Season 5 Episode 1

A Witch's Tail (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2002 on The WB

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  • Season 5 starts with a belly flop...

    So, we have another 2 part season premiere, but Charmed Again this is NOT. Yes, mermaids, but I hardly see how people can complain about Season 5 as if the mythical creature box wasn't opened up all the way back to the Wendigo.

    There is actually a lot of snappy dialogue in this episode. Great lines include Leo asking- "Why am I standing in the ocean?" "Because Phoebe is a mermaid." "Oh, that explains it." And the perhaps more classic, "Who are you people?" "Witch, angel, mermaid." Great stuff.

    There is also an excellent guest actress in Jaime Pressley, always a welcome addition, and I really dig the layering of bad guys with the Sea Hag being the prime antagonist in this episode but having the bigger and badder Necrom behind her. Lastly, there clearly was some money spent on this episode, and the result shows: very good effects and grander sets including outside.

    Besides the always reliable acting of Holly and the quirkiness of Paige, those above listed things are about all that is right in this episode. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that are wrong.

    Leo describes Patti as "careless" and "thought she was invincible." We have met Patti a couple times now. Anyone else think either of these lines apply to her?

    The Sea Hag is nothing like the water demon that killed Patti. Why would Piper be afraid of it? And Piper has never showed any emotional hang ups from her mother's death before.

    Paige never asked her sisters how their mother died? Come on. That is ludicrous. Phoebe and Cole were legally married, thus requiring a divorce? That is hard to believe. Cole Turner was a wanted man at the time, besides being the Source. Phoebe has also passed through the 6 stages of grief in record time, not to mention the 15 minutes of fame. This is all just a little too soon after the supposed heartbreak of Long Live the Queen.

    On the other hand, despite everything Cole has done for her, it is understandable that Phoebe would have moved on and be scared to death of Cole coming back into her life. All the reviewers seem to have missed the big detail that Cole's blood burned like acid. This is basically a foreshadowing, or a reminder, that though Cole is trying to be good, and is currently a sympathetic character, there is still something fundamentally wrong with him and it is only a matter of time before things begin to go sideways once again.

    Paige has red hair and there is a little more meat on her bones. Otherwise, she is the lone sister who has remained about the same as we left her. Overall, that is the ultimate problem with this episode. There is just too much change in too little time. So, Piper is suddenly gutless and Phoebe hates Cole. Maybe a stronger rehash of The Little Mermaid could have saved this episode, but in this case, it didn't.
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