Season 4 Episode 6

A Knight to Remember

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2001 on The WB

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  • Dis-Enchanted

    A Knight To Remember-Paige accidentally summons a medieval knight, who believes Paige is the love of his life. However, the knight is under the influence of an evil sorceress. An episode nearly destroyed by an abysmal chilish plot if it weren't for some great sub-plots. The whole evil enchantress/fairytale storyline brings some of the most cringe-worthy moments including an awful performance by Charlie Weber as the Prince. Just watching him chase Paige around the manor and give his speeches of undying love made me queezy! Also, beyond bad is future One Tree Hill Bethany Joy Galeotti as Lady Julia. While Rose may have given a surprisingly good performance as the evil enchantress, the storyline is way too disney worthy and you just want the episode to end already.

    Yet at the a same time, we get 2 great sub-plots when Piper and Phoebe discuss the idea of having Paige live with them. It's well developed and well written with the writers bringing up some moral and surreal issues of why Paige should or shouldn't move in. Then there's the Shocker demon, who is a great villain, providing some nice action pieces and special effects. It's a shame and disappointing the writers didn't make these 2 sub-plots the A plot as it would have made for a darker and MUCH more interesting episode. All and All, "A Knight to Remember" is a medieval mess of an episode with bad performances and a terrible main plot.