Season 5 Episode 1

A Witch's Tail (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2002 on The WB

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  • Love is the game and sometimes it really hurts.

    So here we are: the fifth season premiere. I did enjoy the season as a whole and this was a really good opening for the season. From the start you know that the season will have some very weird episodes featuring mythological creatures. The first in the season is the mermaid. I liked the first part but the second part held more of my interest.

    We start out, from what i gather, a few months from the ending of last season. Alyssa milano is sporting a wonderful new hairdo and she is looking great. Holly is also looking fantastic, Brian the same as always. Apparently phoebes little column has blown up to be really famous. I always had a problem with this plotline, but I went along with it. I didnt have a problem with the famous column as much as the swamped at work plotline. In any event Leo is hovering over piper like a glass egg. I really dont like what leo is saying. He got on my nerves in like the first five minutes of the episode. He wants her to calm down and stop fighting evil, yeah ok. Piper tells him to zip it. Paige orbs in followed by a demon whom piper blows up. Roses new hairdo took some time for me to get attached to, at first i didnt like but it grew on me. and annoying word count: the word honey had to be used like 100 times in the first 5 minutes of this episode, writers vary your words. We then shoot over to some cavern where we meet our innocent and the big bad, well one of them anyway.

    I really enjoyed the use of love in the premiere. It was like a curse for mylie the mermaid and phoebe. mylie needed a confession of love, which does some needy but her life was on the line, and since she didnt deliver she must die. she flees to get the confession and we see a fin. Its not a good shot but it actually does look good later on.

    We get some background information about how leo was a stalker when piper was younger. seriously its creepy to think about that,eww. anyway leo gets on pipers case again, shut up leo. the viewers and i are suppose to believe grams wouldnt finish the picture book. I didnt buy that at all but the writer needed something to push her issue of the week along. back to the cavern where an annoying little demon zips onto the screen. this demon is so annoying i had a hard time listening to the conversation going on. a bigger bad wants immortal life but the sea hag has been failing and threats are made. Its actually a really good plot if you get around the annoying demon. so anyway the hag casts a very cool spell to change sunny San Francisco into rainy and dreary. I dont know if it was an actually a storm or a cgi storm, probably the latter, it was a good effect. mylie meets her boyfriend, goodlooking although he probably would never admit love to anyone other than to get the person into bed. she needs his confession but she flakes when a water drop hits her leg and some scales appear. rain pours over the cafe and mylie is guided by the "light" from the sky, yep thats right the light from the elders im guessing onto a picture of phoebe.

    pointless scene where paige gets her undeserved promotion. who the hell is running this place? she is like the least deserving person and she should have been fired like in the middle of season four.but this little scene gets trashed in about 50 minutes. another pointless scene to fill us in on the fact that phoebe has pushed her divorce through and will be final in about an hour. in the car garage mylie comes to phoebe but she doesnt believe her until a car splashes a puddle onto her. she goes full mermaid and the hag comes. i have to give credit to the effects dpt. the "watering in" effect was very nice and new for the show. phoebe flees and the hag is pissed.

    bickering at the manor occurs when all three girls discuss the problem at hand. phoebe is too involved with her divorce, uh whatever. piper isnt in the battle mood because of leo, way to go genious. and paige is concerned about her promotion but also about the mermaid. im totally siding with paige on the issue at hand. in any event paige sends phoebe to deal with her divorce while paige learns who killed her mother. it should have been a bit more touching instead it came off as a random drive by.

    phoebe is about to sign the papers when cole turns up and phoebe just wants to kill him. I would too. he can get a bit annoying. cole turns darryl into a water cooler. i totally loved that, im all for the darryl and leo abuse( that happens later).phoebe slashes coles hand and he apparently got a healing power in the wasteland. they shouldnt of used the same sound and effect for the demon. i was cheering when she slashed him and then his blood bubbles, totally creepy and weird but cool. back at the manor piper has a panic attack and paige gets encased in a water pillar. again i am giving credit to fabulous effects. the water ball was great and so was that water pillar. they lose mylie.

    more bickering occurs due to the aftermath of pipers panic attack and the lose of mylie. paige and phoebe go to work on a spell while piper gets some rest. we see necron and wow is he freaky. he kills the annoying demon, hooray. bakc at the manor phoebe destroys paiges cell phone and fills her in on the demon exhusband being back. they cast the spell, which was also good, and phoebe falls and turns into a mermaid. i totally loved alyssa as the mermaid,lol.

    they orb into the ocean where baby talk ensues. Its cute at first but it gets really annoying. alyssa milano does have a habit at turning on the baby talk but it usually goes away after one line but not this was funny at first but whatever. piper has another panic attack and exits the orb while paige and leo help mylie. paige gets hit with seeweed, what the hell was that? and leo gets hit with the water pillar, hooray. phoebe flies out of the water and throws the sea shell into the hag, she dies and mylie gets her love confession. all is well or is it? phoebe decides she rather stay a mermaid and be free. i would have to agree, being able to swim all day would be great, but not when your a charmed one.
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