Season 5 Episode 2

A Witch's Tail (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2002 on The WB

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  • I love this episode of Charmed it is my favorite episode.This has to be the best episode of Charmed ever, Phoebe looks so cool swimming underwater. But I feel sorry for Alyssa because she said she really didnt like that episode because she is deathly afri

    They probably mde Alyssa a mermaid because they used Alyssa for Arial in The little mermaid, but of course she turned because she was neglecting her love for cole. x x x. I cant think of anything elese to write x x x x x x x x x x
  • "I'm Phoebe, I Wear Slutty Outfits For No Reason!" #1 - Barely-Clothed Mermaid

    Much worse than the first part, this part of A Witch's Tail just feels like padding. It was unnecessary to have Phoebe last as a mermaid this long and it's not fun watching her as one, just annoying.

    This hour has Phoebe loving life as a mermaid before things turn bad when the Sea Hag's boss, water demon Necron, goes after her.

    Alyssa Milano is good in this episode and she's shows a range of comedic talent when she's being interviewed by Nancy O'Dell in the bathtub but loses all her credibility wearing the tacky, nearly-naked mermaid outfit.

    The spell which Piper casts on herself in this episode and her fear of water after her mother's death would have been an interesting storyline... if it hadn't been done five years ago! Prue went through the exact same trials during the season one episode From Fear to Eternity and it's extremely annoying to see it played out all over again.

    I did like how Cole was used to bring back normal Phoebe but I thought their little hug at the end was slightly vomit-inducing.

    Like the first hour, there were some excellent special effects. The scene when Necron calmly walks himself out of an arrow, which is right through his neck, is quite nasty for Charmed and the electric eels electrocuting the kidnapped Piper are also well done.

    This is a wasted hour which didn't need to be made. The closing moments were quite thoughtful, though, and it was nice seeing Piper all happy again.
  • Phoebe chooses to remain a mermaid to avoid her feelings for Cole as Piper tries to overcome her panic attacks by casting a fearless spell on herself. Paige struggles to keep her job, and save both sisters.

    This episode really captures the conflicting feelings experienced by women throughout different phases of their lives. Phoebe tries to escape her broken heart by avoiding her life. Piper's protective maternal instinct conflicts with her ability to fight as a witch, so she overcompensates in a foolish way and endangers both of their lives. Paige tries to find a way to juggle career and family, and ultimately has to make a sacrifice in order to keep her sanity and her dignity. The whole mess is just a way of saying, stop trying so hard, and take life as it comes. The writers have really outdone themselves in this episode by teaching a few life lessons and keeping the witches as powerful as ever--as a unit.
  • Phoebe is escaping love and Piper is falling down the panic hole.

    We pick up with phoebe swimming around in the ocean. Its a cute scene and it only serves to establish how much phoebe loves the ocean.

    At the manor paige is already screwing up her promotion. i told you she had no reason getting that promotion, fire her!!!! anyway leo orbs in from the hallway and they should totally do that more. orb in from behind some doors. it would some so much money and it would save the viewers from the tedium of seeing it over and over again. paige vents to leo and leo says he can handle the situation, dont go paige. piper is falling and she is falling fast. she is basically going insane in the attic. she blames herself for losing phoebe and wants to fix it. holly does great in this scene. she needs help and doesnt know where to turn. leo suggests removing her fear but piper mistakes it as a push to make a spell.

    in the meantime phoebe was off swimming and gathering seashells which she brings tot he cavern. on one journey back from the sea she is greeted by the big bad, necron. she swims away but not before he shoots an energy bolt and hits her. blood is gushing and i was shocked. the blood looked like a lot. later on phoebe gets trapped in a net. how in the world did that happen? you would think she was smart enough to avoid a net. anyway they dump her and they are all dumbfounded. necron bolts in and a fisherman shoots an arrow through his neck. very nice effect. but necron isnt phased by it and turns all three fishermen into piles of dust, ha. phoebe calls for leo and they go home.

    up in the attic piper recites her spell and my personal favorite. it is a really nice spell and i totally beliebe that she would write something like that. her fear is gone, but in this case only repressed. she comes down the stairs in her kickass gear. holly looked great in her black outfit and she looked wonderful in black leather pants. she is all tough and i wish they played that side of her more in the show. she did seem a bit prue-ish at first but her sense of confidence didnt come off as annoying like prue. she blows up a picture of an angel doing something on a cliff and leo gapes, haha. paige throws phoebe in the tub and bickering ensues about phoebes need to roam free. the baby talk came back for a second but alyssa got rid of it quickly.

    a pointless between cole and darryl happens where darryl tells cole that if he really loves phoebe he will leave her alone. back in the manor, piper blows up the attic, literally. that explosion was very nice and really unexpected. it was just random but it was a good randomness. piper goes to answer the door and slaps leos butt on the way, totally grossed me out and leo and piage discover the spell. piper covered phoebe with bubbles so she can carry out the interview.piper is busted but doesnt really care and I dont really blame her.anyway the interview is cut short and necron appears. piper blasts him but he doesnt die, he snatches piper. at that point i was at the edge of my seat. a total shock.

    paige, phoebe and leo bump heads and try to figure a way to save their sister and vanquish necron. and leo just gets more annoying, if any other of the sisters were in pipers position he would be preaching calmness before a fight not his blow caution to the wind theory. if it wasnt piper he would have been concerned the mermaid sister would run off, but whatever, he is so annoying. they orb off to save the day but paige exits the orb to annoy cole. in the cavern necron is torturing piper. that scene got to me. it was shocking, and no pun intended. it was a great scene and that scene that holly did was really scary and it really got me worried about her safety. paige casts a spell to reveal phoebes heart to cole and julian does a rather bad crying scene due to the shock of her heart.

    phoebe goes to the cavern to save piper but piper is flung and a metal bar stabs her stomach. it was gut wrenching. i was freaking out and phoebe got hit with the shell. paige an dleo orb in and leo gets hit with a bolt. hooray, i was laughing, more necron please. anyway paige says the spell and the vanquish was most impressive. the effects dpt. really had me with this episode. he explodes and sends like four blue waves outward. phoebe gets knocked out along with paige but piper gets dragged into the water because of the metal gate. total edge of your seat moment.

    piper is struggling to get out when her mother appears to her in the water. same thing happene dwith prue but i was really emotionally tied to piper then with prue( learn to swim). anyway she tells her daughter to believe she will not follow her mothers path. all is well but again phoebe sneaks into the water to roam free that is until cole summons her. they have a heart to heart but it doesnt do much because phoebe doesnt feel the same for him. poor guy. not only does this hurt but it drives him into insanity.

    final scene, really great ending to the premiere. paige gets fired, whoops i mean she quits her job to focus more on magic. phoebe signs her divorce documents. wait cole actually agreed to go through with it also. and piper puts a picture in the picture book and patty signs the book. it was a very touching moment and piper got all teary, as did i. also the song in the background is a great song and i totally love it.
  • I have to agree with Maxpower about the costume!

    What was Phoebe wearing in this episode!!! Phoebe looked ridiculous, it was just another chance for Alyssa Milano to wear next to nothing, I mean she may aswell have been topless, the costume should have been made less revealing.

    The second half was alot better than the first half, as the first half seemed childish. I thought the storyline was really good, but nearer to the end with Piper almost drowing in the water I thought to myself haven't they done this one already! (FearTo Eternity) Though I did cry during that bit. I thought they focused on Pipers storyline to much, which got quite boring.

    However I thought the ending was extremly good and I liked the idea of the particular music playing in the background whilst, Phoebe was talking to Cole. I also loved the last bit with Paige, in which she was quitting her job, which brought a tear to my eye. Overall a high rated episode well worth watching with good quotes!
  • Very very special indeed.

    This episode was very very special indeed. The fact that Phoebe still loves Cole, and Pipers baby, and Paige quitting her job.

    The part where Piper cast her spell; I think anyone in her position would have done the same thing. There was a lot of psychology involved; with fear, love, responsibility, guilt. It is one of the best episodes yet.

    The part where Phoebe tries to run away; there was a lot of suspense involved. I at first thought that she was running away from Cole because she was afraid of him. I always thought that Phoebe always loved Cole, and this episode proves it. But it was a sad thing when Phoebe said that it won't work out. But all the suspense leading to it was pretty good.

    There were a lot of turns in this episode. The only problem I find with every episode from the 4th season is that Prue is dead. Apart from that I love this show.
  • Phoebe's still a mermaid !! will Paige and Piper convince her to come back to be Charmed One ???

    Phoebe, choosing to remain as a mermaid after vanquishing the Sea Hag, finds herself being preyed upon by Nercon when discovers that the Sea Hag can no longer deliver the immortally of Mylie. Paige and Leo desperately search for Phoebe, not knowing that she's in danger, while Piper continues to struggle with panic attacks. Piper decides to cast a fearless spell, in order to over come her bouts of panic and soon finds herself being held captive by Nercon. Meanwhile, Paige turns down Cole's offer to help her at work but later thinks that he may be the only one that can return Phoebe to her human form and enlists his help to save Phoebe from a life at sea.
  • Follow on from last episode

    This is a better episode than part one. I found that there was more exciting things goung on in this episode than the first. Piper and Paige try and convince Phoebe to come back as a witch. I found it really funny that Phoebe said no to her sisters but she did it for Cole.
  • You have no idea how special this episode was! It was a great episode to watch with a great story and a great off-screen work

    Whoa! How can someone tell me this episode is a bad one with the whole scenes that we saw?

    The off-screen work was the best of this episode. Still we see the cave with water set! And they really used it here... Besides of incredible scenes under water and in the exterior. When the episode starts we can see Phoebe swimming under sea, only for that I am able to say that this episode is a 10 one!!! They made a scene under water with the real Alyssa (not a stunt) and with lots of fishes swimming around her. It was great. Then we saw the exterior scene in with the fishmen :D That scene was great too! I love exterior scenes... But, that is nothing compared with the final scene in the cave! The three of them flying to the walls, Piper getting under water, and the whole scene was so awesome! That is a reason to say that this episode is 10...We usually don't see these kinds of scenes in Charmed, it has a lot of action there. More things? What about the Necron torture... I mean when Piper is being electrocuted! It was just plain perfect!

    So... what about the story? To me the story remember barely to "Look how is..." First one sister goes out, then another one do it aswell, and only one sister is left to handle the situation. Phoebe idea of beging a marmaid was great, and the Piper with the spell backfire! Paige acting like the independent leader witch. GREAT! Besides, I loved the demon idea... Necron is so different, a skeleton being traped between life and death, it is not perfect? It was a really original being and the final explotion in the cave was awesome, despite the whole "it is very dangerours"... that was great aswell!

    So, what do you want me to say? Great story and great action, a 10!
  • Interview with the mermaid

    This is so much better than the first half. Just goes to show what can happen when the story focuses on the sisters rather than some random stranger.

    With the Mylie and Craig plot thankfully over, the sub plots from part one take centre stage. Piper's panic attacks are growing worse, Phoebe is still avoiding Cole (and still a mermaid) and Paige finds herself as the unlikely leader of the three.

    I really enjoyed seeing Phoebe as a mermaid. Her swimming scene is beautifully filmed and there's less of the silly baby talk. I know her costume has come in for some criticism but how else would you expect a mermaid to dress?

    I also enjoyed Piper's fearless spell. It's good to see her being reckless for a change and Holly was clearly enjoying the change of character. Totally agree with Piper about that godawful painting. What was Leo thinking?

    Necron is a quality baddie. After their long struggle with the Source and the Seer, it's good to see the Charmed Ones face someone different. The grey makeup really works and his torturing of Piper is a first for the show. The vanquish is spectacular and I love the way the action carries on afterwards. Good to see Patty again too.

    Paige and Cole have some excellent scenes this week. Their argument at the flat is brilliantly directed and Rose is superb with her quickfire lines. Top marks!

    An interesting ending too. Paige quits her job (how on earth she got that promotion will forever baffle me), Phoebe signs her divorce papers (which means Cole must have agreed to the divorce now the authorities know he is back) and Patty signs Piper's baby book from beyond the grave. Bless!
  • How shocking!

    Warning: Rant ahead!

    Why is Cole a bad guy? THINK about it. Why does Phoebe hate him SO much? Paige tells Cole that he put Phoebe through so much (last season). That's fair enough...except that wasn't Cole, was it? The Seer tricked a human Cole into taking in the Source so he could save his girlfriend from certain death. Ammiright? When they vanquished Source-Cole, Human-Cole was sent to some kind of demon limbo since he wasn't actually a demon, right? He acquired some powers, but he was human. He somehow made his way back to Phoebe who completely freaks out for no reason whatsoever and decides to become a mermaid. So Cole IS human, but has demonic powers. He's basically a man-witch. A warlock. He's not evil at all as far as I'm concerned. Phoebe even tells him she still loves him but cannot go back to him. WHY? I.Just.Don't.Get.It.

    End of rant.

    The rest of the episode is a serviceable piece of fluff. Piper's silly subplot turns into something of moderate interest when she's electrocuted by means of a very elaborate set-piece (nice touch with the eeels). I was also impressed by the messy vanquish - all three sisters are tossed all over the place, and end up in a more dire situation once the demon is killed.

    And the ending, admittedly, was unashamedly sweet, with Patty magically signing Piper's old baby book. D'aww.
  • This one was much better than the first part and a lot more organised.

    Phoebe, now a Mermaid, likes the idea of swimming away from all of her problems with Cole and her sisters and that seems quite sensible considering all that she has to face. The problem being, it's never that easy and she soon finds that out when the nasty old sea hag, hell bent on revenge, decides to make life as difficult as possible.

    Things aren't all that great for Piper either as she attempts to control and internalise her fears, which actually makes matters worse in the long run. But whom do they turn to for help? Why Cole, of course, who else but the ultimate evil in a situation like this?

    Like I said, much better than Part 1, the writing and continuity was stronger and, therefore, far more watchable. Great episode.
  • The Little Mer-Witch

    A Witch's Tail (2)-Piper, Paige and Leo struggle to convince Phoebe, now a mermaid, to come back to her life as a Charmed One, when she decides to "swim" away from her problems with Cole. Meanwhile, Piper casts a spell to stop her panic attacks but instead of facing her fear, she suppresses it, endangering herself and her baby, when a sea Demon comes after her mermaid sister, Phoebe. In order to help Phoebe, Paige takes drastic measures and enlists the aid of Cole, and his newfound demonic powers. Sigh, Part 2 feels like a pointless extention of Part 1. It's just 40 minutes of Phoebe as an annoying mermaid and more, unnecessary Cole bashing! Now all of a sudden Cole is such a hugh threat to Phoebe? Paige's whole rant to Cole at her job was beyond harsh and completely undermines Cole actually keeping the Source at bay when he was possessed. You actually start to feel bad for Cole here, he's just trying to show Phoebe he actually cares and wants to do some good, yet every keeps giving him sh!t....yeah, because helping Phoebe and her sisters kill the Source as well sacrificing himself to the Source which got him possessed wasn't enough. At least Phoebe comes to her senses at the end and admits she still has feelings for Cole.

    Piper becoming bada$$ witch for a hour was the only real highlight of the episode. You can tell Holly Marie Combs was having a blast showing off Piper's tough, no holds bar side. I especially loved her confrontation with Necrom and her delivery of "It's that the best you got?" It's also great to see Piper overcome her fear, especially since her experience underwater with her mom is like how Prue overcame her fear of drowning in "From Fear to Eternity." Not to mention, getting healed by her baby was a nice twist. It's too bad the rest of the episode drags the plot and never really adds anything to it. "A Witch's Tail (2)" ends this supposed epic 2-parter on a dud. The writers really need to stay away from the fluffy mythology stuff like mermaids! SMH....
  • Is that the best you got?

    From the moment Piper puts on the leather pants, this is a substantial and certain improvement over Part 1.

    The leather pants that I believe were first broken in by Prue in Ms. Hellfire are virtually always the sign of good things to come, (unless Piper is possessed, which then debacles are surely to follow). Ironically, Piper's fearless spell merely replicates the Piper from Hell Hath No Fury. Regardless, this Piper is about 1000 times more enjoyable to watch than the impotent, panic attack Piper was. The urgency of Charmed is always ramped up a couple notches when it is one of the sisters who stands to be lost, and not an innocent. That is the first and most important difference between this episode and the last. Phoebe is the one whose role as a witch hangs in the balance. Frankly, some of Phoebe's dialogue is good comedy, but the rest of her subplot is borderline annoying and not the stronger part of this episode. I do appreciate the outfit, however.

    Paige by now has firmly taken Prue's role of superwitch, and it is basically up to her to save the day here, with some mostly ineffectual help from Leo. Her red hair is straight this week and looks much better with the orange top and white pants. Love the look this week. Her scenes with Cole are probably the best part of this episode, except for the end. They are well-written and very well acted, as Julian just continues to be too good to properly vanquish from the show. Paige casts another spell here, on Cole, and has clearly taken Phoebe's role of spellcaster pretty much for the remainder of the series.

    I also appreciate one last scene with Darryl and Cole talking like they are friends. It is a good scene and a pleasant reminder of when the sisters, Leo, Cole, and Darryl were all friends who fought together against evil. I believe that too brief time from Season 3 to Season 4 was the best of times for Charmed, though don't get me wrong, good things and great episodes are still to come.

    The very benign torture scene with Piper is a classic, and we have a very explosive vanquish. I actually didn't like that they redid the scene from Fear to Eternity with Piper this time around. Lame. The special effects were markedly improved from last time, at least. Great closing scenes with Paige leaving her job, Cole and Phoebe on the beach, and Piper adding to her baby book. Very touching. Well done. There is some hope for Season 5 after all.
  • A Witch's Tail part 2

    A Witch's Tail part 2 was a perfect follow up episode to the season 5 premiere of Charmed. I was very entertained by the campy and quirky feeling some of the scenes had. There was a lot of character development as Phoebe dealt with her feelings about Cole, while he tried to prove to every one that he has changed. Piper tried to overcome her fears and uses magic with some interesting results. I liked how Piper saw her mother when she was trapped under the water and gained some true insight. I'm glad Phoebe has finally reconciled her feelings and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • A good pair of episodes I feel.

    What I hate most about these two episodes is the Paige rant to Cole.