Season 7 Episode 1

A Call To Arms

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on The WB

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  • An alright start

    I don't know, I'm not actually convinced of Leo snapping at killing Zola. It was cool to see, but I just didn't see it and it was extremely pathetic especially since Leo knows who he's after, we just saw him resist Barbas's tricks and talk back to his 'ghost'. And the death at the end, I don't know, just was a bit over the top.

    The sisters snapping at Zola, treating hm like he's a demon.. he didn't have to come to the sisters and talk to them. I think he made a fair point, Leo has definitely gone off the deep end and Barbas given the situation didn't actually do a whole lot. He tricked Piper into casting a spell, tricked Leo into thinking he was getting killed by Wyatt - about it. So yes, should be killed but Leo's vendetta seems a bit over the top.

    I think the whole sabbatical thing was completely stupid. Phoebe you gave someone advice that was what you gave someone an entire year before. If two people ask the exact same question, then really they should get the same answer. I think the idea of a ghost writer is also kind of stupid. Just get a guest writer or something and surely Phoebe would have columns in advance that they could use. But once again, Phoebe is unable to control herself and is all over another man, but I guess she was under a spell, sort of, but still looking at his butt and what was with Les cornering her. She's walking around her office and he's walking her into a corner and he's not under a spell. But Phoebe is being pretty sexist in thinking a man can't give advice to a woman. Any man who is willing to actually care about a woman's feelings is able to give advice. Especially since the advice to women is probably about them towards men.

    Urgh Sheridan is bloody annoying. Can't wait until she finally leaves the show. I did sort of feel for Darryl, he put up with a LOT of crap from the sisters, and Sheridan seems to be forcing him to her partner (most likely to bust him in the act of something) and now once again he's stuck in the middle of his life and the sisters.

    The hindu thing was cool, the whole multiple arms thing was kind of funny and I thought it was an interesting way to help distract from Leo and Pipers current issues. And yes they don't look the best at the 'shoulder joint' but they still aren't the worst. But her slapping Phoebe is funny.

    And I agree with the others, where did this random vanquishing potion come from and why could they never use it before? And how come the elders weren't watching Leo? They know how bad he's been acting but they aren't observing him like we know they can do? I can't believe that they don't know and Piper was all "it's just our secret".
  • A Call to Arms

    A Call to Arms was a perfect and entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching the seventh season premiere because it picks up a couple of months from the last season and the characters are all dealing with their own issues. There was a lot of magic as Leo and Piper are possessed by Hindu Gods, Barbas returns with, and a mysterious new spirit figure head of some sort seems to play both sides. I think the writers, actors and everyone else did a great job with the Hindu God story line and it was awesome to see Piper with all those arms! I especially liked the subtle details in each episode. Phoebe meets her replacement, Leslie who is played well by Nick Lachey. Detective Morris and Inspector Sheridan had an interesting run in with the sisters and Leo. It was great to see Paige concerned over the fate of the Magic School and learn of her plans. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Hindu Gods Just Wanna Have Sex


    A Call To Arms-0A grief-stricken Piper and Leo attend a Hindu wedding, where they inadvertently receive the powers of Hindu gods, and it's up to Phoebe and Paige to keep them from consummating their love in order to save the universe.

    In this mediorce 7th Season premiere, "A Call To Arms" starts off intriguing enough with the sisters taking care of baby Chris while Leo hunts after Barbas. I have to say Leo is the real star of this episode and takes on a more central role in Season 7. I'm glad to see that the consequences of Leo killing an Elder haven't been overlooked by the writers and the Elders are looking into Leo's dark turn by getting revenge on Barbas. It's obvious Leo is starting to lose his marbles, even if Barbas is manipulating him. Zola, played by Fresh Prince star, James Avery. While in a small guest spot, Avery is good as Zola and dare I say it's good to see some great veteran actors on Charmed...who well.....know how to act!! I especially loved Zola' mentioning a new threat looming and that everyone needs to get thier act together and come back into the fold to stop it. Leo killing Elder#2 is another dark moment for the character and one that will drastically send Leo on a dark path this year.

    Sadly, mixed in this dark plot with Leo, we get Leo and Piper getting possessed by Hindu Gods....for.....a reason that is never explained. Simply because their a magical couple just makes no sense! Once again the actors are put in ridiculous costumes and act goofy because their possessed and at this point in the series it's just getting old. The fact Piper has four extra arms made the plot more gimmicky and forced. The possession plot just fells like pure filler since it adds nothing to the overall plot in the episode and is reversed without it having a point to the story. Another unnecessary plot development is Phoebe getting a Ghost writer at her job in the form of Nick Lachay in his Charmed debut as Lesley. Honestly, it's hard to believe Lesley can write a sentence, let alone a whole column. Nick Lachey can't act and is just "eye candy" is get more young females to watch the series. It doesn't help that Phoebe once again gets all slutty around him and makes out with him at first sight. Wow....just wow! At least Paige gets an interesting development when Magic School is planning to close and she plans to stop it from opening. It already sounds better than her random temps jobs from last season. I gotta say, Barbas' vanquish was WAAY over do and thankfully, it's the alst time Billy Drago's ugly mug graces the series again. Lastly, the floating head being that manipulates Leo and Barbas was pretty awesome, the mystery and menance the writers set up behind it was a great way to open the season, to bad the rest of the episode doesn't measure up. All and All, "A Call To Arms" is a pretty lackluaster season premiere with only a few scenes that matter to the overall arc of the season.

  • Season 7, Episode 1.

    Piper and Leo attend a Hindu wedding, where they inadvertently receive the powers of Hindu gods. Phoebe and Paige must keep them from consummating their love, all in order to save the universe. I like the concept for this episode, I guess. I haven't seen Charmed in so long! I can't keep up with all this Barbas, Giddeon, and other demon stuff. Haha, I couldn't even do it when I was watching three episodes a night in the Summer of 2007 of seasons three through seven. I liked that investigator that was investigating the sisters, though. It made a very interesting storyline. Good episode.

    Respect your elders

    What a letdown! After last season's spectacular ending, this is easily the weakest season opener so far. The main problem is the lack of a lead story. Rather than the usual demon plot / sister plot combo, we have a number of pretty much unrelated subplots. In no particular order:

    a) Leo is obsessed with catching Barbas and ends up vanquishing another elder
    b) Piper and Leo go to an Indian wedding and Piper grows four extra arms
    c) Phoebe takes a sabbatical and is shocked to find her replacement is a man
    d) Paige is feeling housebound and wants to get out more

    Plot a) is by far the best. Leo's revenge mission is wholly understandable and the chase is fun to watch. I also enjoyed seeing another preachy elder get zapped. Barbas ends up getting vanquished AGAIN. Considering he is meant to be the most powerful demon alive I'm surprised he can be killed with just a potion. They should at least have made it a potion and a spell.

    Plot b) is just weird. It has nothing to do with anything and seems to be a lame attempt to introduce some humour. The extra arms aren't very convincing and the only good scene comes when all the hands are slapping Phoebe. It gets really silly when they start talking about the end of the world. Come on, at least act bothered!

    Plot c) is Jason Dean all over again. Nuff said! Why on earth the writers made Phoebe snog him I have no idea. She wasn't under any kind of spell. Poor Alyssa looked embarrassed throughout.

    Plot d) takes up far too much time. Paige, if you're that allergic to babies then for heaven's sake get a job and stop moaning!

    The acting is very weak, both from the main cast and the guest actors. Billy Drago is about as sinister as Peter Pan and the girls all look bored. There's also way too much focus on nappy changing. Yes, there's a new baby around but this show is supposed to be about witchcraft. Come on Brad, you can do better than this.

    Score: 8.0
  • Possessed by god?

    Possessed by god? You can't be serious, Brad Kern has just insulted the Indians. How can he do that? Barbas returns. Oh great, he returns again. But finally, Barbas is vanquished in this episode by Paige. It seems simple, what Paige needs to do is just throwing a potion to him and then "bomb", he's vanquished. If this is so easy, why don't they do this in the previous episode? ("From Fear to Eternity", "Ms. Hellfire", "Sympathy for the Demon", "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World"). You call this a good episode? No, this is one of the worst episode I've ever watch in this series. This episode sucks.
  • I think it was a great opening season seven for Charmed.

    In the opening episode of Charmed's seventh season, benevolent Piper and, Leo are grieving over the loss of their "future son" Chris. To forget their problems, the couple attends a Hindu wedding ceremony -- only to end up as vessels for the powers of two very nasty Hindu gods. It is now up to Phoeb and Paige to prevent the possessed Piper and Leo from allowing the gods to consummate their love, thereby unleashing unimaginable horror upon the world. In other developments, Phoebe has second thoughts about taking a leave of absence from her advice column when she meets her temporary replacement, Leslie St. Claire. And Paige struggles to keep magic school from shutting its doors permanently.
  • Fairly average season opener... read on!!

    It's 2 months after Chris's death. Phoebe has weirddd hair but Paige's looks nice. Anyway..

    Leo is full of rage and spends the entire episode hunting down Barbas.

    Piper has become neurotic and refuses to take the kids outside, and for some reason Paige seems to be doing all the child minding. Phoebe decides to take a break from the bay-mirror (did they get a new office?) and the boss (what happened to that other guy?)

    Inspector whatshername and Daryll spend the ep hunting the girls.. meh

    The girls vanquish barbas.

    Hey this episode was pretty dull actually. Remember season 4 when Phoebe and cole had the fighting ep? Why is phoebe so bimbo now..? Ahh I miss season 4! I can't believe leo left them over a year ago!

    Anyway it's rose mcgowan's 4th year with the show... onwards with season 7!
  • Piper and Leo recieve the spirits of two Hindu gods that created the world through their love and can uncreate the world by getting back together.

    This episode was a great start to the season because it introduces a new character, Leslie. It also elaborates on the love that Leo and Piper have for each other on a humorous level. You also get to see for the first time the interaction of baby Chris and the family which is great. Finally it shows that Leo may not be a perfect angel anymore and that he does have a bit of a dark side brought out inside of him. The only negative part of this episode is that Chris is now gone. All in all it is another great episode in this really great series.
  • i dont get the saddness of Chris's "death"

    This episode was all over the place. I am watching it in reruns so its back to back. Fresh in my mind. I forgave them in the season 6 finale because it was so much going on but i dont understand the morning of Chris. He is not dead. Two reasons why his morning seems unwarrented. First they still have baby chris and just tell him Do go back to the past. But he wont have to go back to the back (baby CHris when he grows up because he changed history by keeping Wyatt good. He, like the others, often talked about how one small thing changed in the past could throw off everything. So, if Wyatt did not turn evil, then the Older Chris has no reason to travel to the past and he wont be killed there. So if they (charmed Ones) would travel to the future (like I know they can) they will see Chris living a happen life. Saving Wyatt changed the future so that Chris would never have traveled back in the first place. He often spoke of going back to a different place when he returned home. He even metioned to Leo that it would be nicve to go to a back to a futre and have him and Mom (Piper) together. Remember Piper died when he was 14. He is (was) 22. Why would he even expect Piper to still be alive un less he changed something. Maybe even killing one of the demons that killed her.
  • A season oppener? I think not.

    After seeing this episode, I wasn't sure I should carry on watching the rest of season7. This is one of the poorest season openers ever; nothing happened I was expecting alot more.

    Leo was getting on my nerves in this filler episode and so was Barbas, which is quite supprising as I really like Barbas and as for Leo he is normally a really down to earth guy. The writers portrayed him as this insane rock star, (this episode could have been made alot better.) Billy Drago didn't do much in this episode and should stay vanquished because he is soooo predictable.

    I think that Piper should been the main focus as the sisters didn't appear much in this episode(down to Leo and the Elders situation) and it would have been quite fun to have seen Piper struggle trying to reverse what had happened and try not be noticed by others.

  • A Call for Decent Storylines, Please

    An extremely ordinary season premiere, A Call to Arms is an average episode with nothing really special about it.

    The A-Story, in which Piper is possessed by a Hindu goddess and grows two extra sets of arms, is way too gimicky and purely there to show off some slightly obvious special effects.

    Leo's off killing a bunch of demons to avenge Chris' death and the aftermath of Gideon's betrayal is still weighing in on the series. Season six was extremely boring and had some of the worst ever episodes so why continue with season six's plotlines?

    Barbas is vanquished AGAIN. He must of been killed at least 10 times now! Why can't he and Billy Drago's way-OTT acting stay the hell out of the show? It just drags on and on.

    Phoebe's went and got herself a new boyfriend, the dull Leslie St. Claire (played by Mr Jessica Simpson). As with Jason, Richard, Dan, Andy, Jack and countless more, he is again a completely non-existent cypher with absolutely nothing interesting about him.

    A pretty average episode with a dull bunch of storylines. Avoid.
  • Not the best season-opener

    Well not exactly the best way to open a season but I’m not complaining, still it got take a while to get used to Piper having 2 babies, it just strange but I’m sure we will get used to it after a while. Still episode story line was not exactly interesting giving power of love and destruction. Still some religious Hindu people might offended by an American series taking micky out the their god, for me it didn’t bother me much mainly because I’m not a religious person.

    Leo, what with that, he has really gone off the deep end this time, killing an Elder is bad not matter who it is but I didn’t think an Elder could kill another Elder, I mean why didn’t the other Elder use his power to stop Leo? That just doesn’t make any sense. Does it. Barbus, you just have liked this demon going after the Charmed ones babies. Mind you this time it wasn’t his fault Gideon one who killed Chris not Barbus. There is no-way back for Leo.

    Phoebe, getting a ghost writer for her column, I didn’t think newspaper could do that but surely that misrepresentation or plagiarism, still I guess everyone heard rumours Jessica Simpson didn’t want Nick to be in Charmed worried that actress that play Phoebe would steal him. I’m thinking this guest-star won’t appear again.

    Darryl, I don’t like his new look and was it just me or he didn’t even have that many lines I counted 4, Phoebe was right whether he likes it or not he needs to pick a side, notice how cops always come in a bad time, I like how they always stick to the same cliques.
  • A grief-stricken Piper and Leo attend a Hindu wedding, where they inadvertently receive the powers of Hindu gods, and it's up to Phoebe and Paige to keep them from consummating their love in order to save the universe.

    A grief-stricken Piper and Leo attend a Hindu wedding. Where they inadvertently receive the powers of Hindu gods. And it's up to Phoebe and Paige to keep them from consummating their love in order to save the universe. Unfortunatly it wasn't one of the best. Piper's arms seemed so fake. The only thing that was cool was when piper blew up all those demons. She could of never blew them up with just two arms. She could of died. Another thing is that is was the season premeire. That made me wonder if the rest of the season was worth watching. Thank god I did watch the rest of the season. The other episodes are great.
  • The Power of Three and the Hindu Gods

    The Power of Three and the Hindu Gods

    Main Storyline:
    At a Hindu wedding, Shakti, Goddess of Creation and Shiva, God of Destruction possess Piper and Leo, and if they have sex, the entire world will be reborn. Piper sprouts four more arms, which makes for a comical, episode. However, the whole \"Wow, I\'m possessed and the world\'s gonna explode\" deal is kinda overused (\"Coyote Piper\", \"A Paige from the Past\", \"Used Karma\").

    1. Leo\'s Obsession with Barbas: I found this really intriguing, especially after he killed Zola, and the mysterious, green spirit only adds to my interest, as well as Barbas\' fourth vanquish. I\'m glad that the writers are working ahead, and maybe we can look forward to this being the big twist of the season.
    2. Paige\'s Quest to Save Magic School: Kind of boring, though I\'m glad that the writers are following up, keeping with continuity, and it also gives Paige something to do, which I\'m all for.
    3. The New Baby: Terrific. Piper acted exactly the way that I imagined she would, not wanting to go out and brave the world, especially after Gideon\'s betrayal.
    4. Phoebe and Les: I think that Nick Lachey, as Leslie (Les) St. Claire, Phoebe\'s ghostwriter, is an obvious asset to the cast, for ratings and for a good storyline. Alyssa and Nick\'s chemistry is amazing.
    5. Inspector Sheridan: I\'m disappointed, as Sheridan\'s plot mirrors that of Inspector Cortez\'s in the beginning of Season four. And Daryll makes me angry. Grrrr...

    Overall, a rather entertaining episode, though it hardly stacks up against premieres like \"Charmed Again\", \"A Witch\'s Tail\", and \"Witch Trial\".

    Grade: B
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