Season 7 Episode 1

A Call To Arms

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on The WB

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  • Hindu Gods Just Wanna Have Sex


    A Call To Arms-0A grief-stricken Piper and Leo attend a Hindu wedding, where they inadvertently receive the powers of Hindu gods, and it's up to Phoebe and Paige to keep them from consummating their love in order to save the universe.

    In this mediorce 7th Season premiere, "A Call To Arms" starts off intriguing enough with the sisters taking care of baby Chris while Leo hunts after Barbas. I have to say Leo is the real star of this episode and takes on a more central role in Season 7. I'm glad to see that the consequences of Leo killing an Elder haven't been overlooked by the writers and the Elders are looking into Leo's dark turn by getting revenge on Barbas. It's obvious Leo is starting to lose his marbles, even if Barbas is manipulating him. Zola, played by Fresh Prince star, James Avery. While in a small guest spot, Avery is good as Zola and dare I say it's good to see some great veteran actors on Charmed...who well.....know how to act!! I especially loved Zola' mentioning a new threat looming and that everyone needs to get thier act together and come back into the fold to stop it. Leo killing Elder#2 is another dark moment for the character and one that will drastically send Leo on a dark path this year.

    Sadly, mixed in this dark plot with Leo, we get Leo and Piper getting possessed by Hindu Gods....for.....a reason that is never explained. Simply because their a magical couple just makes no sense! Once again the actors are put in ridiculous costumes and act goofy because their possessed and at this point in the series it's just getting old. The fact Piper has four extra arms made the plot more gimmicky and forced. The possession plot just fells like pure filler since it adds nothing to the overall plot in the episode and is reversed without it having a point to the story. Another unnecessary plot development is Phoebe getting a Ghost writer at her job in the form of Nick Lachay in his Charmed debut as Lesley. Honestly, it's hard to believe Lesley can write a sentence, let alone a whole column. Nick Lachey can't act and is just "eye candy" is get more young females to watch the series. It doesn't help that Phoebe once again gets all slutty around him and makes out with him at first sight. Wow....just wow! At least Paige gets an interesting development when Magic School is planning to close and she plans to stop it from opening. It already sounds better than her random temps jobs from last season. I gotta say, Barbas' vanquish was WAAY over do and thankfully, it's the alst time Billy Drago's ugly mug graces the series again. Lastly, the floating head being that manipulates Leo and Barbas was pretty awesome, the mystery and menance the writers set up behind it was a great way to open the season, to bad the rest of the episode doesn't measure up. All and All, "A Call To Arms" is a pretty lackluaster season premiere with only a few scenes that matter to the overall arc of the season.