Season 8 Episode 14

12 Angry Zen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Paige gets knocked down by the zodiac she falls in the living room. Later when Phoebe comes home Paige is now in the family room where the fireplace is. No one has moved her so why is she shown in another room?

    • Phoebe tells Paige that in order to find Piper, they have to use the To Call a Lost Witch Spell, but Paige tells her that it would not work because Piper isn't lost, despite having using this spell to summon each other many times before.

    • Despite twins Jason & Kristopher Simmons (Wyatt Halliwell) being listed in the end credits, they did not make an actual appearance in this episode.

    • TRIVIA: Starting with this episode, twins Jason and Kristopher Simmons are now listed as Wyatt. They are listed as recurring stars for the rest of this season, even if they don't appear in each episode.

    • The "Eternity" symbol is written on the laundry store's glass window...but it's written so it faces inward. Anyone outside would see it backward, making it meaningless.

    • As established, this episode takes place on January 29, the Chinese New Year, but in the season 8 episode "Payback's A Witch", they celebrated Wyatt's birthday, which as stated in the season 5 episode "The Day the Magic Died" takes place on February 2nd (which was two episodes ago).

    • TRIVIA: When Billie uses her Projection power to find her sister, not long after she was kidnapped, she comes to the conclusion that Christy was kidnapped for the powers, she didn't know she had.

    • The bridge in the garden was the same one used in the season 4 episode "Enter the Demon". It was the bridge in Limbo over which you had to cross to get to the afterlife.

    • In the beginning of this episode, Piper talks about how she was unable to go with her boys to Marineland, but later in the episode when she is trying to get Phoebe to help with Buddha's staff, she calls it Marineworld.

    • TRIVIA: There are 12 Chinese Zodiac signs per cycle with only half of them making appearances in the episode but only 5 are visibly identified, namely the Rooster, Dog, Rat, Snake and Dragon.

    • TRIVIA: With the help of Lo Pan, Billie manages to temporarily control her new power, Projection. It helps her see her sister Christy, turn the Halliwell sisters from evil back to good and then, while holding it, becomes in tune with the Zodiac staff, to vanquish the demons who are after the staff.

    • TRIVIA: Piper is given the Zodiac staff to protect, until the ceremony is held to pass it on to the next Zodiac, not realizing that it takes the emotions & obsessions of the holder and passes them to others.

    • Lo Pan, the drycleaner/monk, says that Piper is a Buffalo, meaning she was born in the year of the Buffalo. But in the Chinese Zodiac, there is no year of the Buffalo - but there is the Ox.

    • TRIVIA: Chinese New Year is the subject of this episode, which was celebrated two weeks earlier, on January 29, 2006, making it the Year of the Dog.

  • Quotes

    • Piper (referring to dead zodiac): I suppose you heard about chicken?
      Zodiac Dog (frustrated): Rooster!

    • Piper (about Victor taking Wyatt and Chris to the marine park): I should be taking them to Marine Land. You know, their mother.
      Phoebe: Well, why aren't you?
      Piper: Because I have to defrost my husband somehow.

    • Piper (to Buddha staff): What are you looking at?

    • Piper: What just happened? What are we doing here?
      Billie: Oh, no big deal, you guys were just trying to kill me but I changed your minds.
      (The Charmed Ones look at each other, confused. Piper and Billie smile.)

    • (The Charmed Ones, under the influence of evil, are approaching Billie and Lo Pan.)
      Billie: What are you guys doing?
      Paige: Making our new year's resolutions.
      (Piper tries to blow up Billie and Lo Pan, but misses. Billie and Lo Pan duck behind a rock.)
      Phoebe: You missed.

    • (Billie used her Projection power to make the staff kill a lot of demons at once)
      Piper (to Billie): Uh, do me a favor... and be careful what you wish for, especially around the boys.
      Billie: Uh, yeah, well, I haven't exactly mastered it anyway, so...
      Paige: I think that would be her point.

    • Piper (talking about the Chinese Zodiac signs): What, she gets to be a tiger and I'm some stinkin' buffalo?!

    • Piper (talking to Phoebe about their Tivo): You take it. I don't really have time to watch anything anyway. Except Spongebob.

    • Paige (talking to Piper on her cellphone on top of the Golden Gate bridge): Oh my goodness, Henry just fell off the bridge. I'm gonna have to call you back.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: La schiera cinese (The Chinese Team) Germany: Büffel, Tiger und Hund (Buffalo, Tiger and Dog) France: Le sceptre du zodiaque (The Zodiac Scepter)

    • On it's original airing this episode got 3.28 million viewers.

  • Allusions

    • Billie (imitating Lo-Pan): Don't bend the spoon, imagine there is no spoon?

      It is a reference to dialogue in the movie The Matrix, when Neo talks with a boy at the Oracle's. The boy tells that it is impossible to bend the spoon with one's mind, one has to realize there is no spoon to bend because they are in the Matrix.

    • Piper (to Billie): Forget it, Jenkins, it's Chinatown.

      This is a reference to the last line of the 1974 film "Chinatown" directed by Roman Polanski, starring Jack Nicholson. Jack (as character Jake Gittes), says to Joe Mantell (as Lawrence Walsh) "Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown".

    • Piper: I don't really have time to watch anything anyway. Except Spongebob.

      "Spongebob Squarepants" is a popular cartoon featured on Nickelodeon.

    • Title: 12 Angry Zen

      This is a reference to the classic 1957 film "12 Angry Men", starring Henry Fonda as a dissenting juror in a murder trial.