Season 4 Episode 6

A Knight to Remember

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2001 on The WB

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  • Just meh.

    So I've never liked this episode. I understand them trying to fast-track Paige, having a past-life, getting her own episode etc etc but I feel this episode highlights her flaws too much and makes it really easy to dislike her.

    Firstly, I don't like how she remembers so much of her past life, almost perfectly, down to the spell. And if the evil enchantress is her past life, it means it's her ancestor/part of her blood line so by stopping her having the child isn't she effectively wiping out her family line..

    I agree that the sisters shouldn't have just burst in, it's really not like you couldn't have knocked and waited. But once Paige was at the manor why couldn't she just vanquish the demon with them there, she came to read the book, is rude to them and then just leaves them with a DEMON and the prince. I don't care if he's not the source, a demon is a demon. I found her to be extremely selfish, self righteous, rude, inconsiderate and frankly ignorant in this episode.

    But I do agree, I'm surprised they let this new person move into Prue's room. While I get it may be hard for them to move into the room themselves I was surprised they let her do it but I was glad she moved in eventually and that they didn't keep it too long nor do it straight away.

    I thought the past life was stupidly done though, the powers were OTT and that Paige could just tap into it with no effort (she can't even control her OWN powers) and the prince was kind of stupid. Another thing Paige was annoying about, just leaving him in the middle of a situation. You could've exposed magic then too. You summon this guy by stupidly reading from the book, then leave him for Piper and Phoebe to clean up because you ceebs making an effort to handle it.

    But I did like the conversation about Paige moving in. It was well acted and written. But when they asked Paige I thought she was acting like a 15 year old. She hardly seems like a 25 year old.

    I thought Glen was quite pathetic and at 25 you shouldn't be just disappearing and leaving a job hanging etc. You should be taking control of your life, getting into the workplace. Holidays are a scheduled thing. Unless you make money by travelling.

    That pink top she was wearing though! Ew. But her attitude with the whole 'out out out out out' thing, I get feeling completely angry but they're there now and need to deal with it. But she kicks them out, goes to their house to then continue ignoring them! Urgh. Sorry repeating myself.

    And I found her not wanting to leave work to deal with the demon AND the prince was completely selfish. And they shouldn't need to be nice to her to make her deal with HER problem. Moving in with them was completely different to the demon and prince. But she makes it seem like the only way the demon is able to be vanquished is if she moves in and because she doesn't want to she can't get rid of the demon. The sword would not have hurt the demon and what it took being attacked to all of a sudden be head over heels?

    And the whole "I'll bind her by myself". They are the charmed ones, it has nothing to do with being sisters. The witch thing, as Piper said, is to do with all of them so even if they hate each other, they should deal with this as the three of them. Hell Piper could probably have froze her and saved them this whole thing. And what was with throwing the potion? Yeah I'll just hope that you can't simply dodge it let alone destroy it with the amount of time you have in that long distance throw.

    So when Phoebe's past life shacks up with a demon and is under his spell, she gets her fire power taken away. But Paige's past life wants to destroy good magic and ruin people's lives but her powers don't get taken away? Yeahh nice continuity there.

    Lastly, I thought Paige's acting as the enchantress was quite bad, and that 'woe is me' pout she does will become a thing for her.
  • A Knight to Remember

    A Knight to Remember was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development for Paige as Phoebe and Piper asked her to move into the Manor. The story was fun and a bit quirky which I liked. It was great to see Paige's past life as an evil enchantress. Every thing works out in the end as usual. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • The Knight of the Rose...

    Charmed crosses another fairy tale story with a past life of Paige's and gets mostly pleasing results.

    I generally like medieval stories, and I found this largely pretty entertaining. I didn't like that Paige acted self-centered to the forfeiture of intelligence for much of the episode. Her sisters are being attacked by a shocker demon, which they need her to get rid of, but she is too concerned with her own independence to help out. I love me some Paige, but self-centered decision making is pretty much a staple of her character. Sort of curious when you couple that with the fact that she is also selflessly courageous nearly to a fault. With the way she was acting, I was glad to see an accident create a magical mess for her, including a love-sick knight that follows her around like Dan used to slink after Piper. Of course, Paige was an evil sorceress in a former life or an alternate universe, whichever it is. It doesn't really matter, just follow along. And of course, Sorceress Paige has a plethora of cool powers. I thought Rose McGowan made an excellent evil sorceress; I especially liked when she threw Paige around a little.

    This episode ends with a run of good scenes, starting when Paige learns her lesson and gets the pep talk from Leo, the whitelighter of many pep talks. Paige then goes and faces off with her evil self while Leo gets a hand-to-hand combat scene that gets Piper excited. Haha... great stuff. This all leads to a very satisfying ending where Paige gets situated in the manor where she belongs. So, if all's well that ends well, then this is just fine.
  • It's time for Paige to get into some trouble again.

    A Knight from the Medieveil era has been placed under a nasty spell by an equally nasty sourceress. When Paige accidently summons the enchanted Knight to the future, he mistakenly believes her to be the love of his life and, it seems will not take "no" for an answer, nor will he believe her when she tries to explain to him that he is wrong and that she is not who he thinks she is. Perhaps this will teach Paige to stop playing with magic that she knows nothing about? After all, it will only get her into trouble.

    I think the relative mediocrity of this season is being shown a little too regularly here and I feel that it's mostly due to the absence of Shannen Doherty and audiences trying to accept Rose McGowan while Rose herself does her best to fit in. Let's hope it all sorts itself out in time.
  • Good Knight..

    An episode so light you'd need to tether it to a tree in case it floated away, 'A Knight to Remember' is the show having fun. While it's certainly candy floss viewing, even for this series' usual standards, there's an undeniable charm (excuse the pun) to be found here and as a means of getting all of sisters under one roof, it works. There's even a brief moment at the beginning where Piper sulks in Prue's room to Mazzy Star's 'Into Dust' that will surely tug on the heartstrings of long-term fans. It's another Paige-centric episode, one that gives Rose plenty to do, and I gotta say she pulled off the Enchantress very well. I wonder, though, did they alter her voice or was that all McGowan?
  • Dis-Enchanted

    A Knight To Remember-Paige accidentally summons a medieval knight, who believes Paige is the love of his life. However, the knight is under the influence of an evil sorceress. An episode nearly destroyed by an abysmal chilish plot if it weren't for some great sub-plots. The whole evil enchantress/fairytale storyline brings some of the most cringe-worthy moments including an awful performance by Charlie Weber as the Prince. Just watching him chase Paige around the manor and give his speeches of undying love made me queezy! Also, beyond bad is future One Tree Hill Bethany Joy Galeotti as Lady Julia. While Rose may have given a surprisingly good performance as the evil enchantress, the storyline is way too disney worthy and you just want the episode to end already.

    Yet at the a same time, we get 2 great sub-plots when Piper and Phoebe discuss the idea of having Paige live with them. It's well developed and well written with the writers bringing up some moral and surreal issues of why Paige should or shouldn't move in. Then there's the Shocker demon, who is a great villain, providing some nice action pieces and special effects. It's a shame and disappointing the writers didn't make these 2 sub-plots the A plot as it would have made for a darker and MUCH more interesting episode. All and All, "A Knight to Remember" is a medieval mess of an episode with bad performances and a terrible main plot.
  • Pardon My Paige

    Recently I just started re-watching season 4 and had forgotten how much better it was than 5-8. Back then I hated season 4 because of Prue dying, but it really is one of Charmed's best seasons.

    A Knight to Remember was an average, more or less boring episode. Fairy tale plots are almost never interesting (and cheesy looking) and it doesn't always mesh with the atmosphere the show was established in.

    Basically they're trying to speed walk Paige through the character development stages of season 1 + 2 Phoebe (young and inexperienced, evil past life; etc.) and they do this in this episode by bringing back Paige's past life as an evil enchantress who's forcing some random prince to marry her and yawn...can we have another Shocker demon faceoff? I liked electrically frying Phoebe rotisserie in mid-air, just kidding (half).

    What made this episode interesting was some of the sister relationship development. It's interesting to see the dynamics of Piper and Phoebe living in the Manor by themselves. They're still somewhat closer than they will become in later seasons. This episode also features a touching post opening travelogue where Piper sits in Prue's room and looks through some of her old belongings. She's still going through the mourning process and it's nice to see the writers didn't make her forget Prue after an episode or two, like certain people seem to have. *CoughPhoebeCough* (Prue Who?).

    For someone who was still somewhat going through the mourning process it just kinda seemed unrealistic for Piper to allow Paige to move into Prue's room (if it were up to me, Paige could move into Phoebe's room and have Phoebe move into the basement with the Woogy). In a cheesy but guiltily sweet ending to the episode; they end up vanquishing the Shocker Demon and, in Piper's words, "live happily ever after" followed by Phoebe's "yeah right." It's funny she says that because in Something Wicca this Way Comes, Piper's the one who kind of (and I paraphrase) "yeah rights" the girls when Prue encourages them to stick together.
  • Evil medieval

    Princesses? Fairy tale castles? All sounds horribly like "Once Upon a Time" to me. Thankfully, it's not.

    When Paige accidentally summons a knight from the twelfth century she comes face to face with her evil past life. It's the same concept used in "Pardon My Past", although it's handled very differently. The plot is well constructed but it's also rather cheesy and does little for the show's street cred. Previous jaunts to the past have been pretty good, with a lot of effort put into the sets and costumes, but this looks like the stage version of Shrek. I found the knight highly annoying and not the least bit funny, although the guest actor does well with some shoddy material.

    To be fair, the fairy tale plot takes up only part of the episode. The real story is that Paige decides to move into the Manor. I'm glad the writers took their time before doing this. I also like that they continue to drop in references to Prue. In most shows she'd have been forgotten the day after the funeral.

    Paige's in-betweener is well cool. Very much the 'boy-next-door' rather than the usual 'perfect teeth, perfect abs model-next-door'. Definitely the bloke for her. And what a sexy voice.

    The shocker demon was great fun - kind of like a supercharged Woogyman. Harks back to the days when demons were more than simply men dressed in black.

    It's good to see Leo being a bit more proactive these days. He's absolutely right - Paige and Piper do have to sort out their differences. And I loved the sword fight too. Brian must be so frustrated he doesn't get to do this kind of thing more often.
  • Ok but boring as it went along.

    Paige's favorite childhood fairy tale suddenly becomes real as she conjures up a medevial knight which also brings her face-to-face with a her own past life as an Evil Enchantress that she never knew. Phoebe and Piper go back in time and end up trapped in the Dark Ages, with Paige Leo decides to give out a helping hand too. This episode wasn't my favourite storyline there were much better storylines in Charmed and this one seemed to me quie boring and it was original, its just that it wasnt my type of Charmed.
  • An evil Paige & a Good Paige.

    I loved this episode.

    This time Paige comes face to face with an Evil Enchantress, from one of her past lives after summoning a Prince (who is under the Enchantress' spell) from the Medieval times who thinks that Paige the love of his life.

    I loved the end when they all went back into time, first Pheobe & Piper then Leo & Paige. Leo's fight scene was awesome and Piper's reaction to it was too funny.

    Finally, Paige moves into the manor with her sisters who are slowly accepting her as a sister witch and have finally welcomed her into their home, it's about time!
  • In this episode of charmed "A Kinght to Remember" the drama starts when Paige the youngest of the charmed sisters accidentally summons a knight from the medieval era, who is under the influence of an evil sorceress believes that paige is the love of his l

    In this episode of charmed "A Kinght to Remember" the drama starts when Paige the youngest of the charmed sisters accidentally summons a knight (guest star Charlie Weber) from the medieval era, who is under the influence of an evil sorceress believes that paige is the love of his life.

    While the knight is in the halliwell household the true love of his life "lady Julia" (guest star bethany joy lenz; one tree hill) is being held captive by the evil sorceress who the sisters believe to be paige in her last life as she looks exactly like paige (Rose McGowan)

    Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Brian Krause also star

    Originally aired 1 November 2001
  • A Knight to Dismember

    Wow, I didn't know the producers swapped the Charmed writers for writers of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch! This episode could have been really good, showing how talented Rose McGowan is. Sadly, the hour is struck down by the awful knight subplot.

    A Knight to Remember (oh, how original) has Paige accidentally summoning a medieval knight who has been put under a spell, believing Paige is the love of his life. Paige soon discovers that the spell was cast by an evil medieval sorceress, who is Paige's great ancestor.

    Charlie Weber was completely embarrassing as the laughable Prince. His love spell-induced obsession with Paige seems to drag on for ages and I couldn't wait until the entire episode ended. Rose McGowan gave an okay performance as the Evil Enchantress but her character just ends up being annoying. Same with the wet Lady Julia, played by Bethany Joy Lenz who went on to star in the awful One Tree Hill.

    It's a shame that this episode sucked so bad, as the previous episodes from season four were some of the best episodes in Charmed history. The writers should just abandon all the storylines involving fairytales, trolls, leprechauns and ridiculously bad actors in bad costumes. They all suck.
  • A Knight To Remember

    This episode was okay, just not one of my favorites.

    Paige is looking in the book of shadows for a fairy tale she invented as a child and accidentally conjures up a medieval prince who is under the spell of an evil enchantress. The enchantress looks just like Paige.

    At the end, Paige ends up moving in with Phoebe and Piper.
  • The Power of Three and the Freak in Chainmail

    The Power of Three and the Freak in Chainmail

    Main Storyline:
    Paige relives one of her childhood memories when she conjures up a Prince from the Medieval times, and comes face to face with the Evil Enchantress, one of her past lives. This was humorous, but even better was the move-in sub-plot (see below).


    1. Paige Moving In: Great storyline, really giving the viewers an idea of how Paige thought about her sister's wanting her to move in with them. Especially funny when Piper and Phoebe barged in on Paige'twice.
    2. Paige and Glen: Part of me wishes that Paige could be happy and find a true romance with Glen, but the other half of me wants her to dump this loser and move on with her life.

    This episode was a few of my favorite things thrown into one! Paige, Time Travel, Past Lives, and barging in on your sister while she's sleeping with someone. Wait, forget about that last one.

    Grade: B+

    Evil Enchantress: Paige's Past Life! She was pretty cool, though kinda cliche, if you know what I mean. Her voice sounded much different from Paige's, though she is still played by Rose McGowan.
    Shocker Demon: Pretty cool special effects. This spawned some great lines (Paige: This better be important. Phoebe: I can't use my blowdryer.) and gave Paige an excuse to move into the manor.
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