Season 4 Episode 6

A Knight to Remember

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2001 on The WB

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  • The Knight of the Rose...

    Charmed crosses another fairy tale story with a past life of Paige's and gets mostly pleasing results.

    I generally like medieval stories, and I found this largely pretty entertaining. I didn't like that Paige acted self-centered to the forfeiture of intelligence for much of the episode. Her sisters are being attacked by a shocker demon, which they need her to get rid of, but she is too concerned with her own independence to help out. I love me some Paige, but self-centered decision making is pretty much a staple of her character. Sort of curious when you couple that with the fact that she is also selflessly courageous nearly to a fault. With the way she was acting, I was glad to see an accident create a magical mess for her, including a love-sick knight that follows her around like Dan used to slink after Piper. Of course, Paige was an evil sorceress in a former life or an alternate universe, whichever it is. It doesn't really matter, just follow along. And of course, Sorceress Paige has a plethora of cool powers. I thought Rose McGowan made an excellent evil sorceress; I especially liked when she threw Paige around a little.

    This episode ends with a run of good scenes, starting when Paige learns her lesson and gets the pep talk from Leo, the whitelighter of many pep talks. Paige then goes and faces off with her evil self while Leo gets a hand-to-hand combat scene that gets Piper excited. Haha... great stuff. This all leads to a very satisfying ending where Paige gets situated in the manor where she belongs. So, if all's well that ends well, then this is just fine.
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