Season 4 Episode 10

A Paige from the Past

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2002 on The WB

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  • A Real Paige Turner

    A Paige From The Past-With Leo as her guide, Paige goes back in time to her teen years, in an attempt to resolve her feelings about the accident that killed her parents. Meanwhile, Piper must prevent ghosts, who have inhabited Phoebe's and Cole's bodies, from fulfilling their mission.

    One of the most surreal episodes from Charmed and featuring Rose McGowan's finest performance on the series to date, "A Paige From Past" centers around Charmed's newest sister and makes her story quite captivating. Unlike complete drivel that was "A Knight to Remember For Sucking", this is the first real indepth episode that Paige gets and it was well worth the wait. Rose is completely heartbreaking throughout as Paige must deal with the loss over her parents and her performance alone makes the story convincing. The journey to your past storyline worked well and Rose look surprisingly 8 years with her grudge clothes with the braces. All the guest stars are also wonderful with M. Scott Wilkinson and Lisa Darr who are incrediblly believeable as Paige's parents. You can just see all the concern and stress of parenthood they convey in their performances. Brian Kruase is also touching as Leo when he plays Paige's guide through her past. The scene where Paige breaks down after witnessing her parent's death again is powerful, especially Leo's words to her about how it was suppose to happen and it was her destiny. With such an excellent main storyline, it's no suprise that sub-plot failed to be even half as interesting. Cole and Phoebe being possessed by 50s southern bak robbers named Franky and Lulu was boring at best! It's only a sorry plot device used to get Phoebe to finally accept Cole's marriage proposal, but we knew she would say yes anyway. The episode ends with a moving conclusion as Paige reunites with her parents who reveal they have always been proud of her and have been watching her every step of the way. All and All, "A Paige From The Past" is a truly wonderful family drama not seen on Charmed in a while at that point and Rose finally feels like she belongs on the series.
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