Season 7 Episode 1

A Call To Arms

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on The WB

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    Respect your elders

    What a letdown! After last season's spectacular ending, this is easily the weakest season opener so far. The main problem is the lack of a lead story. Rather than the usual demon plot / sister plot combo, we have a number of pretty much unrelated subplots. In no particular order:

    a) Leo is obsessed with catching Barbas and ends up vanquishing another elder
    b) Piper and Leo go to an Indian wedding and Piper grows four extra arms
    c) Phoebe takes a sabbatical and is shocked to find her replacement is a man
    d) Paige is feeling housebound and wants to get out more

    Plot a) is by far the best. Leo's revenge mission is wholly understandable and the chase is fun to watch. I also enjoyed seeing another preachy elder get zapped. Barbas ends up getting vanquished AGAIN. Considering he is meant to be the most powerful demon alive I'm surprised he can be killed with just a potion. They should at least have made it a potion and a spell.

    Plot b) is just weird. It has nothing to do with anything and seems to be a lame attempt to introduce some humour. The extra arms aren't very convincing and the only good scene comes when all the hands are slapping Phoebe. It gets really silly when they start talking about the end of the world. Come on, at least act bothered!

    Plot c) is Jason Dean all over again. Nuff said! Why on earth the writers made Phoebe snog him I have no idea. She wasn't under any kind of spell. Poor Alyssa looked embarrassed throughout.

    Plot d) takes up far too much time. Paige, if you're that allergic to babies then for heaven's sake get a job and stop moaning!

    The acting is very weak, both from the main cast and the guest actors. Billy Drago is about as sinister as Peter Pan and the girls all look bored. There's also way too much focus on nappy changing. Yes, there's a new baby around but this show is supposed to be about witchcraft. Come on Brad, you can do better than this.

    Score: 8.0