie enter through the door and call out Christy's name ......
  • Not the best.

    This episode was ok. It lost my attetion at times. I did like the part about the Zodiacs. The part with the China Garden was neat. It made me think of the episdoe "Enter the Demon" in season 4 with the Zen Master. The episodes will never be that good until Leo returns. I know he is coming back, because they metion him all the time. I hope soon. Can't wait to see next week and see Billie's sister Christy. Oh yeah, I read that Greg the fireman is returning.