Season 4 Episode 10

A Paige from the Past

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Paige is plagued with guilt over the death of her parents and goes back in time to find out why it happened. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Cole become possessed by lost spirits and go on a robbing spree.

After seeing a car accident, Paige is paralyzed with fear because her parents were killed in a car accident for which she thinks she is responsible. Leo calls on Clyde, the spirit who helps the living go back in time. Paige goes back in time to do the day her parents are killed. Although continuously reminded, Paige tries to change the past, including trying to convince her parents that they not go out that night driving. She relives the day, and sees just how bad of a teen-ager she was. She had told her parents that they are not her real parents (she is adopted). She tries to tell her parents that she isn't a bad kid, and that she loves them, but her parents see her for what she is then -- a smoking, class-cutting, troubled kid. Paige tries to tell them that she turns out OK, but her parents won't believe her. She leaves class early in an effort to protect her parents, and her parents are called in to speak to the principal, who suspends Paige. When they all leave the school, a semi hits their car; Paige orbs out, while the car goes up in flames, killing her parents. Leo explains to her that the accident was not her fault; it was their destiny. Just like the first time, there was nothing she could have done. And he helps her see that it was magic that saved her both times.

Cole is arrested for having a smashed headlight and no license. When the detective lets him go, the detective yells that he is sick of cleaning up after the sisters, and now Cole. Cole says he is sick of being stuck in the mansion with nothing to do. After saving an innocent from a burning car, he decides he wants to help the detective solve some of the cases, and get back into the good/evil game. When Paige is sent back in time, the spirit of Frankie, half of the jewelry-heisting duo, enters Cole. Cole goes on to rob a jewelry store with LuLu (Phoebe, who's possessed by the spirit of the other half of the stealing duo), shoots the guard, steals a wedding dress and then holds a priest at gunpoint to perform the wedding ceremony between him and LuLu. When the detective and Piper find the duo, Frankie turns a gun at the detective, forcing the detective to shoot in defense, wounding Cole. Leo brings Cole back to health.

Phoebe realizes that Cole gave up everything for her, and she can't even commit to marrying him. While she's possessed by LuLu, she ends up at the altar with Frankie. After the spirits have left, she agrees to marry Cole.

With Cole's help, Piper saves an innocent from a burning car. After Frankie tries to kill her, she goes to the detective for help, who finds out who they are. They go after LuLu and Frankie. She gets the detective to grab the surveillance tape and clean all the fingerprints from the jewelry store to ensure Phoebe and Cole's innocence. She realizes that the unfinished business that the two thieves have is not another robbery, but marriage. Finds the two at a church, stopping the ceremony. Insists that Phoebe and Cole not marry until after they vanquish the Source.

Leo calls on Clyde to help Paige deal with her past. He goes with Paige to guide her, and reminds her that she can't change the past.He saves Cole from death.

Paige goes back in time, realizing that magic saved her both times, and that there was nothing else she could have done to save her parents. Leo brings her parents to her in the present, and they tell her that they are with her every step of the way, and are very proud of her. Frankie is forced out of Cole when he is shot. When Piper realizes that Leo can't help save Cole since he can't hear her while he is back in time, she calls on Clyde to bring Leo and Paige back. After Leo saves Cole, Clyde takes LuLu and Frankie back with him.

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