Season 5 Episode 2

A Witch's Tail (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2002 on The WB

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  • Phoebe is escaping love and Piper is falling down the panic hole.

    We pick up with phoebe swimming around in the ocean. Its a cute scene and it only serves to establish how much phoebe loves the ocean.

    At the manor paige is already screwing up her promotion. i told you she had no reason getting that promotion, fire her!!!! anyway leo orbs in from the hallway and they should totally do that more. orb in from behind some doors. it would some so much money and it would save the viewers from the tedium of seeing it over and over again. paige vents to leo and leo says he can handle the situation, dont go paige. piper is falling and she is falling fast. she is basically going insane in the attic. she blames herself for losing phoebe and wants to fix it. holly does great in this scene. she needs help and doesnt know where to turn. leo suggests removing her fear but piper mistakes it as a push to make a spell.

    in the meantime phoebe was off swimming and gathering seashells which she brings tot he cavern. on one journey back from the sea she is greeted by the big bad, necron. she swims away but not before he shoots an energy bolt and hits her. blood is gushing and i was shocked. the blood looked like a lot. later on phoebe gets trapped in a net. how in the world did that happen? you would think she was smart enough to avoid a net. anyway they dump her and they are all dumbfounded. necron bolts in and a fisherman shoots an arrow through his neck. very nice effect. but necron isnt phased by it and turns all three fishermen into piles of dust, ha. phoebe calls for leo and they go home.

    up in the attic piper recites her spell and my personal favorite. it is a really nice spell and i totally beliebe that she would write something like that. her fear is gone, but in this case only repressed. she comes down the stairs in her kickass gear. holly looked great in her black outfit and she looked wonderful in black leather pants. she is all tough and i wish they played that side of her more in the show. she did seem a bit prue-ish at first but her sense of confidence didnt come off as annoying like prue. she blows up a picture of an angel doing something on a cliff and leo gapes, haha. paige throws phoebe in the tub and bickering ensues about phoebes need to roam free. the baby talk came back for a second but alyssa got rid of it quickly.

    a pointless between cole and darryl happens where darryl tells cole that if he really loves phoebe he will leave her alone. back in the manor, piper blows up the attic, literally. that explosion was very nice and really unexpected. it was just random but it was a good randomness. piper goes to answer the door and slaps leos butt on the way, totally grossed me out and leo and piage discover the spell. piper covered phoebe with bubbles so she can carry out the interview.piper is busted but doesnt really care and I dont really blame her.anyway the interview is cut short and necron appears. piper blasts him but he doesnt die, he snatches piper. at that point i was at the edge of my seat. a total shock.

    paige, phoebe and leo bump heads and try to figure a way to save their sister and vanquish necron. and leo just gets more annoying, if any other of the sisters were in pipers position he would be preaching calmness before a fight not his blow caution to the wind theory. if it wasnt piper he would have been concerned the mermaid sister would run off, but whatever, he is so annoying. they orb off to save the day but paige exits the orb to annoy cole. in the cavern necron is torturing piper. that scene got to me. it was shocking, and no pun intended. it was a great scene and that scene that holly did was really scary and it really got me worried about her safety. paige casts a spell to reveal phoebes heart to cole and julian does a rather bad crying scene due to the shock of her heart.

    phoebe goes to the cavern to save piper but piper is flung and a metal bar stabs her stomach. it was gut wrenching. i was freaking out and phoebe got hit with the shell. paige an dleo orb in and leo gets hit with a bolt. hooray, i was laughing, more necron please. anyway paige says the spell and the vanquish was most impressive. the effects dpt. really had me with this episode. he explodes and sends like four blue waves outward. phoebe gets knocked out along with paige but piper gets dragged into the water because of the metal gate. total edge of your seat moment.

    piper is struggling to get out when her mother appears to her in the water. same thing happene dwith prue but i was really emotionally tied to piper then with prue( learn to swim). anyway she tells her daughter to believe she will not follow her mothers path. all is well but again phoebe sneaks into the water to roam free that is until cole summons her. they have a heart to heart but it doesnt do much because phoebe doesnt feel the same for him. poor guy. not only does this hurt but it drives him into insanity.

    final scene, really great ending to the premiere. paige gets fired, whoops i mean she quits her job to focus more on magic. phoebe signs her divorce documents. wait cole actually agreed to go through with it also. and piper puts a picture in the picture book and patty signs the book. it was a very touching moment and piper got all teary, as did i. also the song in the background is a great song and i totally love it.