Season 5 Episode 8

A Witch in Time

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on The WB

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  • Yeaah ok.

    While I see where Phoebe is coming from, the idea of letting someone die should be followed with a LOT of evidence. But her being all "It's all about Cole" is kinda crap to me. Cole gave you a warning and has done nothing else and yet you still condemn and blame him!

    I actually liked this episode, and enjoyed the ending. Probably longest boyfriend arc on this show besides Jack and Dan. 2 episodes!

    I mean I think it sucks an innocent had to do die, but when it's your time it is your time. And my god what was with the fourth vision. ALL she sees is Cole above her bed but she automatically decides he's there to kill.

    Can anyone really blame him for giving up?! (Sorry for the constant Cole rants. I guess you've all gotten what I do and don't like about the situation. Not long now though).

    I do agree that I'm surprised magic advanced so much but I guess writing spells takes minutes, and evil has probably been researching how to do this for years so I can see both arguments.

    "death wants him, death will get him" "says you" .. really Cole has done nothing murderous at all! God get over yourself.

    I thought it was very big of Cole to offer to protect the man the love of his life is shacking up with.

    While I've always liked Leo's pep talks I feel they all just changed their minds too suddenly. Like Phoebe at least had a look of realisation on her face, but Paige sat there miserable then all of a sudden was "oh but wait", to me it was just too sudden.

    Finally, for such smart bad guys, Bacarra was extremely stupid in not thinking their whitelighter would show up to orb them away. And if he was there from the start probably could've orbed all of them.
  • A hitch in time ...

    Hand sdown the worst episode of Charmed I have ever had the misfortune to see. Unwatchable would be an understatemement, I prefer to pretend it does not exist. The episode is plagued by plot-holes, not least being the fat that, had the warlock killed Phoebe in the past, it would cease to exist in that time period as Cole would have had no reason to send him bakc. Therefore, none of the events would have happened. Secondly, why is it so powerful, more powerful than the Source? The excuse of the 'future (uh ... 15 years in the future, to be exact) is ridiculous, seeing as magic has not evolved like that in thousands of years, not even in centuries, let alone 15 years. Bad could NEVER reach the Book of Shadows throughout history - why was a spell suddenly possible? (Spells using the most bizarre mumblings I have ever heard, sound This episode makes no sense and should therefore not be considered part of the canon. There is no way magic has evolved so much in 15 years. Think about 1. how slowly it evolved in the past. 2. How the future generations are weaker than the Charmed Ones (no power of three, diffused abilities between them), yet handle evil no bother. If magic had advanced as much as this, they would all have been killed. We know ths not to be the case. In short: terrible episode thta makes no sense. Don't watch.
  • A Witch in Time

    A Witch in Time was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. The story was engaging and intriguing with lots of action, drama and humor. There were many lessons learned and the sisters definitely seemed stronger by the end of this episode. I was very entertained and certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!!
  • A warlock walks through...

    Coming right at the heels of the great Sympathy for a Demon is another of Charmed's best. The main power of this episode is three fold: its bad guy, its creative plot, and its shocking conclusion.

    The bad is among the best we ever see on Charmed. We finally have another warlock, and we also finally have a warlock who not only absorbs powers but also uses spells! Imagine that! Bacarra is cooly played by James Brooks, and his plethora of spells and abilities enables him to do what every other demon and bad have been trying to do through 5 seasons: steal the BOS and kill a couple of the Charmed Ones. It is unfortunate that Cole and Bacarra only have one scene together. It is a great one. This is essentially the last episode where Cole is a good guy, though we are given a clear glimpse into the near future when Bacarra shows up. After that great scene with Bacarra, Cole is somewhat poorly used, but his invincibility could have ruined the conclusion so he is effectively removed from the action.

    This is a dark episode highlighted by Bacarra removing the heart of a living witch. Sure, its a repeat of a scene from That Old Black Magic, but it was a darker scene whereas that one was heavy on parody. Strangely, the identical spell as used in that episode requires two less hearts this time around. I guess that is better than in Season 7, when Zankou needs NO hearts to make it work. Once again the sisters are overcome with despair after losing the book and talked off the ledge by He of Many Speeches, Leo. Too bad that scene was then made useless as Bacarra and his present self overcome the COs in about 3 seconds flat. Paige getting incinerated is one of the most shocking moments in Charmed. Pretty difficult for the show to still stun me into a 5th season, but that did. Piper and Leo's quest to go back in time to save Paige and Phoebe is actually a foreshadowing of Forever Charmed. The entire conclusion is brilliant and concisely done. Ultimately, the bad is never vanquished and the innocent ends up dying. Great episode with just a few hiccups.
  • Time After Time

    A Witch In Time-When Phoebe must constantly save the life of her new boyfriend, a warlock shows up from the future, claiming that future Cole sent him in order to kill the boyfriend before Phoebe dies instead. However, present Cole cannot allow this and tries to help the sisters protect Miles, but when the warlock decides to work on his own agenda, by stealing the Book of Shadows, it results in the death of two of the Halliwell sisters. The survivor must decide whether going back to change the past is the right thing to do.

    The past 2 episodes and this one are definately what Season 5 should have been all along: dark episodes with meaty storylines and some decent character development. "A Witch In Time" is so refreshing considering you can tell the writers were putting a lot of thought into the plot. There's some great storytelling elements and each plot development is better than the last. Every plot point just seemed to come together so well: Phoebe's premonitions, Cole's involvement, the Angel of Death, even Miles' introduction last episode had some sort of a payoff. I gotta say I loved Bacara! He's probably my favorite villain after Shax and The Source. He's certainly one of the most powerful warlocks the sisters have ever faced and I loved his cool warlock dialect when he would say his spells. Once again, the stakes are high and it actually feels like the sisters have no chance of winning. It all leads to a shocking sequence where Paige and Phoebe are turned to ashes. You'd thinkwatching the sisters die at this point would become tiresome but thanks to somegreat direction and acting by Holly and Brian, it was a worthy "holy sh!t" moment!

    The only weak aspects was the slightly far fetched period between the present and Bacara's future. 6 months? Maybe a year or two would have been more believeable considering Bacara's future seemd too advanced for just a couple of months. Then there's Phoebe's Cole bashing again, at this point everythime his name is mentioned, she turns into an uncontrollable b!tch. I'm almost praying Cole throws an energy ball right in her mouth. The episode concludes with an intense pace and I love brief scene between the two Pipers. Holly's comedic timing was perfect and it's genuinely heart-breaking watching Phoebe cry over Miles. All and All, a wonderful surprise from Season 5, a rare episode with great action, nice tension, dark moments and a strong story.
  • A Date with Death

    One of the best episodes in the show's run, ''A Witch in Time'' is a self-contained story that just keeps on building and building until your jaw is on the floor and Phoebe and Paige are piles of dust. Chin up! It's an episode that begins as your average supernatural outing, but as soon as future-Bacarra recruits present-Bacarra to kill the Charmed Ones the hour truly takes off. Bacarra is one of the more interesting villains on the show, with spells and incantations that can reverse or completely nullify any attack from our three leading ladies. When he incinerates Paige and then Phoebe as a consequence of protecting Miles, it's a real WTF moment, and once again reinforces the on-running theme of the inevitability of death when the head honcho, the Angel of Death himself, is involved. Overall, it's a solid hour, complete with some neat action scenes, snappy dialogue and none of that whimsy we're so used to from this series. It would seem season 5 aint all bad!
  • Déjà vu all over again, all over again

    Warlocks, time travel, tampering with fate. This episode is a very clever take on a number of old themes. With her powers now on supercharge, Phoebe gets one premonition after another of her new boyfriend dying and she is forced to save him again and again.

    At the same time, Cole receives a visit from a future warlock warning him Phoebe will die unless she stops trying to keep the boyfriend alive. Turns out the Angel of Death has him earmarked for termination. Nice writing! The scene where Cole meets Bacarra is awesome. Both Julian and guest actor Jason Brooks are superb and you can almost taste the mistrust.

    I thought the warlock Bacarra was one of the best baddies the sisters have faced. He used his powers very wisely and I loved his spellwork. Not enough baddies use spells. Seeing his present and future selves together was very cool and I thought the two actors worked well together (not to mention could have been separated at birth). Seeing Paige and Phoebe reduced to ash came as a total shock. Not the even the Source managed that! Of course, Bacarra did the one thing you never do when trying to kill your last victim - hold fire and start talking to them - they always get away.

    The scenes with the two Pipers were wonderfully done although I can't help wondering where future Piper was the first time round. It would have been nice to see the Angel of Death too but I guess the actor wasn't available. We also have an intriguing peek into Cole's future.

    The whole episode has a dark inevitability about it which we haven't seen for a long time. I'm glad they went through with the sad ending. Much as I love the Charmed Ones, it is reassuring to know they don't always win.
  • Whoa! One of the best episodes in Charmed story... And I have to confess that Bacara has been my first demon/warlock ever! A wonderful episode with a great story and a remarkable acting.

    Well, I am glad to see this episode over and over. It's so intense and the story is so original, in fact this episode best thing is the story: Phoebe wanting a new love and feeling connecting, Miles destined to die, Bacara coming back and changing his plans... And what about that final! Xd
    It was an hour of action and it was a great episode.

    I loved Piper acting and I have to say that Alyssa was great too (And that is a beginning coz I am not such Alyssa fan) The scenes were great. The beginning was original seeing them all there. Besides the camera work (a good one I may add) helped a lot to make this episode brilliant. What about the warlock!? It is my fave one in the whole show. He was intelligent and the made the spell just when they came. It was great seeing a good warlock there.

    Anyway you gotta see this episode coz it's really amazing. And the way the did it was brilliant
  • One of season 5s best.

    Phoebe hasn't had a date for a while until she meets Miles but then she gets a vision of her new boyfriend, dying in a shoot out, leading her and Piper to save Miles from this fate. Unknown to them, it was Miles time to die and saving him causes a time ripple to open, which Bacarra, a warlock from the future under Cole's command, uses to travel into his past. Bacarra reveals to Cole that unless Miles dies, it will eventually lead to Phoebe's death while she continues to try to save Miles from his fate. After Cole refuses to kill Miles and Bacarra's attempt fails, Bacarra uses his magic and current self to steal the Book of Shadows and kill Phoebe and Paige. Only Piper is left to find and use the time ripple in order to put history back on the right track.
  • Unforgettable


    This episode supprised me I expected this episode to be like Final Destination, which it did seem like nearer the start, however I was totally wrong and found this episode especially good.

    Phoebe's recent boyfriend Miles is destined to die, but Phoebe keeps saving him from death, untill they both die. As a result Cole sends a Warlock back to the past to kill Miles before Phoebe dies too, unforuntaley the guy/evil being has other plans, such as destroying the power of three! See if he succeeds in doing this.

    A must watch

    The end result isn't a result anyone would plan for!
  • Please Be Kind, Rewind

    An episode which appeared at the beginning to be more-or-less a remake of various storylines we've seen before turns out to be an original (ish) hour which features a real dilemma for the sisters.

    A Witch in Time sees Phoebe continually having to save her new boyfriend Miles from various near-death situations: demon attacks, shootings and uh... falling balconies. A warlock arrives from the future and tells Cole that future-Cole sent him back to the past to kill Miles as if Phoebe keeps on protecting him, Phoebe will end up dead herself. When the warlock kills Phoebe and Paige, it's up to Piper to make a choice over Miles' death.

    It's been so long since we've seen an episode where the sisters are forced to make a very depressing decision and it was good of the writers to not have this episode end with Miles living. I was happy that Piper was the sister left behind and it was interesting watching her make her decision about what she must do. Her mourning over her sister's death was also believable, something which seemed to of vanished since Prue died. Now, whenever a sister dies, they're usually sad for around 30 seconds before getting all happy again.

    I thought that Phoebe and Paige were killed a little too easily but it did make for a thrilling final act. A Witch in Time is a good mix of various other Charmed episodes as well as various movies like The Terminator. All in all, it's an excellent episode.
  • a nice example of Charmed where it's all about timing!

    a nice episode with a nice plot. Phoebe tries to save a man from the Angel of Death but is also in love with this man.

    So Phoebe doesn't believe that it might be his faith to die. Cole warns the sisters that it might cause Phoebe's death but Phoebe refuses to listen to him. So she continues to protect him.

    In the meantime another demon Barabas has a plan to use his present self (he's from the future) to gain the Book of Shadows. He gets some of Piper's blood which he drinks and manages to get the book of shadows. A little while later when all three sisters are in the attic, they attack and Paige and Phoebe are blown into pieces. Piper is devestated but Leo says it can all be time if they find the time vortex which Barabas also used. They find it and Piper goes back into time to warn her past self. And it all turns out okay when Phoebe doesn't manage to save him now and he dies....

    Even though they lost a innocent, it all turned out okay... :)
  • The One With Two Pipers! Could you get any better?

    I have to say that this is one of my all-time favourite Charmed episodes! I have no idea it's just very clever and really stood out.

    Holly shone out in this episode although the episode was mainly focused around Phoebe (and Miles).

    In the episode Phoebe has a preminition of her new "rebound" boyfriend miles being shot. She saves him but while kissing him has another premonition of him getting killed. The episode goes on and a demon from the future comes back who kills Phoebe and Paige(I was shocked when that happened) as they keep saving Miles who is destined to die. Piper manages to find the time loop where the demon came through. She goes back through it and talks to herself (very clever FX). Past Piper comes up with a plan which will stop Phoebe from saving Miles getting shot.

    All in All. A very underrated but brilliant episode.