Season 5 Episode 1

A Witch's Tail (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2002 on The WB

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  • Whoa, it's simply perfect! They could not have done something better than this! If you don't believe just read it...

    I think that some people hate the idea of the marmaid theme (Anyway, I liked it) but you have to see the whole episode to understand that is a great episode despite the marmaid.

    First, the three stories of the sisters were perfect and very real! I don't know how to exlain but this episode has a perfect way to get all the stories and make them all play together as a single one:

    Piper realized what happen to her mother and they needed a water demon, so they think about the sea creatures, they want a way to make Phoebe free and they think of the sea. I think it is a great story all together. I just cannot explain what I mean! It's like they are stories at once, not stories that are not together about the sister lifes individually.

    As season opener, was my favorite too, because was the first one I saw (I've been watching Charmed from the very beginnig, but the trasmition in my country was not a serious thing and the adverstesment was awful) The first scene was so great: The demon appear suddenly, Piper blow him up, and the toy's head becoming, you know, little!!! XD It was a good scene. As it works perfectly as season opener, despite the fact that the first time I saw it, I didn't like the episode... You have to see it better to understand the wonderful episode it is!

    The effects are great! The scene in the living room when Piper has the panic attack is lovely, and the effects are amazing. The effects in the final are great aswell.

    Do you still think is a bad episode? Then let me tell you about the off-screen job: Sets and acting and camera job...
    The set work was awesome in this episode, Charmed usually has not special sets where film special scenes! Here we have the big and original cavern, and the water pool thing that was just plain COOL! I loved it! Besides, they filmed in the beach some scenes and that makes the episode be a good one too (Usually, We don't see exterior scenes like this in Charmed) The acting was amazing too. Piper is so a great actress, I loved the scene when Paige tell her about the water demon and she says "We know how he kill, he killed mum". Alysa was good in this one too, I usally don't like her acting because she never cries but here we saw her crying! And she was good too. Paige was, let's say, strange! XD She usually is more natural, anyway she did it great too. Last but not least, the photography in the episode was totally remarkable! The scene in the outside when we see that is gonna start raining and then we see Mayly (I don't know her name right now!) was a cool photography effect and the storm going away above the manor after Piper attacks is lovely! The camera was 10 in the episode, the most notable scene was the attic scene Phoebe-Paige, and the cavern fight when Phoebe go out of the water and throw the alga shell! another exemple is the spot of water falling into the marmaid leg.

    So, a great individual episode. Anyway, I think it is not a two hours episode, the change is clearly visible! PERFECT