Season 5 Episode 1

A Witch's Tail (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2002 on The WB

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  • A Witch's Tail part 1

    A Witch's Tail part 1 was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and guest star Jaime Pressley was superb in her role. It was interesting to see a Charmed version of the Little Mermaid, but with a darker twist. I was excited and surprised when Cole returned as Phoebe was petitioning for a divorce. His powers are intriguing and I hope to learn more soon about how and why he's back and where his power comes from. I was shocked that Leo could be so easily held by the Sea Hag's power. Mylie the mermaid has hope in the end but Phoebe takes a liking to her new found freedom in the sea and dives deeper leaving every one to worry. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Season 5 starts with a belly flop...

    So, we have another 2 part season premiere, but Charmed Again this is NOT. Yes, mermaids, but I hardly see how people can complain about Season 5 as if the mythical creature box wasn't opened up all the way back to the Wendigo.

    There is actually a lot of snappy dialogue in this episode. Great lines include Leo asking- "Why am I standing in the ocean?" "Because Phoebe is a mermaid." "Oh, that explains it." And the perhaps more classic, "Who are you people?" "Witch, angel, mermaid." Great stuff.

    There is also an excellent guest actress in Jaime Pressley, always a welcome addition, and I really dig the layering of bad guys with the Sea Hag being the prime antagonist in this episode but having the bigger and badder Necrom behind her. Lastly, there clearly was some money spent on this episode, and the result shows: very good effects and grander sets including outside.

    Besides the always reliable acting of Holly and the quirkiness of Paige, those above listed things are about all that is right in this episode. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that are wrong.

    Leo describes Patti as "careless" and "thought she was invincible." We have met Patti a couple times now. Anyone else think either of these lines apply to her?

    The Sea Hag is nothing like the water demon that killed Patti. Why would Piper be afraid of it? And Piper has never showed any emotional hang ups from her mother's death before.

    Paige never asked her sisters how their mother died? Come on. That is ludicrous. Phoebe and Cole were legally married, thus requiring a divorce? That is hard to believe. Cole Turner was a wanted man at the time, besides being the Source. Phoebe has also passed through the 6 stages of grief in record time, not to mention the 15 minutes of fame. This is all just a little too soon after the supposed heartbreak of Long Live the Queen.

    On the other hand, despite everything Cole has done for her, it is understandable that Phoebe would have moved on and be scared to death of Cole coming back into her life. All the reviewers seem to have missed the big detail that Cole's blood burned like acid. This is basically a foreshadowing, or a reminder, that though Cole is trying to be good, and is currently a sympathetic character, there is still something fundamentally wrong with him and it is only a matter of time before things begin to go sideways once again.

    Paige has red hair and there is a little more meat on her bones. Otherwise, she is the lone sister who has remained about the same as we left her. Overall, that is the ultimate problem with this episode. There is just too much change in too little time. So, Piper is suddenly gutless and Phoebe hates Cole. Maybe a stronger rehash of The Little Mermaid could have saved this episode, but in this case, it didn't.
  • Something Fishy This Way Comes

    A Witch's Tail (1)-Piper, Phoebe and Paige come to the aid of Mylie, a Mermaid-turned-human, when she shows up looking for their help after a pact she made with an evil Sea Hag begins to go drastically wrong. Meanwhile, Phoebe attempts to divorce Cole, until he shows up claiming to want her back, Paige, attempts to juggle her new position as a full fledged Social Worker, as well as being a Charmed One, and Piper must protect her unborn baby, and face her fear of the water demon. Mermainds! Now you wonder why I didn't want to review Seasons 5-8. Well, I guess it could be worse besides, the show obviously got a hugh budget boost during the 5th season. The sets look larger, the film looks brighter, the SFX looks better than usual and Paige's hair is red!! Anyway, the mermaid plot is actually pretty decent at the beginning. Millie (played surprisingly decent by Jamie Pressly) and her dilemma with Craig seems to be the only decent amount of drama during this episode. The whole Cole/Phoebe arc seriously picked during the last half of Season 4 because it seems the writers didn't know what else to do with him. How else do you explain Phoebe suddenly hating Cole and wanting nothing to do with him. Since when was Cole responsible for becoming the Source and turning Phoebe evil? As I recall, he was a victim of possession and he was killed because it was the only way to destory the Source. But whatever works...right? *eye roll*

    Piper's sudden phobia over demon conflict is also the other decent part of the episode. Holly is always spot on and it makes you wonder what is going to make Piper run in fear. Like I said, the episode has some great special effects and while the Sea Hag isn't much of a villain, her powers look great and Necrom also looks physical awesome. But a las, the writers had to stretch this out into two parts and while Part 1 makes for an overall average "demon of the week" episode, but Part 2.....ehw!
  • Mermaids, divorces and fears are all par for the course in this season opener.

    Phoebe wants to divorce Cole but realises that it isn't going to be as easy as she first thought. Meanwhile, a misplaced mermaid who had the misfortune to make a deal with an evil sea hag turns up and wants help. On top of all this, Piper fears for her unborn baby and there just seems to be one thing happening after another.

    As a season opener, this episode wasn't very strong. There just seemed to be too many sub plots for it to hold together properly. A focus on one or two points would have been better than having so much taking place, particularly for any new fan watching for the first time. It was good, but not brilliant. Could have been much better.
  • Sink or Swim...

    I often ask myself a very serious question with regards to this show: would I watch Charmed if Holly Marie Combs wasn't in it? Probably not. (At least from season 5 onwards...)

    I dig Paige and think Phoebe is a very underrated character, but this episode does them absolutely NO favours. They come across as selfish brats. Annoying, selfish brats.

    As for the fishy main plot, it's only somewhat redeemed by Piper's very real reaction to vanquishing a sea hag. It's the kind of demon that killed her mother, and it's something that'll resonate with long term viewers who saw the very solid episode 'P3H2O'. It tethers this episode down and is the only grownup storyline within this ridiculous plot.

    Visually, the episode is a bit all over the place: the hag has some interesting powers - the water FX look superb and her suspended animation ability looked very cool. But the split-screen conversations and cheesy transitions gave off too much of a sit-com-y feel for my liking.

    The Phoebe/Cole storyline is a bit murky at this stage in the game. It becomes even more muddled in part 2, making Phoebe come off as the lesser person. As for the 'cliff-hanger,' I wouldn't hold your breath...
  • I love the charmed one's

    Well i havent seen the all episode but i think when we're talkin' about the charmed one's it will be fantastic.
    I love this kinda of stuff so when they talk about mitologis beings like mermaids i think it will be great.I hope to see it as fast as i can but it seems like i have to wait to write till i can see it.I also like when Cole appears he gives a very interesting way to the thing and obviously he's very beautiful i fell sorry of the end of charmed and it would be great if they had another sere like this
  • Something fishy this way comes

    In a season with more than its fair share of magical creatures, I guess we could have done worse than mermaids. As a theme it's alright but this is no more a season opener than "Witch Way Now?" was a season finale.

    The real problem is the weak storyline. Take away the flippers and it's just another 'save the innocent' episode. The story takes an age to reach a very predictable conclusion and the ending is far too soppy. How much better would it have been if the mermaid had turned out evil?

    It's not a vintage performance by any of the cast and the guest actors range from average (Mylie and Craig) to downright awful (Necron's messenger). The one exception is Diane Salinger, who does a great job as the sea hag.

    On the bright side, this episode features some of the best special effects ever seen on the show. The way the sea hag dissolves in the car park is superb and Cole's freezing of the bullets likewise. I only wish they'd put the same person in charge of the set; the undersea cavern is less than convincing and what on earth was that seaweed thing that choked Paige?

    The sub plots just about keep the episode afloat (pun fully intended). Leo is building a nursery and Piper is so worried about the safety of her child she's getting panic attacks. Meanwhile, Cole is desperate to win Phoebe back and Phoebe is desperate to get shot of him. Both these themes take centre stage in part two.

    The direction is unusual this week, with lots of panning in and funny angles. I also counted the word 'honey' six times in the opening scene.

    Brian Krause looks particularly hunky this week. Must be the handyman outfit. I think my heating needs fixing....
  • Whoa, it's simply perfect! They could not have done something better than this! If you don't believe just read it...

    I think that some people hate the idea of the marmaid theme (Anyway, I liked it) but you have to see the whole episode to understand that is a great episode despite the marmaid.

    First, the three stories of the sisters were perfect and very real! I don't know how to exlain but this episode has a perfect way to get all the stories and make them all play together as a single one:

    Piper realized what happen to her mother and they needed a water demon, so they think about the sea creatures, they want a way to make Phoebe free and they think of the sea. I think it is a great story all together. I just cannot explain what I mean! It's like they are stories at once, not stories that are not together about the sister lifes individually.

    As season opener, was my favorite too, because was the first one I saw (I've been watching Charmed from the very beginnig, but the trasmition in my country was not a serious thing and the adverstesment was awful) The first scene was so great: The demon appear suddenly, Piper blow him up, and the toy's head becoming, you know, little!!! XD It was a good scene. As it works perfectly as season opener, despite the fact that the first time I saw it, I didn't like the episode... You have to see it better to understand the wonderful episode it is!

    The effects are great! The scene in the living room when Piper has the panic attack is lovely, and the effects are amazing. The effects in the final are great aswell.

    Do you still think is a bad episode? Then let me tell you about the off-screen job: Sets and acting and camera job...
    The set work was awesome in this episode, Charmed usually has not special sets where film special scenes! Here we have the big and original cavern, and the water pool thing that was just plain COOL! I loved it! Besides, they filmed in the beach some scenes and that makes the episode be a good one too (Usually, We don't see exterior scenes like this in Charmed) The acting was amazing too. Piper is so a great actress, I loved the scene when Paige tell her about the water demon and she says "We know how he kill, he killed mum". Alysa was good in this one too, I usally don't like her acting because she never cries but here we saw her crying! And she was good too. Paige was, let's say, strange! XD She usually is more natural, anyway she did it great too. Last but not least, the photography in the episode was totally remarkable! The scene in the outside when we see that is gonna start raining and then we see Mayly (I don't know her name right now!) was a cool photography effect and the storm going away above the manor after Piper attacks is lovely! The camera was 10 in the episode, the most notable scene was the attic scene Phoebe-Paige, and the cavern fight when Phoebe go out of the water and throw the alga shell! another exemple is the spot of water falling into the marmaid leg.

    So, a great individual episode. Anyway, I think it is not a two hours episode, the change is clearly visible! PERFECT
  • Phoebe: witch or mermaid

    This is the first episode of a two parter. I thought that this episode would have made a better mid season appearance rather than the premiere. I found it rather dull in what I have come to love and respect from charmed. I also have to comment on Paiges hair. I am glad I am not a witch when that can happen.
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    In this first half of a two-part season premiere,the Charmed ones are finally trying to relax and lead semi-normal lives after the dark events of last season.However,as is typical on this series,the normalcy is not to last. Phoebe is contacted by a mermaid as she is coming out of work.The mermaid needs the help of the Charmed ones to escape from an evil sea hag who wants her immortality.In order to help her,they must get her human lover,Craig,to confess his love for her and make her human permanently.Meanwhile,Piper has developed a sudden paralyzing fear of battles and Phoebe's life is disrrupted by the reappearance of Cole.Cole claims to be good now and starts doing good deeds to try and prove that to Phoebe and the others.By the end of the episode,the Charmed ones have saved the mermaid from death and defeated the sea hag.However,Phoebe who is now a mermaid as the result of a spell and insists that she wants to be one permanently.The episode ends in a cliff-hanger with Phoebe gone and Piper still crippled by her fears. This episode along with part two is one of my all-time favorite Charmed episodes.The writing is good,the actors do spelndidly,and the episode opens up many good storylines for the rest of the season.Cole's reappearance is a real blessing in my opinion as he is one of the greatest characters the show has ever had.His and Phoebe's relationship(or lack thereof) plays out excellently in this episode and they have some of the greatest chemistry of any two characters,couple or otherwise. The effects in this episode were very well-executed for this show.The shots of the storm were spectacular as were
    the effects of the sea hag appearing out of the puddle and the water layer appearing over Paige. The only major thing in this episode that bothered me was the Piper storyline.Piper's fear issues were a bit annoying.I found them to be a real down-side to the story.They came off a bit to overdramatic for my tastes and I didn't really think it likely that after all she had been through that she would get quite that flustered all of a sudden. Overall,though this is an excellent episode and definitely a great example of why Charmed is such an entertaining show.
  • A mermaid comes to the Charmed ones for help because she's in love with a mortal and has made a pact with a sea-hag.

    This was the starting episode of a long-line of fairy-tale episodes that make up season five. It did have it's interesting parts. Piper is suddenly over-come with fear about fighting the sea-hag, because she realizes that she doesn't want to end up like her mother (who was killed by a water demon). Phoebe tries to get her divorce final from Cole, before he finds a way back from the demonic wasteland. Paige gets a new hairdo. I actually liked it. I thought it was cute and fit her style more. As demons go, Necron was actually a really creepy demon. In the end, Phoebe tries so hard to escape Cole that it gets her turned into a mermaid. I actually liked this episode. It's pretty good.
  • Phoebe mermaid huu ???

    Since the Source was defeated, Phoebe's job as an advice columnist has gotten her a great deal of notoriety around town, Piper and Leo prepare for their future baby and Paige has thrown herself in demon hunting. The girls soon find themselves having to help Mylie, a mermaid that tries to find true love by pledging her immortally to the Sea Hag, which she will lose if she can't get her mortal boyfriend to proclaim his love for her. Unknown to all the Sea Hag has promised Nercon, a skeletal demon, Mylie's immortally in return for sparing her life. As Phoebe tries to get a quick divorce, but Cole resurfaces from the Demonic Wasteland and wishes to prove that he is no longer evil in order to win back Phoebe. Piper begins to suffer from panic attacks when danger arises and wants to just get Mylie's boyfriend to confess his love for her instead of battling the Sea Hag. When this fails, Paige creates a spell to discover the Sea Hag's secret hide-a-way, that turns Phoebe into a mermaid.
  • Disney

    I liked the idea that this episode was based on Walt Disney's: 'The Little Mermaid' the characters were very similiar to the characters in 'The Little Mermaid' such as: The Sea Hag, who was very much alike to Ursela. The begining of this episode was quite fast moving, which was good. The Piper storyline was quite un original and seemed to be used frequently to fill in the storyline.

    However this half of the episode featured fantastic special effects and a number of supprises, to keep the viewer interested into watching the second half.
  • Of how the Charmed writers screwed up a great storyline (Vol. 1835)

    As you can see on the summary, I have come to see this episode as a very good chance to be creative, that went down the gutter. I also consider this episode as the beggining of the decadence of what I look to as my personal favorite show.

    The mermaids are something that has always amazed me (probably because I have had a crush on The Little Mermaid's Ariel since the moment I saw that movie for the first time), but that, personally dissapointing for me, has never been portrayed in a way that takes these beings out of their own clichéd personality, always portraying them as silly, weak, helpless and oftenly not to far away from being inmoral and innapropiate.

    Charmed, was not an exception in this particular flaw.

    Mylie was a woman who was willing to give up her inmortality on behalf of her love, a human man who (according to her own fears) wouldn't have understood her nature, and the reason of her white-lying.

    Although Mylie's story was a badly performed blatant rip-off of my Disney favorite mentioned above, I still didn't hate it. The sea's hag was a very good demon-ish being, and Necron was a little intimidating (which is rare in the demons of Charmed).

    Apart from the main plot of this episode, the Phoebe-Cole sub-plot also reestarts. Again. And guess what? It's just as interesting as it was when it began. Meaning, that it is BORING. This storyline should have been vanquished for eternity (along with Cole) in "Be Careful What You Wish For", but that paticular wish, was not granted to the sane charmed viewers, making the first half of one of the worst seasons of Charmed, an absolute dissapointment. At least, the demise of the storyline in "Centennial Charmed" was a very good way from the wqriters to redeem themselves of a horribly written and developed storyline.

    Overall, this episode is very average, abd not very clever, even when it had the potential to be a good installment.
    I am very soft-handed when it comes to rating episodes (specially Charmed episodes), so, despite of being dissapointing, I give it 7.5 out of 10.
  • Love is the game and sometimes it really hurts.

    So here we are: the fifth season premiere. I did enjoy the season as a whole and this was a really good opening for the season. From the start you know that the season will have some very weird episodes featuring mythological creatures. The first in the season is the mermaid. I liked the first part but the second part held more of my interest.

    We start out, from what i gather, a few months from the ending of last season. Alyssa milano is sporting a wonderful new hairdo and she is looking great. Holly is also looking fantastic, Brian the same as always. Apparently phoebes little column has blown up to be really famous. I always had a problem with this plotline, but I went along with it. I didnt have a problem with the famous column as much as the swamped at work plotline. In any event Leo is hovering over piper like a glass egg. I really dont like what leo is saying. He got on my nerves in like the first five minutes of the episode. He wants her to calm down and stop fighting evil, yeah ok. Piper tells him to zip it. Paige orbs in followed by a demon whom piper blows up. Roses new hairdo took some time for me to get attached to, at first i didnt like but it grew on me. and annoying word count: the word honey had to be used like 100 times in the first 5 minutes of this episode, writers vary your words. We then shoot over to some cavern where we meet our innocent and the big bad, well one of them anyway.

    I really enjoyed the use of love in the premiere. It was like a curse for mylie the mermaid and phoebe. mylie needed a confession of love, which does some needy but her life was on the line, and since she didnt deliver she must die. she flees to get the confession and we see a fin. Its not a good shot but it actually does look good later on.

    We get some background information about how leo was a stalker when piper was younger. seriously its creepy to think about that,eww. anyway leo gets on pipers case again, shut up leo. the viewers and i are suppose to believe grams wouldnt finish the picture book. I didnt buy that at all but the writer needed something to push her issue of the week along. back to the cavern where an annoying little demon zips onto the screen. this demon is so annoying i had a hard time listening to the conversation going on. a bigger bad wants immortal life but the sea hag has been failing and threats are made. Its actually a really good plot if you get around the annoying demon. so anyway the hag casts a very cool spell to change sunny San Francisco into rainy and dreary. I dont know if it was an actually a storm or a cgi storm, probably the latter, it was a good effect. mylie meets her boyfriend, goodlooking although he probably would never admit love to anyone other than to get the person into bed. she needs his confession but she flakes when a water drop hits her leg and some scales appear. rain pours over the cafe and mylie is guided by the "light" from the sky, yep thats right the light from the elders im guessing onto a picture of phoebe.

    pointless scene where paige gets her undeserved promotion. who the hell is running this place? she is like the least deserving person and she should have been fired like in the middle of season four.but this little scene gets trashed in about 50 minutes. another pointless scene to fill us in on the fact that phoebe has pushed her divorce through and will be final in about an hour. in the car garage mylie comes to phoebe but she doesnt believe her until a car splashes a puddle onto her. she goes full mermaid and the hag comes. i have to give credit to the effects dpt. the "watering in" effect was very nice and new for the show. phoebe flees and the hag is pissed.

    bickering at the manor occurs when all three girls discuss the problem at hand. phoebe is too involved with her divorce, uh whatever. piper isnt in the battle mood because of leo, way to go genious. and paige is concerned about her promotion but also about the mermaid. im totally siding with paige on the issue at hand. in any event paige sends phoebe to deal with her divorce while paige learns who killed her mother. it should have been a bit more touching instead it came off as a random drive by.

    phoebe is about to sign the papers when cole turns up and phoebe just wants to kill him. I would too. he can get a bit annoying. cole turns darryl into a water cooler. i totally loved that, im all for the darryl and leo abuse( that happens later).phoebe slashes coles hand and he apparently got a healing power in the wasteland. they shouldnt of used the same sound and effect for the demon. i was cheering when she slashed him and then his blood bubbles, totally creepy and weird but cool. back at the manor piper has a panic attack and paige gets encased in a water pillar. again i am giving credit to fabulous effects. the water ball was great and so was that water pillar. they lose mylie.

    more bickering occurs due to the aftermath of pipers panic attack and the lose of mylie. paige and phoebe go to work on a spell while piper gets some rest. we see necron and wow is he freaky. he kills the annoying demon, hooray. bakc at the manor phoebe destroys paiges cell phone and fills her in on the demon exhusband being back. they cast the spell, which was also good, and phoebe falls and turns into a mermaid. i totally loved alyssa as the mermaid,lol.

    they orb into the ocean where baby talk ensues. Its cute at first but it gets really annoying. alyssa milano does have a habit at turning on the baby talk but it usually goes away after one line but not this was funny at first but whatever. piper has another panic attack and exits the orb while paige and leo help mylie. paige gets hit with seeweed, what the hell was that? and leo gets hit with the water pillar, hooray. phoebe flies out of the water and throws the sea shell into the hag, she dies and mylie gets her love confession. all is well or is it? phoebe decides she rather stay a mermaid and be free. i would have to agree, being able to swim all day would be great, but not when your a charmed one.
  • The Charmed Ones help a mermaid complete her quest for love and avoid the clutches of an evil sea witch that is out to take her immortal soul. Meanwhile, they all deal with life changes-Phoebe\'s new fame, Paige\'s job issues and Piper\'s pregnancy.

    This episode was a great season opener. The sisters all must find their footing in their roles in life. Phoebe struggles to handle her new fame as a columnist for the Bay Mirror, and find a way out of her disastrous marriage to Cole. Paige is having trouble coping with a promotion to social worker and finding time to handle her witchly duties at the same time. Piper and Leo are overjoyed about their expectant little one, but Piper is experiencing big fear that her baby will be harmed by her Charmed tasks. Despite all this, they have to step into their mystical shoes to save (of all things) a mermaid. The story makes for an interesting blend between the natural and supernatural aspects of the sisters lives, and makes them human and heroine in the same breath. It\'s this kind of quirky writing that makes a surreal subject like witchcraft so realistic to the show\'s fan base.
  • While Piper and Leo get ready for their baby, Paige is going demon crazy and Phoebe is becoming a workaholic. A mermaid Miley fights for her love for a mortal against the Sea Hag. Cole returns from the demonic wasteland and wants Phoebe back.

    While this is a very exciting series premiere, there is one thing that has been bothering me. In this episode Piper and Leo say that the reason they know how the Sea Hag kills because she killed their mother, this, however, is not true. In the episode, P3 H2O, the sisters must fight the water demon. According to the sisters and Sam and Phoebe\'s premonition, this is the demon that drowned their mother while she was trying to vanquish it and Sam distracted her. So there is really no reason for Piper to be afraid of the Sea Hag and there is no way that the sisters could have known how she killed. Other than that mistake I like how Cole returns and how Piper\'s baby heals her for the first time.
  • Season 5 premiere- Phoebe's a mermaid, Paige has dyed her hair red, Piper is having fear problems, etc... A fine start to an average season.

    This episode was a very good premiere, starting off Charmed's new home on The WB- Sundays at 8pm. I remember this episode breaking record ratings for a Sunday and I thought it was great.

    Paige's hair was OK in the episode but I still preferred it black.

    Piper's storyline was interesting- she had to overcome her fears.

    Phoebe was just in the center of attention, being a mermaid- I thought her mermaid costume was great.

    LOL at Cole turning Darryl into that water thing. Haha.

    Overall, the episode was exciting and interesting and a good start to an average season 5.

    Grade- B+.
  • Kinda cool... I liked it!

    The fact that mermaids where \"lost lovers\" was exactly concording with Phoebe\'s emotion at this moment so I think they\'ve made a great script there... I also think that Piper\'s emotions a this moment were greatly interpreted and that her \"fearless side\" made great excitements in these episodes (parts 1 and 2)
  • Stinky Fish Guts

    Mermaids. Yes, mermaids. Why did the writers think this was a good storyline for the season premiere? After the dark drama of the last couple of episodes of season four, I expected season five to continue that trend but, obviously, Brad Kern just couldn't resist getting out that silly-pen could he?!?!?!?!

    The first part of A Witch's Tail (har har har) has the sisters protecting Mylie, a half-human, half-mermaid woman who is being hunted down by the evil Sea Hag. Mylie wants to get together with her on again/off again boyfriend Craig but can't with the Sea Hag wanting to turn her into a mermaid forever.

    There are dozens of subplots in this one, mostly all garbage. Phoebe has now (in the space of only a few months) become a big celebrity with her advice column and her head is now standing over the city on a giant billboard. Cole's back and Phoebe wants to divorce him. Cole doesn't (surprise surprise) and turns Darryl into a water cooler (yes, you heard that correctly). Piper tries to deal with her pregnancy and Paige has dyed her hair all red. Jamie Pressly gives a good performance as Mylie and the special effects in this episode are surprisingly good. The Sea Hag was also a good bad girl and I liked her weird, clammy, life-sucking thing that she used on Mylie.

    The only down point of this episode is that Phoebe is turned into a mermaid herself. It would have been tolerable if this was just a one-hour episode but they've decided to drag this story out for two whole hours!!

    It's a shame that any drama the climatic battle could of had is thrown away when the Sea Hag sidetracks Paige and Leo. Paige looks ridiculous when she is covered in that giant seaweed bush thing and Leo just looks weird when floating in that weird suspended animation water... thing.

    This first part of the story is at least a mediocre opening to the season.