Season 4 Episode 10

A Paige from the Past

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2002 on The WB

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  • Diamonds are a ghost's best friend

    Despite the name, this instalment is not all about Paige, it's actually two separate storylines, one focused on Paige and one on Phoebe.

    Paige's story sees her travel back to the day her parents died in a car crash. It tells us a lot about where she's come from and features some lovely acting from Rose, including some highly believable tears. Good as it is, though, it doesn't have the thrill of other time travel episodes, and that 'troubled teen' thing has been done before with both Prue and Phoebe. Given the air date (not long after September 11th), it's interesting that they chose to make Paige's father a fireman.

    Phoebe's story sees her and Cole possessed by the ghosts of a couple of lawbreakers from the fifties. I think it's supposed to be lighthearted but I actually found them rather sinister. As soon as I saw 'Lulu' steal the ring from the jewellers I knew how the episode was going to end. Didn't stop me enjoying the shotgun wedding though, and top marks to Alyssa and Julian for not overdoing the southern accents.

    This is a decent hour which avoids the demon plot / subplot rut. I particularly like the character combinations; Paige goes off with Leo while Piper and Darryl sort out Cole and Phoebe. If anything, there's too much action.

    Clyde. What was he about? And what was that ridiculous insult Leo came up with to summon him? Is that really the best our writer could manage?

    So Cole wants to be a cop now, does he? Nice idea, mate, but you defo need to work on that interview technique.